Truth which does not follow the facts leads to folly.

The only thing that keeps [and has historically kept]
radical Islam from utter and complete chaos & mass
murder/butchery have been [and still are] all those
unconscionable dictators of the Muslim world which
the liberal West hates so much: Those so vicious and
wicked dictators are not possible in the West, of course,
and therefore the worst Islamic terror is now likely to
move almost exclusively into the West with the Muslim
immigrant population it has so imprudently brought in.
The West has become numb to terrorism: Despite the
"outcry" that we hear after each act of Islamic terror
nowadays, the truth is that we long ago decided to
accept the acts of terror perpetrated by the Muslim
communities among us as inevitable & intractable to
any & all remedies and solutions (the equivalent of
deciding we can't really do anything to prevent them
outside of eliminating the Muslims themselves). We
likewise talk about the weather, but "we can't really do
anything about it" so we buy umbrellas and pretend
that by hiding under them we have conquered the rain.

Islamic terrorism is never the result of socioeconomic
issues: Muslims from every economic status, from the
poorest to the wealthiest, and every social station
from the illiterate to scholars, princes, have engaged
in Islamic terrorism. Doctors, lawyers, and indian
chiefs. No one secular "socioeconomic solution" can
address a problem which stems solely/entirely from a
purely religious duty--And as you can imagine, if you
eliminate the religion of a Muslim you eliminate the
Muslim, so the West has decided it is not going to
eliminate the Muslim even by trying to eliminate his
religion. Therefore, no matter the "outrage" we may
express over Islamic acts of terror, the truth is that
we have decided to just become senseless to them:

And so after every such act of Islamic terror the first
order of business is to praise Muslims and exculpate
the religion of Islam, even when we KNOW that there is
no other cause for the terror. Insane people sometimes
do cause great acts of mass murder; we live with an
almost endless supply of serial killers, murderers, and
political socioeconomic revolutionaries also cause a
lot of senseless butchery... but they all have causes
which can be addressed as directly as we would a war
with a foreign power: Kill that cause and we have won
the issue, be it communism, national socialism, disease
and insanity, gangsterism or revolution. But Islamic
terrorism is the result of the Muslims' religion, and
apparently we are not [yet] ready to try to beat down
a "major religion" just to stop its acts of terror against
us. And so we anesthetize ourselves to them rather
than attempt to try to eliminate them once & for all.

Muslims do not become terrorists if we give them job
opportunities and trust them with care in this world:
Truth or prejudice? As well: The Palestinian issue is
a red herring used by the apologists and promoters of
Islamic Terror to muddy up the waters. The reality:

"It would be mean to keep pious Muslims from the only
way the Koran tells them they can ascend directly to
their Paradise: by dying while butchering non-Muslims
in the name of Allah." And you can't claim to be for
religious freedom and then try to keep pious Muslims
from going to Paradise in accordance with their religious
beliefs & dictums, now can you! So make up your mind:

If you're going to be tolerant of Muslims you must be
tolerant of the Muslims' religious beliefs and accept
a few acts of mass murder, butchery, and terror here
and there. [To paraphrase the lever-headed scientist
in that great movie The Thing: "We owe it to political
correctness for a few of us to stand here and be killed
by The Monster!" I guess.]   S D Rodrian
If I have expressed any racist opinions, fine: Point
them out and I will condemn them; as I have always
condemned all expressions of racism no matter where
they might be coming from. I believe that, unless they
are advocating violence, everyone has a right in this
country to express his/her even most racist opinions.
But every person also has a right here to condemn
anyone's racist opinions, and that also includes me.
Note that because Islam was designed as the by-rules
of a gang of cut-throats, rapists, slave-traders, and
... it cannot therefore in its purest expression
perform as the by-rules of any societal form other
than that of a gang of thieves & murderers... which
means that most self-styled Islamic societies you see
"functioning" around the world today (as well as
historically) must "conveniently" ignore most (or at
least a great many) of the Quranic by-laws to govern
their societies however inefficiently. Of course, this
(and worse) can work for a while regardless of the
fact that none of these so-called Islamic societies
have ever been and none now are truly democratic
(responsive to the will of the governed): As Islamic
societies can only function as tyrannies, their one
heresy therefore is democracy itself, which could also
be termed "secularism," since "democratic rule" is
incompatible with "religious rule" (no matter what
anybody, good person or evil, tells you):

These self-styled Islamic societies "function" (that
is) until some ignoramus in them points out that their
society is only "living up" to the Islamic Ideals in
name only... and then ISIS and Boko Haram. Saudi
Arabia & the Gulf Arabs
have used the treasures they
have found in petroleum to create for themselves a
"very nearly Islamic" societal form which does not
depend on the Quranic gang mechanisms to prosper
(oil frees the Gulf Arabs from having to engage in
piracy & waylaying, in the trading of stolen goods &
slaves to fatten their coffers). And they also don't
have to rely on the normal forms of wealth-creation
which all modern civilizations require in order to
survive and thrive, leaving them free to promote the
myth that the purest forms of Islam ARE able to
sustain a modern society after all--A myth which no
doubt will meet reality once the petroleum model
falters, but a myth which meanwhile condemns those
societies that may believe them to be true... to create
impossible monstrosities like ISIS and Boko Haram.

Mustafa Kemal understood this and tried to make Turkey
into a modern secular state (with a measure of success
by the way). While Recep Tayyip Erdogan is that quite
unfortunate ignoramus who raises a quirky, ugly voice
to point out to an Islamic population that their state
is not living up to their Islamic Ideals... with great
success, of course, as well as predictably disastrous
results--So we watch the once great state that Mustafa
Kemal created slowly devouring itself bit by bit and
return to the Dark Ages from which it tried to escape.
Mohammed designed Islam specifically to condone and
to excuse, to absolve and to forgive clear manifest and
unambiguous criminal behavior: Islam is ALMOST ALL
exclusively about the vile pretense that God approves
and is "made joyful" by all of the butchery and murder,
torture & rape & mayhem that is promoted in the Koran

"We are Americans, and Americans do not discriminate
against religion, against any religion." So they say.

But what if a criminal organization invents a religion
which protects them against such "discrimination"
against their criminality: does it then become immune
to the reach of law because it is now ALSO a religion?

I don't want the government to discriminate against
Muslims BECAUSE of their religiosity (let the Muslims
believe whatever the Hell they like
). But I certainly
do absolutely want the government to look into any
actual criminality Muslims might be engaging in, or
being advised to engage in (because the promoting
of crime is itself a crime even in the absence of that
crime having taken place). Therefore, if Muslims do
not want to be investigated for criminality let them
expunge all the promotion of crime from the Koran.

You are not going to stop these terrorist acts until
you stop their incitement & promotion, their extolling
and eulogizing, and the glorifying of them... which is
what the Koran now does & will do until WE stop it.

When you already believe that your quickest path to
Heaven is butchering people of a different religion...
it most probably takes less of a push to make you do
it than it would take to push {somebody who believes
that killing anyone is the worst sin God punishes} to it.

Therefore let me live amongst the latter believers and
never amongst the former. For, think what you will, no
matter how much they might care for me... people who
can so easily be "nudged" to kill me ALWAYS will be a
great & present danger to me. And so therefore: It will
always be far safer by far to be hated by your Christian
neighbors than to be loved by your Muslim ones.

If religious beliefs go against the law, then I say
that their believers should be prosecuted for them,
and that they should be prosecuted LONG BEFORE
all such continuous promotion of criminality actually
results in the actual committing of any crimes at all.

Should we also prosecute Christians for any beliefs
which also promote crime? Absolutely! And right now:
The sooner, the quicker done the better off we'll be.
A few interesting notes worth reading:

They left Islam and now tour the US to talk about it

Ex-Muslims explain reasons why they left faith

Ignore Islam, 'ex-Muslims' urge

It’s about time we listened to those speaking honestly
about Islam

Satellite images show the horrifying extent of China’s
cultural genocide of Uighurs

Curb Your Enthusiasm Department: The Uighurs are being
taught to be Chinese, not butchered en masse like the
Jews, for Heavens' sakes! Yes, the best solution would
have probably been to create a separate homeland just
for the Uighurs only. But that wasn't going to happen:
Islamic attacks on non-Muslims have been occurring in
China almost on the same level as those in Israel (and
everywhere else there is a non-Muslim culture next to
an Islamic one) which most obviously makes the Chinese
[mass re-education] solution to their Islamic Uighur
problem one of the least bloody one: All societies,
including every last single Western one has provisions
for obligatory public education about regarding its culture
far above all the others in order that its citizenry grows
up believing that theirs is the preferred culture from all
the other cultures in the world. In a decade or two the
Uighurs will probably be as Chinese as are everyone else
in China. And then cultural clashes in China will come to
an end without having a repeat of the German Nazi
Holocaust there. And the Uighurs will be as defensive
(and jingoistic) about "their Chinese culture" as the rest
of the other Chinese are now. So patience please.

Would I have been as acquiescent if the German Nazis
had re-educated the Jews en masse and made them all
loyal Nazi Aryans? [Well, I'm not so much acquiescent
as realistic.] But I don't remember the German Jews
staging any attacks against their fellow non-Jewish
German neighbors. Perhaps you know of some. So, no:
That would have been an uncalled-for utterly needless
unprovoked cultural crime against the Jews. The
Chinese case is a bit more complicated. Just as is the
case with the Myanmar Rohingya Muslims:

If someone is attacking you without any provocation I
might come to your defense at once. But if you have a
history of blowing up the guy's house & killing his
family members, I may not be as quick to hit him with
a brick or shoot him if I see him coming after you. Sorry.
What’s happening in Xinjiang is genocide

"911. What's your emergency?"

"My husband and I just had an argument
and he's committing genocide on me..."

     [The devaluing of the word.]

"... new evidence has surfaced that China has also
imposed on the Uighurs a form of demographic genocide
with forced sterilizations and other measures aimed at
reducing the population..."

China has been reducing its entire population for
decades, but only now that its Muslim minority is
also coming under such laws are we hearing that
they are genocide?!

"China is systematically using pregnancy checks,
forced intrauterine devices, sterilization and even
abortion to reduce the population of Uighurs and
other Muslims in Xinjiang. Moreover, having too many
children is being punished by incarceration in the camps."

Where was the world when China began these practices
on its entire population decades ago? If it wasn't
genocide then, why is it genocide now? I wonder what
has changed 'our' so moral point of view?
Biden appears to accuse Russia of genocide in Ukraine

Unlike that case with the Chinese Uyghurs, I agree with
Biden that Russia has indisputably committed and is
continuing to commit genocide in Ukraine.

When we use the genocide tag incorrectly we not only
deminish its meaning but we demean the very victims
whom we are trying to help with its use. Use it wisely! Because
it is a term which unfortunately will be needed in the future.

Russia-Ukraine war: 21,000 civilians killed, Mayor of
Mariupol estimates

Syrians and other Muslim refugees are no less worthy of
rescue than are Cubans and Ukrainians. But what the world
should have done in the Middle East is what it is now doing
in Ukraine--not only whenever and wherever possible to help
them militarily to win in their homeland but, at least, to create 'safe places' for them 'there' so that their sudden injection into
places where they are not really going to be welcome because
of social & other societal incompatibilities (especially in religion)
does not cause the dire upheavals which bad actors originally
designed waves of fleeing refugees to cause their enemies: Yes,
I know that in many places/cases in the Middle East (like Syria
and Iraq) matters are extremely complex and that there many
civilian refugee groups are in fact the families of one's enemy
combatants; but they all still deserve the world's protection (as
well as to be sequestered away from direct hostilities if only for the defence of everyone's human rights)... and most of all so that
their ever-growing numbers are not used as a weapon of war
(like Putin was attempting to do in using Ukrainian refugees to
'break the back' of NATO host nations like Poland). Note how
millions of recent Ukrainians refugees are now slowly trickling
back to their own country there.
Whoever is guilty of the horrors the several Muslim
minorities are experiencing I neither excuse it nor
condone it--and even if the Rohingya, the Palestinians
and the Uighurs are themselves 100% guilty for what's
happening to them I neither excuse it nor condone it
--But I am always interested in trying to determine (to
understand) why it's happening. One thing is sure:
Even after all the horrors the Palestinian Muslim have
put the Israeli Jews through (beginning long before
1948) the Israeli Jews still to this day would like
nothing better than that the Palestinians rejoin the
human race and reach a permanent peaceful settlement
with them. But it's not happening (and likely will
never happen) because the Palestinian Muslims are
enslaved by a religious mindset that tells them God
commands them to butcher every Jew they can get their
hands on! This is self-evidently incomprehensible [to
me]; but all religious cults live by incomprehensible
dictates from which most members of Western (modern
secular) societies have long ago freed themselves.

Even so this wondrous Israeli Jewish self-restrain
when it comes to Palestinians who are en mass
brainwashed [into the belief that God put them on this
earth to murder Jews] is really more than I could
bear, as a human being (and much like the Myanmar
Buddhists, the Chinese, the Spanish before Columbus,
and perhaps the Indian Hindus now) this is really
something I don't believe I myself would be so willing
to accept with the Jews' seemingly infinite patience.

I am neither a Jew nor an Israeli and therefore I am
forever humbled by the Israeli Jews' willingness to
patiently await the Palestinians recovering their
humanity like that. No. Long, long ago I would have
removed them as Arab squatters on the historic lands
of the Jews--to Jordan and Egypt probably, even though
most Palestinians are ethnically not Arabs at all but
forcibly converted Jews and most Arab societies would
never accept them as Arabs--And maybe this is the
reason the Israeli Jews are so patient with the
Palestinians after all: That forlorn hope that they
recover their senses and return to their brethren.
If one is accused of justifying or even of advocating
genocide simply because of warning against situations
which might lead to it (by those who disingenuously
believe that merely denouncing genocide everywhere
every time was always enough to prevent it) then
that's the price one must pay: Such 'decent' accusers
have been denouncing genocide all along... and not
mostly doing much more than that. And yet we all know
the history of the world up to now: all their wondrous
self-righteous denunciations have allways all been
after the fact.

Conquest for acquisition has been mass murder as well,
but it's brief & passing, however bloody. [Who out
there thinks that I am advocating it now?] While the
intractable hatreds towards other religions inherent in
every religion never really do go away no matter how
they may be temporarily papered over. It is religion,
rather than conquest for acquisition, which has been
the main cause of genocide in our human history.
Religion has always united peoples... against each
other. And if you can't see that then you will see a
lot more genocide in the future.

Hate me for pointing it out if you like. But facts
don't change just because people may shift position
and see them in a new light: People simply move from
the light into the darkness, and only hopefully back
again. It's easy to be brainwashed into believing that
if a friend or even a mere acquaintance is enamored of
some evil... that such an evil has turned into virtue.
But that is never so. The truth is that we live in the
shadows, never quite knowing whether we're walking
towards the light or towards our darkest steps again.
But, whichever way we go, the landscape remains the

We must always look to the lessons of history to learn
what history has to teach us going forward. If I am
accused of 'justifying genocide' because I have said
that not throwing two peoples which hate each other
together to force them to learn to live as brothers is
a good & reasonable thing, I would like to point out
to my accusers that they themselves might never think
that forcing two persons who hate each other to move
into the same house to learn to live as brothers would
be a good & reasonable thing. Better, a million times
better, to contemplate so-called 'cultural genocide'
than the real thing. And those who do not believe this
are the ones who in the end might turn out to be those
most guilty of actual genocide when it does happen
because the most passionate advocates of preserving
the status quo at any price are usually the most passionate
advocates of doing this even at the cost of genocide
thereby almost always precipitating it.

Should I abandon good & reasonable ideas then simply
because they make me the object of scorn & hatred from
those who just can't think straight? What good would I
ever do in this world then? Always denouncing genocide
is fine. Kudos! But sometimes trying to think of ways to
prevent it is better. And better than having people like me.
Massacre in Myanmar

There is an important difference between the Dreamers
of the U.S. and the Rohingya in that while the Rohingya
will always remain a disruptive force in Burma... the
Dreamers are Americans in every way except their legal
status. There is a case to be made about Burma being a
more stable nation without the Rohingya, but there is
no possible way anyone can say America can be better
in any way by kicking out Americans termed Dreamers.

The U.S. Dreamers are people who see themselves in
every way as Americans: they want to integrate and
become indistinguishable from their fellow citizens...
while Burma's Rohingya will always seek to separate
themselves from their fellow citizens even if they have
to use violence: The smartest thing would have been
for the British to listen to the Rohingya themselves
and place the land where the Rohingya were then living
(Rakhine state) in Bangladesh--They didn't do that and
now the Rohingya are paying the terrible price for the
failure of the British colonialists.

This is what it may come to in Europe. And if anyone
really believes Europeans are somehow "better than
the Buddhists of Myanmar" then they're conveniently
forgetting the brutality, viciousness and savagery of
Europe's bloody religious and political wars... every
one of which took place not all that long ago.

The Rohingya belong in Bangladesh. It's sweet and
pretty to say that everybody should be citizens of the
country in which they live... but those who like to
sprout this pretty sweetness never mention the other
side of the coin: that citizens of a country have to be
as equally loyal to that country (as are all its other
citizens). And Muslims are never quite as loyal to any
country in which they live as a minority as are the
non-Muslim majorities of those countries: Muslims are
always and ever will be living with the very unholy
expectation that one day they will overthrow that
country's non-Muslim majority culture and replace it
with an Islamic one--Without so much as one single
exception to this universal dictum in all history.

Is it therefore reasonable to expect that the Rohingya
Muslims are the one sole exception to this rule and
that they are the only Muslims who are victims (in the
eternal Islamic struggle for world domination [Jihad]
by all Muslims everywhere against their non-Muslim
neighbors)... which is the sad tragic history Muslims
have been to humanity since the time of Muhammad?

If you don't know this you are not familiar with the
story of the many tiny Muslim enclaves now dotting
Europe and the problems these Muslims' European
neighbors are just now beginning to face dealing with
those "foreign little Muslim communities" (and will
face in the future in an ever worsening way as those
Muslims increase in numbers): every last Muslim there
expects that their European "hosts" must accept not
merely/only their social equality but above all their
unassailable superiority (religious now, and cultural
later on). None of the problems/conflicts between the
Muslim & non-Muslim communities ever has anything
whatsoever to do with job opportunities or equality
before the law & the rest of it, as the Europeans would
have us all believe in their infinite self-denial and quite
stunningly unending self-delusion:

These still tiny Muslim enclaves never will integrate
[a term which must be understood to mean that ALL
citizens of a given country must be equally loyal to their
country & are not working to undermine it or change
its character/nature in order to secure their exclusive
dominance]. And, as they grow in numbers, their (now
modest expectations of eventually overwhelming their
non-Muslims neighbors will/must inevitably also grow
as well): Expectations NOT of becoming more European
but of altogether overthrowing the old European way
of life and replacing it with an Islamic society (and no
matter what Islamic propaganda tells you). That is the
sad fact everywhere on this planet Muslims have ever
penetrated non-Muslim societies (and, unfortunately,
they have almost everywhere succeeded for the most
part, with very few exceptions... turning once great
flowering civilizations into dark age sewers) because
that IS the religion of Islam [the very nature/essence
of The Jihad] and neither you nor anybody else knows
anywhere any Muslim group that has ever given up its
religion: Muslims are always everywhere & ever will be
separate and ever preparing for the day they take over
and turn one more country to a Muslim-majority state.

Something which is most especially sad for the Rohingya
children, as it is tragic for children of Muslims everywhere
who are so condemned by the mere accident of their birth
to be indoctrinated into a cult of mass murder, butchery,
war, and death: No one can doubt that they are suffering
genocide & ethnic cleansing in Burma.

"They have been called the world's most persecuted
minority," we now hear it said of Rohingyas. As, I am
sure, all the Muslim minorities who ever existed (and
waged war against the non-Muslim majority like the
Rohingya) have been termed until they at last finally
overwhelmed it. And then death or conversion for the
unfortunate defeated non-Muslims, slavery, butchery
& worst.

Remember Erdogan calling the comments by German
politicians Nazism? That is the same kind of reality
one must expect from every Islamist propagandist out
there regardless where they are from. Once the same
thing starts happening in Europe (as is now happening
in Myanmar & happened once long ago in Spain) after
the European Muslims increase their attacks on their
non-Muslims neighbors: I am sure Erdogan and all the
other Islamist dictators & propagandists of the world
will also denounce "the European genocide against
Muslims" as the Europeans fight to save themselves
from the Islamic butchery (of their own making) that
inevitably awaits them too.

From: Hundreds are dead in Burma as the Rohingya
crisis explodes again
: “Right now villages are burning,
people are being killed, residents are fleeing for their
lives,” Fortify Rights co-founder Matthew Smith said.
“I will say it’s shocking, and some of the survivors are
devastated by what they have experienced, what they
have seen.” The world's press seems to believe only the
Muslim activists, promoters and sympathizers. I imagine
this must be the first and only group of Muslims ever to
be victims in their wars against non-Muslims! "Reports"
[from the Rohingya Muslims] "have circulated that
Burmese security forces fired on fleeing refugees, but
the government denies the allegations.

The Rohingya Suffer Real Horrors. So Why Are Some of
Their Stories Untrue?

Whom to believe? The evidence of history, or maybe the
momentary propaganda? Should one believe the reports
of newspeople who state Rohingyas' accounts as factual
truth even though they know they are not hearing from
impartial observers? As newsmen shouldn't they know
better and better account for a more factual/impartial
reporting. On the one hand they report Myanmar is using
a couple of Rohingya militant attacks on police posts and
an army base three weeks ago to justify a campaign to
rid the country of this long-persecuted minority. And
on the other hand they tell us about all of the conflict
which the Rohingya have experienced in Myanmar for
as long as they have lived there: "Though the region
has experienced insurgencies since Burma became
independent in 1948..." One more slip of the truth
between the clenched teeth of Muslim propagandists?

AGAIN: "Myanmar’s national security adviser said this
week that the new insurgent group is intent on
establishing an Islamic state in Rakhine, but members
counter that they only want rights enjoyed by all
citizens in Burma." Are the Rohingya then the only
Muslims on earth not trying to establish an Islamic
state?! Even Erdogan is trying to make the once semi-
democratic Turkey into a fully Islamic state now.

Reading between the lines: From Hundreds are dead
in Burma as the Rohingya crisis explodes again
: "The
insurgents are crudely equipped, and the amount of
public support they have is unclear. Raids have
recovered small stockpiles of weapons, but videos of
training sessions show only a few dozen scrawny and
shabbily dressed fighters." Stockpiles of weapons, and
yet "everybody" says the Muslims are only victims here?
"Tens of thousands of Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh
since the Aug. 25 attack, monitors say, while more
than 10,000 Buddhists have been internally displaced
within the state. Hundreds of ethnic minorities have
also fled." Sorry, what are these Buddhists fleeing? Is
the army also killing Buddhists and other non-Muslims?
Are the "only a few dozen scrawny and shabbily dressed
fighters" reported by the world press chasing 10,000
bloodthirsty Buddhists out of Rakhine State? Is that it?
"The clashes and army crackdown have killed nearly 400
people and more than 11,700 'ethnic residents' have
been evacuated from the area, the government said,
referring to the non-Muslim residents." One might
wonder why non-Muslims would need to be evacuated
when the army is only going after Muslims? Wonder of
all wonders!

From: New Myanmar fires in empty Rohingya village
raise questions
: "Among the buildings on fire was a
madrassa, an Islamic school. Copies of books with
texts from the Quran, Islam's holy book, were torn up
and thrown outside. A nearby mosque was not burned."
Why would the Pagans show such respect for a Mosque?!
And why would an ethnic-cleansing campaign leave a
mosque standing untorched as if in some expectation
Muslims might one day return to pray there?!

AGAIN: "The fighters of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation
Army say they launched the attacks on area police to
defend persecuted Rohingya communities." What a
coincidence: That also happens to be the cause of Hamas,
of the PLO, of ISIS, and of every other Islamist terrorist
group on earth (including all those "lone wolf" attacks
everywhere here in the West).

AGAIN: "Most international aid workers left northern
Rakhine state after the government highlighted that
supplies from international aid groups, including
USAID, had been found in raids on Rohingya fighter
positions. The U.S. ambassador to Burma, Scot Marciel,
called the implication that aid groups had supported
ARSA “absurd.” But, shall we revisit Gaza, and all those
times that Hamas munitions and even rockets ready to
be launched against Israeli civilians were everywhere
found stored in U.N. facilities there?

AGAIN: "Those who have made it to Bangladesh are in
poor condition. Most have walked for days from their
villages — hiding in jungles, crossing mountains and
rivers with what they could salvage from their homes,"
Khan said Wednesday at a briefing in Geneva." If they
are escaping to Bangladesh (which is what they say the
army wants them to do), then why are they hiding? And:
“The vast majority are women, including mothers with
newborn babies, families with children,” Where are the
men? Why are the men staying behind if, as the "world
press" would have us believe, this is strictly a case of
a Buddhist genocide and not a raging war? "The United
Nations Population Fund estimates that two-thirds of
the refugees are women and girls." But I don't blame
anyone's naiveté: Even the Dalai Lama has fallen for it!

Well: “Even if I stay in my home, I could get killed
by the military,” said Abul Osman, a 32-year-old
madrassa instructor and ARSA fighter who spent three
months hiding in the jungly hills on the Myanmar-
Bangladesh border after the group’s attack last
October. “I might as well die fighting for my rights,
as directed by my almighty God. My sacrifice will earn
me a place in heaven.” And there you have the real
cause of all this human grief, misery, and tragedy:

In: How Violence in Myanmar Radicalized a New
Generation of Rohingya
, they let it out how "Nearly
every Rohingya village in northern Rakhine now has
an ARSA cell with at least 10 members, according to
fighters who fled to Bangladesh." And there you have
the raw naked truth of Aung San Suu Kyi's statement
about the terrorist nature of the Rohingya in Myanmar,
very unsubtly and most probably unwittingly revealed
for the most prejudiced to come to grips with and even
those without much understanding to grasp finally.
Now, we know that in Spain at least Christianity stood up
against the most powerful assault on Europe by Islam
[a religion dedicated to the supremacy of its own god
over the Christian one]. And in several other places
like Vienna, in Italy, and Greece (as well as in other
places). But can such a philosophy as Buddhism [which
is not designed to maintain the supremacy of any human
partisanship] stand up to the murderous onslaught of
Islam? We can see a hint of the answer in Burma, where
a native Buddhist population is even now engaged in a
terrific struggle with a Muslim group (the Rohingyas)
who some time ago invaded Burma from Bangladesh and
who continue to this day their Islamic push against
the native Buddhist population they came upon there:

The Buddhists of Burma are working out a way for them
to counter this insidious Muslim invasion in spite of
a very powerful vicious propaganda campaign being
carried out (all over the world) against them designed
to make victims of the Rohingya Muslims. [What? No, of
course: Since the time of Muhammad the principal duty
given to each Muslim has been The Jihad: his sacred
duty to convert every non-Muslim or to slaughter him
without mercy, rob him of all that he owns, to enslave
his women and his children and to sell them all into
depravity & slavery... but the Rohingya Muslims just
happen to be the 1 singular exception in Islam's tale of
horror & inhumanity? Oh yeah, sure.] Think how easy it
also would have been for these same "designing people"
to make victims out of the Moors of Spain! Well, to
those duped into the "idyllic prejudice" that the poor
Rohingyas should be considered native Burmese too
because they've been in the country for centuries now
I point out the 700+ years of unimaginably bloody war
that it took the Spanish to finally liberate themselves
from the Muslims who invaded them from the Middle
East and Africa--The solution for the Rohingyas is for
them to return to their country of origin (Bangladesh)
exactly like the Spanish Moors were finally forced to
return to North Africa and the Middle East from where
they had invaded Europe: If non-Muslims could live
anywhere in peace amongst Muslims for long you
wouldn't see ALL the non-Muslim populations in ALL
Muslim-majority lands on this planet being whittled
away by threats & endless vilification, libel, terror
and genocide, and death even unto extinction.

Not counting European wars and a civil war that was
made all the more vicious by becoming a proxy for
National Socialism's war against Communism... that
historical retreat by the Moors did give Spain a peace
which lasted from the time of Columbus to the present
(just as insidious) mass introduction into Europe of
another Muslim population [this time by Europeans
with little or no grasp whatever of the too clear and
obvious lessons of their own history]. And in spite of
the many different ethnic minorities that populate
Spain--apparently ever so willing to advocate for a
national separation.
No reasonable person can possibly advocate for the
forceful removal of an ethnic minority from the place
in which they have lived [for as many years as the
Rohingya have in Burma]. But the fact is that there
will never be peace in that region as long as these
Rohingya Muslims abide in Myanmar: For the sake
of everyone in that region the UN should find the best
possible way for the Rohingya to integrate back into
Islamic Bangladesh--since they'll never do so with the
Myanmar non-Muslims just as Muslims will never live at
peace within any majority non-Muslim society anywhere.

Why is Myanmar condemned for wanting to push out the
Rohingya and not Bangladesh
(from where the Rohingya
originally came from) & is waiting to do exactly the same
thing to them? There is no question that the Rohingya
are being most brutally persecuted NOW, whoever is
doing that persecution: No one who knows the nature of
man can doubt the awful truth of those horrible accounts
which the Rohingya civilians are reporting to the world.
But whosever fault it is (ad there's plenty to go around),
the ultimate solution for the Rohingya is the one that
the Jews came up with while being hounded from place
to place across the last two millennia: "Living well is
the best revenge." The Rohingya must begin to build
their future themselves with patience and humanity,
perseverance, and strength of will. Then, eventually,
wherever they end up, they will not merely survive but
thrive and conquer the cruel fate others wish for them.
The Huffington Post is documenting the rising wave of
anti-Muslim bigotry and violence in America. Take a
stand against hate.

  "... a British government investigation last year
  determined that while the Muslim Brotherhood had
  ties to extremism, it was not a terrorist group."

It may not currently be actively engaged in terrorist
activities, but it is the place from which al-Qaida
originated, and it is the ideological foundation of today's
latest wave of Islamic terrorism (after Saudi Arabia).

    "The Muslim Brotherhood affects CAIR the way
    a dust storm on Mars affects the weather in
    Washington, D.C. --Corey Saylor of the Council
    on American-Islamic Relations"

Or the way the Brownshirts [Sturmabteilung] affected
the Gestapo (which eventually obliterated them), but
that doesn't mean the Brownshirts weren't Nazis too: it
was the Brownshirts that Adolph Hitler rode to power.

   “It takes five or eight years to join [The Muslim
   Brotherhood]” Eric Trager said, and “they vet you
   at every stage.”

Gee, I wonder why...

   “Demonizing these organizations,” Lana Safah
   added, “will only hinder national security efforts to
   eradicate the roots of violent extremism.” Nathan
   Lean, author of the 2012 book The Islamophobia
   Industry, agrees."

Gee, what a surprise he should agree!

   "A group that couldn’t control Egypt for a year
   certainly couldn’t control America."

Would you really want to need to have the American
Military stage a coup against its own government in
order to rid us of The Muslim Brotherhood? Really?

Muslims and their Western dupes and enablers always
want the debate to concentrate upon the defense of
[charities and other prayer groups, political associations,
and social organizations not directly engaged in terrorist
acts, and/or everyday ordinary people], creating the
impression that those who point out the evils of Islam
are trying to make those "[charities and other prayer
groups, political associations, and social organizations
not directly engaged in terrorist acts, and/or everyday
ordinary people]" the innocent victims of their therefore
unwarranted attacks: They, Muslims and their Western
dupes and enablers, NEVER want to have to defend
Islam itself because they know all too well that that
would place the focus of the debate on something which
is utterly & completely indefensible: namely Islam itself.

And, for the most part, Muslims and their Western
dupes and enablers are succeeding in this tactic all too
well: It is exceedingly rare to come upon any kind of
debate on Islam anywhere in the West where most of
the controversy centers not around "innocent Muslims"
being "attacked" for leading their peaceful ordinary
lives--Naturally this always puts those who are trying to
point out the evils of Islam at a tremendous polemical
disadvantage (which is what this is designed to do).

It is for this reason that in order to reverse this grim
current Islamic winning tactic those who would point
out the evils of Islam must learn to force themselves
to ignore the promoters/spreaders of Islam's winning
strategy of steering the debate toward anything and
everything BUT Islam itself... and instead concentrate
exclusively on the mission which WILL defeat that
insidious Islamic tactic by bringing the debate back to
where it belongs: the merits of Islam itself, alone.

No matter how hard Muslims and their Western dupes and
propagandists want to make the argument about "people"
those who wish to win the battle between Good and Evil
must always insist on making the argument about Islam:
An argument which Islamic propagandists can never win.
America (nor most other Western nations) does/do not
want to acknowledge that all of these Islamic terrorists
are terrorists because they are Islamic
. So how can
America & the rest of the Western World ever hope to
get to the root of why these terrorists are terrorists
if they refuse to acknowledge what is at the root of
their terrorism? These terrorists are not terrorists
because they are mentally insane (unlike all those
crazies who've carried out mass murder BECAUSE they
are clinically insane) ... they [ITs] are not terrorists for
economic reasons, and they are not terrorists because
of some warped political bent. No: They are terrorists
because the Koran commands them to be terrorists
, and
until America acknowledges that unavoidable truth...
we will have to contend with a terrorism which we will
never understand & therefore never find a solution to.

For all those of you who most ignorantly believe that
there are "moderate" Islamists, here's a video of
America's terrorists in Syria beheading a child--Enjoy!

These are the so-called "moderate" Muslims your taxes
support in Syria at the moronic direction of Kerry and
Obama--Dude, they ALL take their marching orders
from the same book: the Quran. And those who are
not butchering the innocent today will be butchering
the innocent tomorrow. That's the 1 certainty in all this.

Hate letter sent to Mosque: 'Trump will do to Muslims
what Hitler did to the Jews'

I do not condemn Islamic Terror because it is Islamic
but because it's Terror. Therefore I condemn all forms
of Terror, everywhere they occur, for whatever reason,
and whomever they may be aimed at. True: If all sides
are engaged in acts of Terror... who can in all good
conscience then take sides, when in taking sides one
would invariably find himself standing on the side of Evil
(whichever side one took)? It's always unconscionable to
stand on the side of Evil--even if it is standing against
whatever other Evil may be standing on the other side.
However, this does not mean that I take at any time
into consideration anything other than the Terror acts
themselves, and therefore do I condemn all such acts.
Why People Join Nigeria's Boko Haram

Could be because Boko Haram is simply the purest
expression of Quranic Islam: Blood, butchering, raping,
stealing others' properties and keeping it in the name
of God, enslaving non-Muslims and selling them off,
torturing, terrorizing, beheading, maiming... it's all
the essence of Quranic Islam. And Muslims, like all
other pious people in the world, eventually seek the
comfort zone of the purest expression of their faith.
"In February, four Coptic Christian teenagers were sent
to prison for five years for a video
that showed them
laughing as they recited Koranic verses while one ran
his hand against his neck, mimicking a beheading. The
boys said the video was intended to mock the Islamic
State’s violence, but the judge ruled that they had
insulted Islam."

I cannot imagine that even these inane teens did not
know that they were talking about the same thing.
For "the Islamic State’s violence" and Islam are the
same exact thing. Or: Where in Hell do you imagine
that "the Islamic State’s violence" comes from?!?
[Buddhist philosophy perhaps? Maybe Christian
practice? Why can't people think straight? This is
why political correctness is such a deadly poison.]

QUOTE: Article 98 of the Egyptian penal code—orders
a prison sentence of as long as five years and a hefty
fine for anyone who insults or strives to hurt other
religions, or spreads extremist religious thoughts. It
was first used under President Anwar Sadat in the
1970s to rein in the Muslim Brotherhood, which was
inciting attacks against Christians at the time."

In the name of respect for all religions I would ask
the Islamic World that expects people to believe all
sorts of nonsense to please express public support
for the Irish belief in Leprechauns, as well as that of
the English in fairies (of every dust & color). And if
not, why the Hell not? [Certainly neither fairies nor
Leprachauns are any great threat to anyone. And
they are certainly just as real and manifest as Allah.]

QUOTE: Islam Behery, an Islamic researcher and former
television show host, was given a one-year prison
sentence in December for questioning the sources of
some of the prophet Muhammad’s sayings. His television
show, “With Islam,” was shut down. And last month,
Egypt’s justice minister was fired for saying he would
throw the prophet Muhammad in jail if he perpetrated
a crime. Those remarks, too, were widely viewed on
social media as blasphemous. “The main direction for
the state is not to let the Islamists attack them for
being too liberal,” said Amr Salama, a film director.
“So they are becoming more conservative than the
Islamists. What happened with Fatma Naoot would
have never happened under the time of Mubarak, or
under the time of the revolution, or under Morsi.”

People who wouldst say anything against fairies or
Leprachauns in Egypt... had better watch how they
disparage them there! [And, say I, it's about time!]
Lynch: Spike In Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Is A 'Stain
On Our Nation's Very Soul'

Curiously, Lynch said not a word about the crimes that
the Muslims have been committing all over the world
from the day Mohammed invented the mumbo-jumbo of
Islam in order to ease the conscience of the members
of his gang of cutthroats over the monstrously inhuman
crimes he was asking them to commit during his crime
spree, and which monstrously inhuman crimes Muslims
are still committing [without humanity or conscience]
until just about two minutes ago: Read the papers,
watch the news! Heed the realities not the propaganda.

Do not let yourself be brainwashed the same way that
vicious & immoral propagandists [without conscience,
morality or scruples] manipulated these New York City
schoolchildren--because if you are not careful you too
most assuredly will be
: The Koran is not so much a
bible as it is a poisonous war manual--one which was
maliciously designed to suspend in Muslims all human
morals, scruples (and humanity itself): So therefore
be eternally forewarned that ANYONE promoting or
defending Islam will almost certainly have taken the
obscene lessons of the noxious Koran manual to heart.

Europe is, or soon will be, looking for a strong man.
Hollande is more a dweeb than anything else, and
Merkel is practically Erdogan's whore. Mister Sarkozy
is damaged goods, while Marine Le Pen is but only a
French nationalist (like all other European nationalists).
So, whom will it be? Will it even be a man? I don't
see anyone in Europe channeling the anger of the
non-Muslim Europeans across the continent like Trump
is doing in America. But it's early still. And it's
certainly coming.

Here's a Muslim's understanding/explanation of whom
it is that is "putting Christians in the Muslim world at
" and apparently it is NOT the Muslims who are
butchering Christians there! It is instead [surprise!]
the Christians here in the West! [And now you may be
finally starting to grasp the twisted mindset of the
Muslims and their insidious attempts to shift the blame
for the Islamic butchery away from the Muslims who
are the ones actually carrying it out!] Mister Zogby's
argument seems to be that to help the Christians in
the Muslim world Christians outside it should instead
of denouncing it or acting against it... show love for
and fellowship with all Muslims. Yeah, that'll work.
A miserable little village at the center of the Israeli-
Palestinian conflict

  "The hamlet of Susiya, where Arab herders live in
  tents without running water or electricity from the
  grid, has been adopted by the international community.
  But Jewish settlers say the Palestinian residents are
  squatters, and Israel's military authority in the West
  Bank wants to demolish the ramshackle community."

Now, why doesn't the international community adopt
Aleppo or Palmyra, or Mosul, or Apamea, Dura-Europos,
Mari, Nineveh, Nimrud, or a thousand other suffering
cities in Africa or Asia, or suffering nations such as
Zimbabwe, Cuba, or Venezuela... where their "concern"
WOULD bring about the greatest good for the greatest
number of genuine victims of war, famine, and other
human ills and suffering (mostly all man-made)? Well,
certainly NOT because it would do "its adoptees" there
about a billion times more good than simply paying for
turning a few Bedouins' and other nomads' tents into
permanent concrete structures... but because it just
wouldn't "irk a Jew" as much if they did that, would
it! And that just about tells you all you need to know
about the international community's "concern" about
dear little shanty town Susiya: It is all more about
hate than about love or anything else. It is all more
about being against "someone" than about being for
anyone or anything whatever [Man's true humanity].
As expected, our "principled" politicos are rushing to
take advantage of the Orlando Massacre in order to
advance their pet peeves. [And, yes, this tragedy will
probably benefit Trump's campaign the most.] But, as
usual... those on the Obama-Clinton camp are also
pushing hard their incomprehensible agenda of trying
to deflect blame away from the motive behind this
crime to the weapon used to commit it
... as if it were
logical that not addressing the motive for a crime
were ever able to either solve it or to prevent crimes
like it in the future

It is incomprehensible because it is as if, in their sad
minds, Prohibition never happened. If there were the
slightest chance in Hell that guns really could be
banned (abolished from the world), I would be its most
vocal advocate, but there just isn't--People who want
guns will always find a way to get them even if they
have to build them themselves... exactly as they once
started brewing gin and beer in their bathtubs during
Prohibition (when they were too poor to buy the real
"imported" stuff). The only thing banning gun will do
is create a gun Mafia to rival or even surpass the old
Mafias which Prohibition created (and which are still
very much with us).

Question for Obama, Clinton, and & other Democrats:

You love to tell us that while there are thousands and
thousands of Muslims in America only a few of them
ever commit mass murder episodes... and that therefore
this justifies Muslims in general not being targeted to
be banned or expelled en masse from the country.

So why doesn't your same logical argument (above)
apply to Ar-15s, say, given that there are thousands
and thousands of them in the country but only a few of
them are ever used to commit mass murder: Why wouldn't
this also justify that Ar-15s in general NOT be banned
or forbidden (with as much force of reason and logic)?

After all, it would seem that people would carry a
greater burden of "guilt" than things: I don't see
liberals advocating that we ban cars either because a
few of them are used to commit murders (which many,
many cars are). And I am neither a lover of guns nor
an advocate of everybody in the world owning them...

These massacres (unimaginable to the imagination of
civilized man) which you and others like you like to
believe (or pretend) are "senseless, without purpose,
random acts of mental illness and opportunity (the
availability of guns," in your sick imagination)... are
really always planned, done with a very specific goal
& purpose, and always for advancing well-established
aims: And they are, even more tragically, preventable
because those aims & goals & purposes that engender
them are out there for everyone to see... and usually
unusually well advertised long, long beforehand by the
perpetrators of these crimes [as the reason they will
commit them] giving those with the will and strength
of purpose to prevent them lots & lots of time to do
the right thing--If only they but face facts instead
of trying to hide them, Mr. President, Mrs. Clinton.

It is not merely the people trying to stop these crimes,
massacres & mass murders, who are left puzzled and
annoyed by liberal left-wingers like Clinton, Obama &
their Democratic brethren's quite inexplicably always
seeking to deflect the blame from the real reason for
them--even the perpetrators themselves don't quite
understand it, if for different reasons: They because
the REASON they commit them IS to promote their
causes, while the rest of us because by hiding the
reason those crimes are committed (behind a pointless
crusade against the guns with which they're committed)
Clinton & Obama & the rest of them are ensuring that
the reason for those heinous crimes shall remained
unaddressed & that therefore we shall continue to be
victimized over & over again by them sans restraint.
France Reels as Bastille Day Truck Attack Kills 84 in Nice

O dear, now I suppose we must get ready for Obama
and the liberal left's endless push for "truck-control"
and who should be allowed to own them. And for all
the right-wing crazies on the other side who'd like
to see everybody & his dog driving trucks. [Naturally,
the truck lobby now will most likely endorse Trump.]

The good news is that not all Muslims are terrorists.

Mrs. Merkel and her friends invited "good" Muslims
into Europe--and they're certain they know what a good
Muslim looks like: Eventually they'll take a good look
at every one of these Muslim refugees and send back
those who don't look "good" to them. And, of course,
the Muslims now being born in Europe MUST all be
"good." [So naturally they stay.] All that's required to
keep these "native" European Muslims "good" is to not
let them contact "bad" Muslims through the Internet;
because, as everyone knows... "good" Muslims are too
easily "radicalized" by contact with "bad" Muslims. O,
don't you just love how virtuous dear Mrs. Merkel is!

It's hard to radicalize a Lutheran but not a Muslim.
[Don't ask me why--I know nothing about Islam.]

The problem IS that these "virtuous" people believe
the myth that there are evil men in this humanity--
no doubt as a direct result of their believing the myth
that there are virtuous men: The truth is that all of
us are both good and evil all at the same time; and
that we hate only as much as we love--therefore our
capacity to do evil is limited only by how much we
believe we're doing it for the sake of what is good.

Every last person on this earth can be talked into the
most unimaginable crimes (sometimes if it's but only
suggested to them that doing even the greatest evil
is for the greatest good). So therefore it is not always
the dirtiest most godless criminal we should fear will
do us the greatest harm but that most pious "decent"
person we admire & welcome into our hearts & homes:

Mrs. Merkel and others invited the Middle East into
Europe--What did they think was gonna happen!?!

Frankly I think Europe's been extremely lucky: There
are twice as many Muslims in France as in Lebanon,
but look at how Lebanon's doing; there are twice as
many Muslims in Europe as there are in Syria, but look
at how Syria is doing--and thus Libya, Afghanistan, in
all the Boko Haram nations in Africa. Heck, there are
but 4 and a half million Palestinian Muslims but they
have made a Hell for themselves in the Middle East, for
Israel, and for the entire world!... Haven't they been
ramming vehicles into civilians there for a while now?
And didn't ISIS order its operatives in Europe to start
doing the same there? Surely the Europeans must've
been preparing for Nice to happen somewhere!...
And, why isn't Ban Ki-Moon and the United Nations
investigating France (like it does Israel for similar
cases) for its "obviously extrajudicial execution" of
the terrorist truck driver?

If intellectual comfort is what thou seeks: "When you
can shelter millions of Muslim refugees, what's a few
measly massacres they might cause you here & there

Keep up the good work! Not every Muslim's a terrorist.

Obama: Orlando Shooter Was 'Homegrown' Terrorist

Ah! Apparently, according to Obama, it was not Islam
that made this guy a terrorist but hateful, despicable

Only in Politically Correct America: This guy meeting
with a couple of Jihadists here & there, with Islamic
militants & Muslim radicals didn't raise any particular
red flags. What if he'd met with some child molesters
here & there instead? I wonder whether that would
have raised any particular red flags?... I do wonder.

Amazing stuff! From Obama Excoriates Republican
Obsession With The Term ‘Radical Islam’

“What exactly would using this label accomplish? What
exactly would it change? Would it make ISIL less
committed to try to kill Americans? Would it bring in
more allies? Is there a military strategy that is
served by this?” Obama asked rhetorically, using
another name for the Islamic State. "The answer is
none of the above. Calling a threat by a different
name does not make it go away.”

I suppose not, in which case I imagine Obama probably
also doesn't understand why it isn't that people don't
call rapes "overly amorous episodes" or some such...

Dear Mister President: It's not because of the effect
(one way or the other) on the damn Islamists that we
ought to call a pig a pig but because of its effect on
us: Until WE stop ordering pork by calling it chicken
we gonna eat chicken. If you wish to understand that
so very simple truth all you have to do is to stop being
so damn sensitive about insulting the sensitivities of
our enemies & try helping US defend ourselves instead!
Yes, let's talk a little bit about Nazism: Do you believe
that Nazism was bad or good? Do you believe that ALL
Nazis were bad? Or is it your opinion that only those
Nazis who did bad things were bad... while all the
others were good, decent people? If someone calls
himself a Nazi but is not involved in actually doing
anything bad--do you believe such a person ought to
be respected (admirable) and not be smeared with the
same brush as Nazis who do really terrible things like
murder, torture, rape & other crimes? [And why not?]

Shouldn't a Nazi who has done nothing wrong be invited
to the White House... showered with honors, and sought
after for his humane opinion and impartiality, for his
decency and honesty, for his virtue and benevolence?
And why not? Why should society tar him with the dark
brush of those Nazis who actually carry out great evil
deeds? Indeed why (think you) would anyone seek to ban
membership in the Nazi party, ban Nazi literature (and
everything else NAZI, really)... when they are all quite
perfectly innocent people who just happen to be Nazis.

Well, historically the Islamic genocide that has been
ongoing for the past 1500 years (and, as you may read
in any your local paper, continues unchecked to this
day) far, far surpasses the infamous 20th Century Nazi
genocide many, many times over (and over again).

Plus, the advocacy, promotion, and justifications of
all the unimaginable inhumanities you can find in the
Koran far surpass anything to be found in Mein Kampf.
Most importantly, it is far more likely that every
last Nazi on earth will disavow ALL of Mein Kampf
than it is that most [if any] Muslim will denounce or
repudiate even the most egregious monstrosity in the
Koran. [Ask them.] So why is it then that anyone can
be a Muslim with a perfectly clear conscience... but
not a Nazi? It's certainly something to wonder about.
Ehab Al Shihabi writes: "Who Stands for Islam? Let's
Stamp out 'Gangster Islam'
 ... The message from the
recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Belgium is clear:
Muslims must urgently promote a global grassroots
movement to take Islam back from extremists who use
a twisted interpretation of jihad to justify their violent
ideology..." We are the religion of Peace, right?

    Translation: "We Muslims gotta learn to lie better
    to non-Muslims about the true nature of Islam
    --We've slaughtered so many of the suckers that
    even the dumbest ones are start'n ta catch on!"

Just ditto! Ditto: "Muslims must urgently promote a global
grassroots movement to take Islam back from extremists who use a twisted interpretation of jihad to justify THEIR
violent ideology..." & ditto, ditto, ditto! Ditto e'm to death!

How the Hell you gonna do that when it's YOUR "Jihadist
extremists" who follow the principles of Islam and all
the so-called "moderates" who totally obfuscate and/or
ignore them?!? Dude: It ain't ever happened yet & it
ain't about to happen anytime ever--Go guess why.

[And, no: No matter how many times you repeat a lie
it will always be a lie.]

In every Muslim majority nation on this earth, without
an exception, butchery & mayhem go on on a daily basis
day after day after day
... rapes & other unimaginable
brutalities, torture, kidnappings, thefts, murder and
slaughter, all in the name of Islam while in the West
we glance at this inhuman depravity and quickly look
the other way--as if that would make it all vanish
from the face of the earth. But, here in the West too,
the butchery and murder and the decay of civilization
propelled by the so putrid mores of Islam continue
on & on unabated, ever inexorably increasing while
the non-Muslim population commemorates each death
and victim as if he/she were an individual case without
the slightest connection to any known factors outside
the specific & immediate causes of his/her death--most
usually attributed to some casual lunatic or a pious soul
who has been brainwashed by some inexplicably sinister,
perverse fanatic preacher without any real connections
to the "religion" of Islam! And now there is a push by
some Muslim clerics in some parts of Europe to legalize
child brides
! Where once having sex with any minor
used to be an automatic crime, now some Muslims are
pushing to allow men of any age to "marry" little
girls as young as nine, or younger! Or to "keep" their
sometimes pregnant "brides" if they "married" them
elsewhere and then brought "their families" into their
new European countries afterwards: Respect Islam!
German Protestant bishop wants Islam classes in
all state schools

What for? All anyone who want to learn anything about
Islam has to do is... just read the news that's coming
out of [what's happening in] all the Muslim-majority
nations of the world. That will tell you as much about
Islam as reading the news of what's happening in your
country tells you everything about your own country.

Note that even the peace-at-all-cost Buddhists cannot
abide living anywhere alongside a Muslim community
Does anybody really believe that the only-West-called
'Rohingya' Muslims of Myanmar were a nice peaceful
community and that for no reason whatsoever at all
suddenly their Buddhist neighbors decided to start a
campaign of racial/religious discrimination against them!?

Well, Yes! A Western audience which has been deluded
by just a few decades of unrelenting "Islam Is The
Religion of Peace" propaganda into the upside-down
belief [flying in the face of every last gruesome fact
on earth showing us it's exactly the opposite]... that
Muslims are everywhere victims, and therefore turns
a blind eye even to the victimization of Christians by
Muslims taking place right in the middle of Europe
Could any of Islam really have been part of America's
founding principles
? Well, let's see... how old is "the
oldest mosque in the United States (near Ross, N.D.)?"
It "was erected by pioneers from what are now Syria
and Lebanon, in 1929. A reminder," says the article
above, "that Muslims have been part of the American
mix for a long time." (Or about some 20 years more
than I?) "Muslim communities have been in this country
since the 1800s," it goes on to state--Well, a number
of slaves brought from Africa had been Muslims, so
there were probably Muslims here even before then.
And wealthy Muslims from Egypt & many other countries
have been recorded travelling here/even settling here.
But, were they informing the direction of American
principles? I doubt it since Islam was not prohibited
as a religion here (and, had it influenced our founding
principles, surely you'd expect all religions but the
official one of those in power to have been banned).
And this should pretty much inform you, if you really
needed to be informed on this, just how well-informed
our dear Professor Obama is about American History.

Are all censures/condemnations of God wrong?

Not if you believe God is good: For in that case evil
attributed to God should definitely be censured, as
should a God that is evil be condemned & censured.

Christians believe Jesus is such a God of The Good.
Therefore any evil attributed to God disqualifies such
a God from being the God Christians believe Jesus to
be. It would be unacceptable for Christians to think
that Jesus in any way/shape/form is capable of Evil.
Any evil claimed in the name of Jesus is anathema.
Any evil done in the name of Christianity is truly an
abomination--Therefore any God which approves or
encourages Evil is worthy of censure/condemnation.

Muslims, on the other hand, make no moral judgments
regarding Allah: Unquestionably Muslims commit many
horrors/fiendish cruelties in the name of Allah; and,
in fact, the Koran itself advises Muslims to terrorism
& other inhumanities
which many Muslims carry out
with jolly great disregard of their unquestioned Evil.

Therefore the Muslim God is NOT a God of The Good. And
this is the reason Allah is a God that MUST be censured
and condemned by Christians: Fail to do so at your peril.

This alone is why Allah could NOT possibly be the God
of Christians. Nor can he ever be. And no matter how
much Muslims and others may try to claim otherwise.
The United Nations simply does not work as instituted:
Any jury that's made up mostly of murderers is more
likely to condemn the victims than the murderers
. And
so it is too with the United Nations as it is presently
instituted: an immoral place in which votes are bought
& sold as shamelessly as are fish in a fish market.

No agreement in the United Nations is ever reached
against any evil simply because it is an evil. Rather:
ONLY if/when the voters receive some benefit from
their accent (and this does not exclude even the
United States). What does that make of ANY United
Nations resolution!

Because there are no practical workarounds for UN
votes on any form of evil which can escape peopling
its juries with the most evil men on earth... the only
practical solution is to eliminate any & all United
Nations condemnations of Evil--Which might as well
effectively eliminate the United Nations itself then

In any case: the United Nations is only kept alive now
by powerful nations which hope they can power through
those resolutions favorable to themselves (at whatever
expense to whoever has to pay for their sordid wins).

Therefore, the only alternative is to keep the UN as is
and watch it continue to be the most effective force for
Evil on this planet. This is totally & completely unacceptable
and must be addressed sooner or later by the complete
and total elimination of the UN itself from this world:

We must come up with a better design, or junk it as an
irredeemably corrupt and unworkable institution that
works only against the common good of Mankind. At
best, perhaps the United Nations can be retained as "a
town hall assembly" where the World's problems and
concerns are endlessly & pointlessly argued by rowdy
gangs of competing partisans trying to out-shout each
other (and certainly WITHOUT the least possibility of
their joint "opinions" ever acquiring either any force-
of-law or even moral force--since the main objection
to the UN IS its sheer raw unquestioned immorality).
Palestinian History Museum Opens Without Exhibits

Need one say anything more? Fear not: We'll start
filling it up just soon as we begin 'making up' some
Palestinian history. Let's see... "Israel was founded.
Then some Arabs heroically decided to call themselves
Palestinians in order to claim Israel was founded on
their land..." And be sure to put the plaques up in
all the European tongues so they can lick our---

On the other hand, a "little bit" of the history there.

It is not up to the United States nor to any outsiders
to determine how the Jews and the Muslims of the Holy
Land must live together: Only they & they alone can
settle that matter. Any "solution" imposed from the
outside will fail as miserably as the Oslo Accords and
every other outside imposition have failed up to now

It is self-evidently a grave misconception to imagine
that the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is one which can
be even addressed in any way/shape/form by diplomacy
between the Israelis & the Palestinians, since the root
Cause of the problem (probably The Only One) is that
the Muslim Palestinians are held in the grip of a deadly
cult whose god commands them to murder the Jews
"wherever they find them." [How on earth are the Jews
ever going to argue/reason/plea or "deliberate" out of
existence this religious command?!] No: If there is
going to be any so-called "diplomatic" solution to the
deadly Israeli-Palestinian Conflict it is going to have to
come exclusively through negotiations between the
Palestinian Muslims and their god. And what possible
role could the Israeli Jews have in such negotiations?!

The only possible thing the Israeli Jews can do is to
hold the Palestinian Muslims by the throat to keep
them from murdering them. And the greatest mystery
is why the Jews don't kill off the Palestinian Muslims
or kick them out as far away as they can from Israel.
(As the only other alternative is the suicide of Israel.)

No matter what anybody tells you... those are the only
options the Palestinians have ever given to the Israelis.

"Europe will now have to live under these perpetual
states of emergency which are becoming the normal in
today's modern world..." Sirs, the Europeans did not
suddenly/unexpectedly invent the need for these states
of emergency--Your leaders imported/created the need
for these states of emergency for the same reason the
leaders in Flint, Michigan created the lead-poisoning
crisis there: stupidity, neglect, ignorance, and the
common delusion that one can always do things on the
cheap. For Europeans to now be bemoaning the terrible
consequences they have themselves wrought upon
themselves as some sort of incomprehensible curse
imposed upon them by the gods (or something) is
laughable and contemptible. Rather: You asked for all
you're getting, so at least enjoy it for God's sakes!

You cannot move into your neighborhood a truckload of
criminals and then bemoan the sudden need for armed
coppers on every one of your street corners. You can't
move into your neighborhood a truckload of addicts and
then bemoan all the used needles appearing everywhere.
You can't just jump off a cliff and only then bemoan
your fall: Sometimes you just have to use your brains
and look before you leap, my friend.

Why is Brussels under attack?

By Muslims? That is a stumper: Why isn't Japan under
attack by Muslims? I'm sure it's not because Brussels
is full of Muslims while Japan isn't. No: This has to
be a total and complete coincidence that doesn't have
anything whatsoever to do with anything. So, bring on
more Muslims! [They help to keep all those uppity
women in their place too
.] Guys:

A working solution has already been implemented in
our history and it brought peace for 500 years to the
European country that put it into effect: Spain gave
the Muslims the choice of converting to Christianity
(in effect, fully assimilating into its Christian culture)
or returning to their countries of origin. It worked
for Spain--It even worked for the Muslims who returned
to North Africa and built large and powerful Islamic
nations there--Certainly not European democracies,
but nevertheless nations which survived in many forms
there to this day to see the disaster of well-intentioned
Western intervention there to try to build democracies
Lord! Won't they ever learn? Guess not. It's the drastic
solution, yes, but it is not the most drastic solution
--THAT is a protracted and unimaginably bloody civil
war on European soil. And if they don't do something
to nip it in the bud NOW, that is exactly what we will
witness there with our own unbelieving eyes.

"It's the occupation! Yes; That's it--It's the occupation
of the peaceful Muslim communities by an apartheid
European colonial power: Brussels' Muslims are under
a brutal European occupation which is leaving them
impoverished and devoid of all hope: Europeans must
give up their racist occupation of those peaceful Muslim
European communities so they can thrive in peace and
democracy if they don't want to see an Intifada bloodier
than any seen before anywhere! Only then can there be
peace between Muslims and Christians in the unholy land
(of Europe). The "numberless states solution" is the only
way to go forward in Europe now: Free Islamic Brussels!..."

The racism & anti-Semitism now rising everywhere in
Europe is truly staggering--something not seen there
since before the Second World War. Some of it is self-
made by the Europeans' cavalier wholesale importing of
populations which can never become European unless
they were to abandon their ruthless dark ages religion
(which Mohammed designed with specifically deadly
safeguards against that very thing
). Another cause is
a mind-numbing resurgence of an anti-Semitism which
neither logic nor reason can fathom now--All of it a
pointless racial antagonism which must inevitably sow
chaos & future civil strife across Europe for years &
years to come as surely as it is sowing it now across
the Muslim world... and has done so there for the last
1500 years. And I cannot imagine how it can end well.
The hypocrisy/cowardice of those who can cherry-pick
which laws they will enforce and which laws they will

Dear sirs, why if under British law "a person can be
charged with inciting racial hatred if they say or do
something which is 'threatening, abusive or insulting
and, by doing so, either intends to stir up racial
hatred, or makes it likely that racial hatred will be
stirred up' " ...why would the coppers jump all over
this one guy [for tweeting merely that he thought a
Muslim woman saying that the Brussels attack had
nothing to do with her was "mealy mouthed"] and not
outright and instantly ban the Koran--A book which
VERY SPECIFICALLY calls for the terrorizing, torturing,
raping, enslaving and murdering of non-Muslims...
when everywhere that is precisely what is taking place
BECAUSE of the Koran's incitement?!?! Why is not every
human being who quotes the Koran, or even so much as
owns one, not instantly charged with incitement to all
the abominations the Koran calls for--especially when
Muslims everywhere ARE in fact carrying out every
unimaginably perverted crime the Koran is calling for?

Answer me that!

The Doddering Dolt of Rome sez:

Use 'weapons of love' to fight evil of terrorism, pope
says on Easter

The maniacal Muslims in Pakistan have their own
inimical way of expressing their feelings back at
the Pope's slobbering message of love & friendship:

The Latest: Taliban Attack on Pakistan Park Kills 65

And so goes the world, exactly as it has for the last
1500 years of Islam's existence here. [Don't worry,
soon the Christians of the world will awake to what's
happening and then... they'll pray & sing hymns.]
To the last one. Amen.

[Dude, this is not an equal fight.]

In the AP's Anti-Migrant Force Builds in Europe, Hurting
Merkel's Quest
they write: "The anti-migrant message
resonates with the ex-communist EU member states,
countries that have benefited greatly from EU subsidies
and freedom of movement for their own citizens but which
now balk at requests to accept even small numbers of
refugees. The Visegrad nations maintain it is impossible
to integrate Muslims into their societies, often describing
them as security threats. So far the Poles, Czechs and
Slovaks have only accepted small numbers, primarily
Christians from Syria. Many officials in the West are
frustrated with what they see as xenophobia & hypocrisy,
given that huge numbers of Poles, Hungarians and other
Eastern Europeans have received refuge and economic
opportunity in the West for decades."

This is nonsensical spin of the facts: The Eastern Europeans
don't want migrants because they're migrants, but because
they're Muslims. And if they were Nazi migrants they'd also
not want them there NOT because they're migrants but
because they're Nazis: If YOU don't know what Nazis are
that's YOUR problem THEY DO (that's why they wouldn't
want them there). And if YOU don't know what Muslims are
THEY DO (that's why they don't want them there).

Visit The Hatred In The Koran to find out about Muslims
if you'd like to learn about them yourself (and Google
"Nazism" if you want to find out about Nazis). Then you
too will know.

There are certainly a vast number of Muslims who are
honest, decent, hard-working people (just as there HAD
to have been a vast number of Nazis who were also honest,
decent, hard-working people carrying out the everyday job
of running Nazi Germany back then--or simply go & ask
their children & grandchildren in today's Germany). But
even the "best" of Nazis carried with them a sick perverted
support for an inhuman philosophy, and even so too do even the "best" Muslims today out there where you live.

BTW: It's utterly insane & suicidal to expect Erdogan
to help stem the flow of Muslim immigrants into Europe
when the central mission in the Islamist philosophy of
world conquest IS the conversion of the entire earth
to Islam
--No amount of bribes or incentives, pressure,
or threats are going to talk a thoroughly convinced
Islamist like Erdogan to abandon what he believes is
(and is) the best of all possible ways to bring about
the Islamization of Europe. So get over it, Europe:
The problem is yours & yours alone to solve, or to be
destroyed by it. But, either way: your choice alone.

Though, frankly, I don't think I'd have the heart to
deport any migrant except perhaps those who have
committed crimes or are proven criminals--and this
never includes children: Deporting children is beyond
the pale, as far as I'm concerned. But I don't even
think I'd deport adults just because they're Muslims
--these people are victims, and I don't believe they
understand how they've been victimized by religion.
EU Criticizes Israel, Builds on Anti-Settlement Policy

Hundreds of thousands of children, women & old people
are being butchered everywhere in the Muslim world,
millions & millions displaced and ethnic-cleansed en
masse, obscene numbers of others raped, enslaved,
tortured, degraded, stoned to death, burnt alive,
crucified, persecuted & oppressed there beyond human
imagination... and Europe's sole focus of indignation
is on trying to keep a few Jews from building their
homes wherever the Hell they want in the land of their
own ancestors! A land which others have stolen from
them and a land which others are still trying to steal
from them--You tell me now Europe isn't rolling self-
fouled in the vile and utterly incomprehensible
depravity of anti-Semitism! I dare you!
In Condemning Islamic Terrorism, Defending Muslims Jonathan Greenblatt writes:

  "Ultimately, it is up to Muslim leaders around the
  world to ask what they can do to create a different
  environment less conducive to the emergence of terror."

Guy, Islam is Terrorism & Terrorism is Islam: If you
  kill Terrorism you're going to kill Islam just as...
  if you kill Islam you will invariably kill Terrorism.

And every Muslim in the world knows this--THAT is the
real reason why the fight against Terrorism is NEVER
going to come from Muslims: Muslim-on-Muslim violence
you see all over the world has NOTHING to do with the
West' fight against Terror--it's all just about one sect
of Muslims trying to convert or annihilate the other sects:
Terror is the Islamic form of proselyting & just as  LONG
before Islam unleashed Terrorism against other Muslims
it was wreaking Terror against non-Muslims... when there
are no more non-Muslims on the entire earth Terror will
still be the order of the day between whatever Muslims
continue to people this earth
, because the Jihad is eternal
and every imam and ayatollah on earth is his own Pope

It's only a matter of time before the African-American
"black Muslims" who dare to style Elijah Mohammed
a "prophet" are also targeted for extermination by the
Sunni Muslims for exactly the same reason: the Sunni
Muslims are rather picky about their contention that
"The Prophet" was named the last prophet by the Koran.
If this has not already happened up to now it's due to
a combination of factors peculiar to the United States,
including effective law-enforcement and... just not
enough Sunni immigrants for them to start the fight.

   "Following 9/11 and the trauma that it was for our
   nation, the president [George W. Bush] spoke at a
   Mosque in Washington, D.C. and made an eloquent
   plea not to blame all Muslims or Islam itself for
   the horror that befell our nation."

And, of course, we all know how well that worked out
for the fight against terror, don't we!... Islam [or,
"Submit!" which is the correct translation of "islam"]
finally turned its outrageous "the religion of peace"
LIE (which the Saudi propaganda machine has been
selling the West) into a truth? I don't see it. You?

Spotted on the boob tube yet one more small group of
very nice and personable, decent and ordinary-looking,
normal-seeming American Muslims being interviewed
about their "fear" of Islamophobia: Transparently one
more illogical, and unreasonable, and cynical attack on
every human soul who is but merely pointing out with
undeniable veracity the unquestioned evils of Islam!

I'm sure Scott Pelley would never think of himself as
an enabler of the Islamic Jihad to conquer the planet,
but that is precisely what he was with this interview:
Here were these five or six souls being brought forth
on The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley to cry out
for tolerance as if the critics of Islam had something
personally against them--when ALL the points of such
critics are against Islam and against Islam alone. Are
they not to be allowed to criticize so transparently a
criminal and malignant enterprise as Islam obviously
is... just because it terms itself a religion? Why don't
they also bring forth Aztecs to defend ripping out the
hearts of their living victims & kicking the carcasses
down their pyramids for cannibalism? [None left. But
I'd hate to think what CBS might do if there were.]

Has any of these well-meaning and well-intended (and
certainly not self-proclaimed) apologists of Islam who
produce these misleading "shows" for Western audiences
ever asked any of these so often interviewed ordinary
and peaceful decent Muslim Americans what they think
about the monstrous intolerance in the Islamic World?
Why not?  The point  of those who criticize Islam is
that it is Islam that is bad
, not these few saps brought
out to plea tolerance for themselves! So why haven't
these "incisive" interviewers ever bothered to compare
the "terrible" experiences of these few Muslims in the
Christian world with the experiences of Christians in
the Muslim world
? Why not? Would such comparisons
really be so unreasonable, or too illuminating maybe?

Why not ask these sweet souls they are interviewing
whether they have ever protested the butchery and
genocide experienced by the unimaginably unfortunate
non-Muslim minorities EVERYWHERE on this earth where
Muslims are in the majority? And you pick the country...
in Africa, Asia or the Middle East--Wherever you like.
Has anyone ever asked these innocent victims to point
out the mass graves of the murdered Muslims out West,
or in Michigan, maybe in Jersey...? ANYONE can point
out the mass graves, without number, of the innocents
murdered in the Muslim world... They are everywhere!

The REALLY unfortunate minorities in those Muslim
lands can't speak for themselves: they are all of them
being forcibly converted to Islam, or being tortured,
robbed, raped, or they are all dead. Why not interview
(instead, or alongside) the handful of them who HAVE
managed to escape with barely their lives to Europe or
elsewhere... and show THEIR pleas for tolerance in the
Islamic world? I've never seen even ONE such show.

Has anyone ever asked these "poor" American Muslims
pleading for tolerance from the vile Christians here
in America to point out where all those non-Muslim
minorities who once were the majorities in ALL the now
Muslim-only lands can be found nowadays? About the
only substantial Christian minority left anywhere in
the Levant are the Egyptian Copts, whom the Egyptian
Muslims have not slaughtered to the last child (as
Muslims everywhere else have done with all their non-
Muslim minorities) only because they keep them as
a permanent garbage-collecting subclass (otherwise
they would all have been exterminated by now too).

And yet these bleeding-heart left-wing liberals insist
on producing their misleading interviews of a handful
of Muslims pleading for tolerance for themselves as if
anyone who points out the slightest bit of truth about
Islam were intent on persecuting them personally:

Sirs, when the critics of Islam so very correctly and
accurately, and so truthfully point out the evils of
Islam they are not saying that they have anything
personal against the handfuls of unfortunate Muslim
saps like those being interviewed by YOU apologists of
Islam to deflect the blame from where the blame really
falls--And you apologists of Islam perfectly well know
that defending an attack on these Muslim saps which
does not exist is misleading and deceptive... and no
matter whether it's done on purpose or even without
any intent to deceive--Who the Hell would possibly be
against tolerance of the powerless, of those in the
minority, of those who happen to be of a different
ethnicity or religion, of women just because they're
women, of homosexuals just because they're born that
way, of... Oh, yes, that's right: Muslims are. In fact
they have to be, because it is so commanded in the
Quran itself: The Hatred In The Koran Read it yourself!

If these American Muslims want to plea for tolerance,
they are pleading for tolerance in the wrong place for
the wrong reason and from the wrong audience: What
they should be doing is taking their heartfelt pleas to
all of the nations that have Muslim majority populations
--They are the ones that really need such pleading for
tolerance, for sheer humanity: The tragic sad minorities
there, or what is left of them, are the ones that need
all the compassion and all the humanity that the Islamic
world has NEVER shown in all of its blood-drenched
history of savagery, brutality, and death. S D Rodrian

The wisdom of self-sacrifice.

Yes: Wisdom lies in choosing to do something for the
benefit of people rather than just because you want to
win. Assad is NOT going to be defeated (the Iranians,
Hezbollah, and now the Russians are certainly seeing
to that): The heights of wisdom now would be for the
West to stop prolonging the suffering and butchery of
the Syrian people by continuing to arm and support
Assad's opposition: They're achieving nothing but the
continuation of the great tragedy there, and as such
the West is becoming more and more the primary reason
(maybe even the only one) for that desperate tragedy.

At SOME point the so-called leaders of the West have
to admit to themselves that all they are doing there
is standing in the way of an end to this vicious war
and then stop it. It's the only human thing to do now.

The cruelest hoax of all is the idea that wars should be
managed affairs, gentlemanly affairs, even humane
affairs with charitable treatment of non-combatants,
readily assessable medical help, fuel & food aid, and
prompt evacuations of the old, the sickly, of women,
children & the infirm--They're not, and never will be.

The kindest war of all is the one that is fought swiftly,
brutally as this may require, and quickly gotten over
& done with. And those who do not understand this
only prolong the suffering and the brutalities of war.
Those persons, those peaceniks--Ultimately they are
the real warmongers and worst monsters in all wars.
 "Markus Niesczeri, a spokesman for Duesseldorf
  police, said that since the start of 2014, officers
  there have identified more than 2,000 suspects of
  North African origin in connection with organized
  thefts, though he didn't say how many.

But, this is what men do with/to women in the Muslim
--I wonder what possessed the Euros to think that
they would suddenly change their nature/character once
they found themselves in Europe

Mrs. Merkel just said, hilariously, that she condemns
this contempt for women "in some quarters..."

Mrs. Merkel, like Obama and others, is terrified to
acknowledge the truth, that is, to confess that she
now condemns the contempt for women she has
herself imported into Europe from the Islamic world
(where European women are all believed to be
whores on the lookout for any possible sexual thrill).

Well, somebody should tell Mrs. Merkel to enjoy it.
To go ahead and establish Sharia-like punishments
(blinding people in one eye & chopping off hands
and fingers, etc.) to deter criminals used to being
deterred only by the horrors of Sharia. And, like the
Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker, to also tell German
women to do something like maybe starting to wear
the hijab from now on
so they won't be raped in their
own streets while passersby keep walking on as if it
were the most normal thing in the world
--You know,
as happens every day in the rest of the Arab world.

 "Cologne's mayor, meanwhile, was mocked on social
  media for saying, when asked Tuesday about what
  women can do to protect themselves better: "There
  is always the possibility of keeping a certain
  distance, more than an arm's length" from strangers.
  Some of those who criticized her felt that Reker was
  blaming women for the attacks and lambasted the idea
  that women could have simply protected themselves
  by keeping men at arm's length."

... and now Cologne's policemen are also learning to view
these typically ME behaviors as native to Europe too...

 "About 1,000 men described by police as being
  of 'Arab or North African origin' gathered around
  Cologne's main station, next to the city's famous
  cathedral, on the night from Thursday to Friday.
  Smaller groups then surrounded individual women,
  harassed them and stole their belongings. Police
  initially failed to mention the assaults in report
  the following morning, describing the festivities
  as "largely peaceful." Details of the attacks only
  emerged over the weekend and calls have grown
  for a comprehensive review of police actions on
  the night, after some witnesses claimed that
  officers didn't stop the attackers."

  [This was not in Egypt.] This was not simple political
  correctness, but fear of political reprisals by a liberal
  left-wing elite more interested in how it might make
  them look than in the safety of the ordinary citizen.

Swedish Foreign Minister Calls for Israeli Killings Probe

Incredible! I imagine Swedish Foreign Minister Margot
Wallstrom thinks it would only be "fair" if more Jews
allowed themselves to be murdered by those Palestinian
terrorists!!! [Of course not! She's only asking that
when a Palestinian terrorist tries to murder a Jew,
the Jew should at least offer the terrorist the choice
of whether he/she would prefer to try to kill him
there & then OR wait to try again later...] Ah, that's
different then. --You think
? [Yes, it's only "fair."]

Islamic State money-making streams take a hit
as it loses territory

And if they were to lose it all, down to the very last
inch of it (you know... like they did once after the U.S.
overthrew Saddam, and then once again after the
American Army put down the rebellion in Sunni Iraq)
... will the manifest ancient fountain of poison which
gives birth to all such toxic depravity in these men
(still) have been stanched by even one single drop?

This is what the West either fears to acknowledge (or
fails genuinely to understand): that the real enemy is
not every incomprehensible lunatic who suddenly rushes
wildly at us after having been poisoned by that deadly
drink but the poison itself of Islam which is turning
those thirsting for the illusions it promises them into the
inhuman monsters who then outrage all our humanity:

It is a real waste of time to battle every last poisoned
terrorist brought into being by Islam's brainwashing.
The only way to defeat them all once and for all is to
shut down the deadly vile spring of poison which is
responsible for driving them all wildly insane like that...
the one/only source from which their terrorism springs
forth against world & humanity to begin with: Islam!

And the world can only do that by rescuing the Muslims
themselves from the supernatural delusions with which
Islam keeps them enslaved--Certainly NOT by trying to
counter Islam's ignorance & superstition with more
ignorance and more superstition still! No: The history
of Man's securing civilization is one of moving from
the darkness into the light of day... of turning our
backs on those places where we were kept blind, and
our eyes to where we can finally see all of the facts
for ourselves and have no further need to be convinced
by anyone they are indeed the facts. Just as the pen
is mightier than the sword, the light of education will
in the end light every dark place on earth. You'll see.

Putin is no Gandhi, friends, but compared to Erdogan
he's a Peter Pan: We all know Putin is a damn pushy
guy, and most likely than not he is lying through his
teeth when he says the plane the Turks shot down
never violated Turkey's airspace (it's his history). But
he's most probably also telling you the truth when he
says that the Turks did this as a provocation--Albeit
what they wanted to provoke: That is the question.

The Turks have been desperately trying to get NATO
and the United States to back every evil scheme and
stratagem they have come up with for their domination
of the Middle East [and beyond] for as far back as their
Islamic dictator Erdogan has envisioned himself to be
the true Caliph of the "real" Islamic State... And woe
to those foolish enough to enable this madman's sick
dream: Erdogan and his Terror Mafia are the principal
enablers and sustainers of the Islamic State: Without
their direct support the Islamic State would wither on
the vine ... ripped from its nourishing roots (Turkey).
Think! The Islamic State isn't exporting its petroleum
through Israel, I betcha. And it's unimaginable as well
that the Shia Hezbollah would permit such insanity to
take place through Lebanon...

Obama knows this, so why does he continue bombing
$20,000 oil trucks (he says 500 so far) with a quarter
of a million and even half a million dollar munitions?
Is it because he wants to bankrupt America? He can't
do it, so this isn't it. If Obama REALLY wished to put
an end to the Islamic State Monster all he'd have to do
is ring up his pal Erdogan and ask him to STOP buying
ISIS oil: This done ISIS would vanish as quickly as it
appeared. Why doesn't Obama do this? Does it have
anything to do with Sunni Arabs' dream of keeping the
Islamic Terrorist movement alive to counter Shia Iran?

Look thee for The Answer to this in why it is even in
the face of the ferocious terrorism eating up Pakistan
to death that Sunni country STILL refuses to destroy
its own Taliban and all the other Islamic terrorists that
it AND the United States have created in that theatre
of blood. [Remember, after all, who it was that really
created Bin Laden and his al-Qaida.] That is where
you'll find the answer to why Obama stands back and
pours America's treasure into pointlessly plinking oil
trucks instead of destroying The Monster he and his
Sunni blood brothers have created and support there.

You would think that the French President would tell
Obama to stop supporting America's Islamic Terrorists:
["You are killing Parisians, O dear friend of France!"]
But that's for the people of France to inquire of Holland.

France Bombs Islamic State HQ, Hunts Attacker Who
Got Away

Mon Dieu! Actions speak louder than words dept: Brave
talk now about how Islamic terrorism isn't going to scare
anyone--and the reality exposed in the streets of Paris:

   "Paris remains on edge amid three days of official
   mourning. French troops have deployed by the
   thousands and tourist sites remain shuttered in one
   of the most visited cities on Earth. Panic ensued
   Sunday night as police abruptly cleared hundreds
   of mourners from the famed Place de la Republique
   square, where police said firecrackers sparked a
   false alarm.

  "Whoever starts running starts everyone else
  running," said Alice Carton, city council member who
  was at the square. "It's a very weird atmosphere.
  The sirens and screaming are a source of fear."

   "Officers also moved in, guns drawn, after mourners
   panicked near the Carillon bar, where crowds have
   laid flowers and lit candles in memory of the 15
   people killed there.

   "Lots of people started running and screaming
   from the Carillon...tables were overturned, plates
   shattered. It was a terrible panic," said Jonathan
   Dogan, who took shelter in a nearby hotel. "I
   think people are terrified," Dogan said.

And now these poor bastards are searching for geo-
political reasons for these attacks! This absolute and
total ignorance of The True Realities is the direct
result of the evil world-wide political correctness
campaign (no doubt behind the scenes engineered
by a sinister combination of Saudi cash and Islamic
apologists [Obama] and other Western well-intended
idiots caught up in the master plan).

Insults to Mohammed, airstrikes in Syria & Iraq, not
enough government help or economic opportunity for/in
Muslim neighborhoods... there is no end to the blaming
of the victims by the elites and politically correct
media who imply (by such insults to our intelligence &
indignities to the human soul) that those who were
killed were to blame for getting themselves murdered.

But the ordinary French people I bet know who is to
blame and why: Who does not know that the Koran
specifically orders Muslims to "terrorize the non-
?! Who does not know that the one and only
way a Muslim can go straight to Paradise is to die
while murdering non-Muslims?!

I actually heard John Kerry call them "psychopathic
monsters" and the France24 talking heads stated that
these attacks resulted from insanity (meaning that
they could not be explained, that these murderers had
no reason in the world for carrying out their murders)~!

        Hello: The Hatred In The Koran

They read a Twitter by Newt Gingrich in which he said
that perhaps had someone been armed in one of the
attacked venues he/she might have been able to kill
the murderers before they could kill all the people they
did... and damned him for suggesting this! [I imagine
it's better to just stand there and die for the Principle
of Getting Slaughtered Like Lambs: "It is our duty to
stand here and die for humanity!" proudly proclaimed
the nutty scientist in the movie The Thing!] I wonder
why?... Could it be because they are afraid that what
Newt Gingrich had suggested might have some merit?

Well, now that the European elites (who all live safely
under 24-hour armed protection themselves--so what's
it to them?!)... have imported the Muslim Middle East
into Europe, I wonder where to are the new ordinary
European Christian refugee masses themselves going
to flee? ... Asian countries certainly know better than
to start importing non-Asians. See you where?!

Like Europe, once in the long ago all of the Middle
East was mostly a land of Christian societies, nations
& civilizations. And all their Christians were either
murdered or forced to convert to Islam almost down
to the last one (but recently). Now it is Europe's turn.

Today about the only Christian community still left in
the entire Levant are the unfortunate grim-fate Copts
of Egypt whom the good Muslims there have not yet
slaughtered BECAUSE they've managed to turn that
entire Christian community into Egypt's traditional
garbagemen... since garbage-collecting is "haram" for
Muslims: When was the last time you saw any of those
European out-of-work Muslims applying for one of the
many relatively well-paid collector openings everywhere?

I would not doubt that a major part of why the Paris
attack took place was ISIS' resentment against the
Syrians who have fled from them and ISIS' desire to
create an uncomfortable European backlash against
those unfortunate refugees: It would certainly fit in
with the merciless nature of the Islamic State's
fundamentalist cutthroat form of Islam. Still:

The question for the West is this: Why must more
& more & more potential terrorists be brought into
Europe when this MUST unquestionably increase the
likelihood that acts of terror will occur here... when
fewer & fewer & fewer potential terrorists here would
most likely produce fewer acts of terror? Somebody
is playing the numbers game with European lives.

NOTE: "Most of the victims of Islamic Terrorism are
Muslims." This is one of the most powerful reasons to
make every possible effort to avoid allowing the West
to become more Islamic: If nothing else it's certainly
a practical argument against the "liberal left" idea that
more Muslims here will produce fewer attacks on us.

Instead of spewing hatred/fear for/of but children &
women, and proposing plans/schemes out of a less
civilized past
(as too many of the West's elites seem
to be being carried away now by the rising tide of terror
into considering doing) what these swept elites should
be doing is acting intelligently: There ARE answers to
this sea of migrants & refugees, and these workable
answers CAN involve humanitarian solutions that do
no harm to our own Western values, for God's Sakes:

The proper place to house/safeguard all these Syrian
[+] refugees is in Syria itself, or in all of its adjacent
Muslim countries. The West has the means to create
such safe areas for them, and to house/feed them
there, and to protect them militarily. And why the
West is not doing it ... is quite the other question.

In any case it's pointless to be afraid of the handful
of terrorist acts which might be committed by newly
arriving Muslim migrants (most terrorist acts in the
West have been & will most probably continue to be
committed by its long-term immigrants and their
descendants who are born here). No. The lesson that
history teaches us is that two peoples cannot share the
same land--It's seldom if ever happened anywhere:

It is the story of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, where the
Muslims will never concede that the Jews have a right
even to their own historically Jewish ancestral lands
because the Muslim religious texts command them to
steal them from the Jews. And even in the United
States it was necessary to fight a bloody Civil War
in order to determine whether the country belonged
to the Northerners or they allowed the Southerners
to break it up). And they lived in geographical regions
almost completely separate from each other.

A large influx into Europe of peoples who will never
become Europeans can only eventually/inevitably
likewise produce a struggle between two peoples for
the land (since, as in the United States, I doubt that
the Europeans would permit swathes of Europe to be
turned into new Muslim countries for these groups).

Note that even now the Europeans are still reluctant
to admit the Jews are as much Europeans as they
themselves, and this when European society is as much
a creation of its European Jews as it is of its non-Jews.

... Well, everywhere they come from the Muslims have
been taught to hate & hold in contempt almost every
last principle that European society holds dear... from
freedom of speech and freedom of expression, to even democracy, respect for the opinions of others however
one may disagree with them, and the startling notion
(to them) that we are ruled by the laws of Man not God's
with all the human rights which this entitles us to claim.

Do you enjoy living where you are presumed innocent?
Know this: The inextricable nexus that exists between
freedom of speech & the presumption of innocence is
what makes both of them possible (and foreordained, in
fact inevitable) in Western democracies; and anathema
in the world's tyrannies. Look at it this way...

Having proof of it, there is no difference between
saying "Islam is bad" and saying "someone is bad."

But having no proof, on the other hand, saying that
"Islam is bad" demands no more proof of its truth than
does saying "Islam is good" because it's a permissible
expression of one's opinion--and we all have a right
to our opinion about things [don't we!] whether we are
right or wrong. This is the spirit of our tradition of
freedom of speech/freedom of expression: It's lunacy
to ask that someone prove he/she has an opinion.

Saying someone is bad, on the other hand [a charge
with many levels of degrees], is obviously a personal
accusation which always demands a heavy burden of
proof from the accuser (while demanding no proofs
whatever from the accused). This is the very spirit of
our traditional presumption of innocence--that no one
need prove their innocence: We are only ever asked to
answer charges, not to defend our innocence.

In Western democracies thanking/saying the government
is bad can never be criminalized without criminalizing
the presumption of innocence along with it. Obviously
then where there is no freedom of speech no one can
ever be presumed innocent as these two principles are
inextricably tied together: Better than anything else,
we are what we think--One cannot have presumption of
innocence where freedom of speech & freedom of
expression are outlawed because then what someone
thinks is more than enough to convict him even before
he is ever asked to answer any specific charges.

That said, the 'Charlie Hebdo' cartoon proposing the
infamous drowned Syrian boy would have grown up to
be a sex criminal
is one which ought to be censored
(outlawed) because, on purpose or not, it very clearly
suggests that the murder of a child is somehow a
legitimate form of crime prevention--Whereas we all
know that to be an utterly ridiculous perversion. And,
as I said, it doesn't matter whether that was the intent
of the cartoonist any more than it matters whether the
intent of somebody firing a gun randomly out in the
street was to hit the person he/she killed: It is an act
of "reckless disregard for human life" in either case
(especially if someone actually takes up the twisted
suggestion it expresses and kills some innocent child
simply because he/she is an immigrant): Such naked
shameless legitimizations of murder, however they may
be suggested, are & forever ought to be unacceptable
& outlawed in/by any civilization worthy of its name.

Freedom of speech & freedom of expression are our
shields of defense, not our leave to do others harm.

Freedom of speech/freedom of expression do not
extend to permitting even the suggestion that harming
innocents (and/or senselessly committing crimes) is in
any way, shape, or form legitimate; and it never must.

A monolithic society (as was Europe until recently)
depends almost entirely for its civil stability upon
the consent of its citizenry. In such a society almost
anyone from a very old person to even the youngest
child is capable of disrupting the civil stability if he
or she so desires. And about the only thing keeping
the society safe from such disruptions is the fact
that so few of its citizens wish to be disruptive.

The problem with infusing into such a monolithic
society a new group of people who do not have as
big a stake in maintaining the society's traditionally-
evolved stability... is that it's far easier for such
outsiders to decide that it's not that important to
them to maintain the civil peace here (as it was in
the societies from which they came, say, as the
respect they had evolved for their old societies is
not that easily transferred to their new ones). This
is why multicultural societies demand a much greater
investment in law enforcement than monolithic ones
(including the most perfectly functioning such society
on earth, the United States). It can go from raising
a low percentage of extra policemen for every number
of new residents, to having to hire a cop for every
last one of them--which I have never heard of it
having to be done yet.

In France there are approximately 10,000 files on
potential terrorists. These are not ordinary peaceful
Muslim citizens, but Muslims whom the police are
having to watch out for in the event they commit acts
of terror. Hope they don't. But every society must
choose for itself the amount of risk it wants to run.
And why.

Senate rejects gun control amendments offered
following San Bernardino shooting

The deadliest mass shootings are always carried out
against gatherings of unarmed citizens. And those
citizens are precisely the ones whom the laws that gun-
control advocates seem to want to pass would most
effectively of all keep from legally acquiring guns.

Their argument, following massacres like the one in
San Bernardino by Islamist terrorists, always seems
to follow along the lines of, "and their weapons were
all purchased legally." [Therefore.] But this is never
followed up by the observation that had they not been
able to purchase their weapons legally they would have
no doubt acquired them through some other means:

1) does anyone really believe these Islamic Terrorists
would have been deterred in any way by having to break
the law to get their weapons? They simply got their
weapons legally because they didn't have to get them

2) but that they would have gotten them anyway is
beyond doubt:

To those who say gun-control laws will remove them
from the hands of criminals, I say: Why don't you stem
the flow of drugs from other countries first, even by
a little bit (or even try to make a dent in the TWO
MILLION immigrants walking into the country every
year) before talking about how you'll keep criminals
from importing all the guns they want. It's as if
nobody here had ever heard of Prohibition either!

It's as if gun-control advocates are not just only
satisfied with gatherings of unarmed citizens
remaining the preferred victims in these kinds of
massacres but that they also seek to keep them
permanently the victims of mass killings by law!

Why Palestinian Terrorism Now Is One of Knifings

Islam is not a religion. It is an ongoing attack on
civilization. And as such, it demands a defense of
civilization: It is not reasonable to stand by and
silently watch civilization brought down by Islam.

Religions are/should be bodies of philosophies
designed to guide souls to a just reward. Politics are/
should be bodies of philosophies designed to guide
the daily lives of men while they're on this earth.

Any overlap between these two paradigms must be
rejected outright for the simple reason that bodies of
flesh & blood are NOT compatible with religious ideals
of ANY sort: We cannot exist in either Heaven or Hell.
And anyone who tries to condemn us to either place
while we are still alive condemns us but to death and
suffering--the result of which is the history of Islam
the world over from its beginnings to this very day...

Politics is the process of elevating human beings to
their highest-possible comportment here on this earth.

A religion which tries to behave like politics warps us
into behaviors bordering on madness and delusion.

Take away the supernatural aspects of Islam, and
obviously all of the evil behavior that you see Muslims
engaging in everywhere they abide suddenly becomes
self-evident pure naked sheer empty pointless Evil
even to Muslims themselves.

Christians have been taught since the beginnings
of Christianity that "by good deeds one can go to
Heaven." Well, since its inception Islam has been
teaching Muslims that "by murder they can go to
Paradise." It's a very sharp contrast: Christianity
wins and keeps adherents by impressive acts of
sacrifice for others, and Islam by impressive acts
of sacrificing others for oneself. And I don't believe
that selfishness is ever anything other than pure
evil. I also believe that Good shall triumph over Evil
--But, for it to do so, we must start by pointing out
what people are up to (evil or good). And by doing
this in spite of the fact that we know that people who
do evil in the world are always offended by having it
pointed out.

S D Rodrian

The Palestinian national movement turns monstrous

   Raising your children to stab other children,
   encouraging your people to shoot other people,
   celebrating death and suffering of others, is
   indeed deviant, unnatural, abnormal. All those who
   call for a state of Palestine should wonder about
   the day after. What would a state look like with
   people like that in charge? Why doesn’t the chaos
   in Gaza, in Syria, in Iraq, inhibit any American
   policymaker demanding a Palestinian state? Do we
   need another Middle East volcano? What are these
   people thinking? Unfortunately ours is a monstrous
   era, “deviating grotesquely from the natural or
   normal form or type.”

Could not have put it better myself. S D Rodrian

The War On Free Speech (The New Witch Hunt)

As an advocate and proponent of the idea that "what
doesn't kill you makes you strong" (and that the only
words that really may kill you are: "Kill him!") here are
a few well-written news articles on Free Speech and
Freedom of Expression:

Free speech is flunking out on college campuses
By Catherine Rampell
   And, as well:
Liberal intolerance on the rise at colleges

Restoring free speech on campus
By Geoffrey R. Stone and Will Creeley

The progressive ideas
behind the lack of free speech on campus
By Wendy Kaminer

George Will: Colleges have free speech on the run

Shut up and play nice:
How the Western world is limiting free speech
By Jonathan Turley

During the heights of The French Revolution the
liberal left-wingers who had gained control of France
finally culminated their mad race to establish in
fact their ideal of having Man become virtuous by
instituting The Terror (bringing their Heavenly ideals
to fruition thus here upon this corrupt world). Well?

Well... replays, reruns, rehashes of this long-since
vanished irrationality have now firmly taken root in
too many of our "liberal" schools (with the obvious
difference that instead of sending its victims to the
guillotine, here all the "little terrors" which the new
juvenile university mobs are raising (thus far) are
but only ruining careers and costing its victims jobs
and/or their once cherished & dream educations.

As it happened in the French Reign of Terror, the
current all-over-the-place mini Terrors which have
broken out in our universities seem to be longing for
some mystical Dictator, some ghastly Robespierre to
take over the job of lobbying off the heads of their
victims (so they do not have to look at their blood on
their own guilty hands). Fortunately, such a person
can never be under the present circumstances of this
great nation & the spoiled puny adolescent tantrums
these kids would have be their new Reigns of Terror.

So, where/how is it all going to end? France's own
Terror was at last brought to an end by the sheer
indignation that it raised at seeing so many obvious
innocents being guillotined. And even now we are
beginning to see "hints" of this same eventuality in
some pertinent quarters: More & more liberals and
left-wingers [themselves also once among the dreadful
"Members of The Convention" and even the highest
card-carrying "members of the committee"] are slowly
starting to realize that keeping The Terror unleashed
too long increases the possibility that they too might
be "judged not virtuous enough" and then--What!

Robespierre finally had the recklessness to speak at
the Convention against its members: "The man who has
made himself master of us all, who has paralyzed our
resolve is the very man who has just now spoken...
Robespierre!" Cambon shouted. And, "It's Robespierre!
It's Robespierre!" The accusing shouts followed from
the other previously silent voices in the Convention:
"Let Robespierre give us an account of the crimes of
the members whose death he has demanded from the
Jacobins." Their attack was so unexpectedly and so
furious that Robespierre found himself stunned, unable
to answer them--It was finally the end for The Terror.

We ourselves have no Robespierre, of course, but
in these "safe zones" our universities' little terrors
have created (where no one's allowed to disturb the
emotional indulgences of students suckling the ideal
that life's meant to bend to their own feelings & that
this harsh world should be a nurturing womb & cradle)
they've managed to recreate that monstrous being:
And just about anybody now could be brought down
by but innocently trespassing upon one of them...

Will you now bring the intolerant forces of hypocrisy
that are again trying to pass themselves off as Virtue
to heel? They're driving the new Terror shouting down
enemies real or imagined here--condemning all men
out of hand without having heard from them a word.
Or will you wait for the backlash (inevitable) to whip
'round & strike down all that you now hold dear/near?

S D Rodrian
How the left uses political correctness to censor

Always trust Evil to tell you the exact opposite of its
true purpose: The proof that "Islam is the Religion of
War" lies in its core mission, its self-acknowledged
purpose: The Jihad. Islam without the Jihad is moot.

Don't let them fool you about The Jihad, it is NOT a
mission of charity by the Muslims to bring good works
to the non-Muslims! No. It is the Islamic Mission of
world-domination & world-conquest by any & all means:
If the conquered non-Muslims agree to join them in
the Jihad they are spared (or but merely enslaved)...
otherwise they MUST BE slaughtered. Read the Koran!
Or glance upon the evidence of the 1,400 years of
blood-letting and war, relentles & never-ending, that
is every last page of the text of the Islamic history.

In order to convince Islam to abandon its core principle
of world-conquest you will need to convince Muslims
to abandon Islam itself, because without that central
core principle Islam no longer has any reason/means
to demand the sacrifices that Muslims are asked [to
surrender all liberties--and even their lives]. And then
they shall become just another group of "Europeans,"
working for personal private achievements rather than for
the Islamic Ideal of world-domination. Good luck with that!

As for changing Muslims' minds: In their warped ideology
the notion that a people destined for subjugation (as
are all non-Muslims, obviously), that any such "people"
has ANY rights whatsoever to object to the principles
of their conquerors is laughable in the extreme (and
sweetly, endearingly Christian). And, unfortunately, like
all of the civilizations which the Muslims have wiped off
this planet, and which no doubt also welcomed Muslim
refugees with open arms, the European Christians are
simply not prepared by their Christian societies even to
conceive of such naked/shameless raw barbarity any-
more than all those millions & millions of now butchered
Hindus who (incomprehensible as it is in our culture)
delivered themselves so meekly (nay, even willingly) to
their murdering Muslim conquerors and executioners
without quite understanding the evil that men do (or
probably not even bothering to try to fathom it)... and
thinking it all but the inevitable Fate ordained to them
by the gods): Their culture betrayed those Hindus--Will
our own Christian culture now betray us? I wonder.

Those Hindu masses were cut down by their unprepared
civilization, just as near-future (or maybe even present-
day) Christian masses may be by ours. Leaving only
the squalid sewers of the Muslims' slaves-of-god total
mind-control "Sharia culture" ... to be ruled by the blind
hate-&-war-inspiring ignorance of the mullahs (or the bloodthirsty brutality of the Muslim tyrants). Look! Learn.

See! Everywhere the Islamic curriculum teaches the
Muslim children to wait ... for just the right moment
to strike. Read the Koran; and listen to the lessons
being taught to the Muslim young... away from what
they are being "taught" in the European public places.

arah wrote:

> My dear SDR,
> I am so sorry to you. You have to do
> lots more reading and get the
> right stuff. Have you read the
> translation of the Quran? Until you
> read the Quran than you can explained
> better who is Muhammad and what
> God said to Muhammad. Please be fair
> to yourself and others.

"By its fruit shall you know the tree." Jesus ...

Mat 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come
to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are
ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their
fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of
thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth
good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil
. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit,
neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is
hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by
their fruits ye shall know them.

> Yes, Jesus is right, from your writing
> we know who you are and what
> you have in your heart.

This is "God's truth" you speak, arah. For verily, if
what I write are lies, then I am a bad tree indeed!
But by your own standard, if what I wrote is the truth
then you agree with me that Mohammed is a bad tree
indeed. And I thank you for your sincere admission.

Islam was founded by an unimaginably ethically
rapacious & evil, morally corrupt, and sexually
perverted self-indulgent human monster: your
Does anybody really believe that
such a slimeball could possibly create anything
except the endless human suffering & misery
which is the hallmark of Islam wherever it exists
& has existed?

Islam (a word which translates as "Submit!" or,
the cry of every conqueror and slave-owner that
has ever been) was specifically designed as a
"divine justification" for the murder, rape, and
robbery which were the trade & business of
Mohammed and his criminal followers ... none
of whom were farmers, all of whom were thieves,
murderers, kidnappers, and robbers--To this day
Islam justifies criminal activities which no
civilized society, regardless how primitive it
may be, justifies. Is it any wonder there can not
be democracy (a word which can translate as
"the equality of power held by everyone")
amongst Muslim-majority groups? [Muslims
believe that "democracy" means their ability to
choose the tyranny of Islam for themselves.]

As Jacob Bronowski put it: "There are two kinds
of human groups, those who produce and those
who try to live by stealing from those who produce
Civilization can not be created by the second group,
and is always the creation of the first group: In the
end, a society that lives by robbery cannot sustain
itself." And we see that failure in every Muslim-
majority nation on earth in its every field of
endeavor. Muslim societies rape the land, rape
their neighbors, rape themselves to the last grain
of rice... and then, if they live at all, live by whatever
miserable charity they can extract from others.

The agenda of the Islamists who are replacing their
local dictators in the Arab World is world domination,
while the agenda of those local dictators was merely
local domination. Now, you tell me: What's going to
be the result of going from an agenda of local
domination to one of world domination?

What we are unquestionably going to see as a result
of all this so-called "Arab Spring" is an increase in
human grief and tragedy: more butchery, torture,
and more (endless) suffering than we have ever
seen up to now. That is the result of the West's
self-destructive ignorance of Islamic history and
what Islam always inevitably brings about. note 1

          Answer me this:

  1) Do you have free will? [Are you
      able to choose Good or Evil?]
  2) Do you believe God created you?

If the answer to both questions above
is Yes, then you believe that God created
men so they may choose for themselves
whether to go the way of The Good or
the way of Evil.

This means YOU KNOW that compulsion
in religion is against God's design for men:

YOU KNOW that God wants every man to
make up his own mind, because God gave
each man the mind with which to choose
for himself. And neither you nor anybody
else has any excuse thinking the choice is
not exclusively every man's to make. So:

If you follow the way of Islam YOU KNOW
you can not possibly be following the way
of God... at least not until Islam ceases to be
merely a blood-thirsty perversion and joins
in the way of God, becoming a true religion
at last.

Christianity and Buddhism reject compulsion
when it comes to religion. And Christianity
today rejects those who in the past used
compulsion in the name of Christianity.
Condemning them as not true Christians.

Only Islam remains unrepentant. Only Islam
demands the murder of any Muslim who, of
his own volition, chooses to follow his own
wisdom. Not weeping for the lost soul, not
trying to reason him back into the fold, but
blood-thirsty, brutal, savage, butchery/murder.

Therefore YOU KNOW which religion follows
the way of God and which follows the perversions
of a savage blood-thirsty desert moon-god cult.
And nobody need tell you which is the true path
to God, and which isn't. Because you yourself
already know--And you know you know.

[if I wrote a lie, please point it out--If you do not
point it out, obviously, you agree all I wrote was truth]

Thank you, arah,

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.


>> i feel sorrow for you,

This IS addressed to me, and so I thank you
for your kind feelings towards me. Perhaps
you are an honest, maybe even a decent man.
But, if you are the average Muslim, you have
been brain-washed by the worst mind-control
cult in all of human history. Try, try, try to
break away from that mind-numbing control
just long enough to consider the mere possibility
that it is NOT a coincidence that all the evil
being done in the world today is being done
in the name of Islam. That there just "might" be
some real connection between the nature of
terrorism and the nature of Islam. Know you this:

   "By its fruit shall you know the tree." Jesus ...

   Mat 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come
   to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are
   ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their
   fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of
   thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth
   good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil
   fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit,
   neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
   Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is
   hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by
   their fruits ye shall know them.

This was the warning Jesus gave the world long
before Mohammed unleashed the evil that is Islam
upon the world. The results are self-evident. And
you do not even have to be a Christian to understand
it. And it is too bad that so many have chosen to
disregard this earnest warning given the world so
many/many years before Mohammed was born.

Muslim immigration and European Jewry

Never thought I'd say this, but with Muslims pouring
into Europe it may be time for Jews to start thinking
about packing it up--it may be exactly the same as when
they had to leave all those other Muslim lands... The
do-nothing-&-see-what-happens European leaders can't
even defend the European Christians (Hell, I don't even
think they understand the danger they've put them in)
... to expect them to defend the European Jews on top
of it is too much, I think. If I were Jewish and still
living in Europe I'd take out that legendary luggage
Jews keep under their beds for these such occasions
NOW and start packing it--At least, that's me because,
frankly, family is worth more than any ole principle.
For those who demand that the Europeans now must
change the secular culture they have wrenched from
Christian domination at the expense of untold blood
over a thousand years of struggle in order to respect
Muslim religious taboos (as Muslims are still obliged
to do in the Muslim lands because there they are still
the unquestioning slaves of THEIR religion): I remind
Muslims: You were the ones who chose to come to Europe
(and whether knowing -or not- the nature of European
societies is irrelevant): You did not choose to go to
an Islamic country. If now you find that you don't
like it "here" ... there are yet any number of Islamic
countries you are free to migrate to instead. But when
someone is invited to stay in a stranger's house and
DEMANDS that the home owners accept him as the
unquestioned arbiter of how the owners of that house
live there--That is the traditional recipe for disaster.
Freedoms are being walked back just only by the very
fact of Europe's growing Muslim immigrants: Do you
believe in God? Well, "daring" to express the opinion
that you don't is blasphemy; and Europeans are losing
their ability to blaspheme. At first by cowardly self-
censorship (no more Mohammads with their 'stylish'
bomb chapeaux for vous); but no doubt eventually by
force of law--And stating that "There Is No God" (in
whatever circumstance or context) is already against
the law in "some places" ... but eventually it may be
against the law everywhere, including Europe--We
certainly wouldn't want to offend Muslims' sensitivities
now? First, though, that law against Mohammad in a
bomb chapeau they're talking about: First things first.
Finally, the government has decided to eliminate pork
— from the menu in federal prisons

The difference between granting a right and denying one
is not that hard to discern: A man's freedom from having
to eat pork, for whatever reason, is his right. One. But
prohibiting those who want to eat pork from doing so
is a clear violation of their rights. Two. [See?] And: If
the prohibition is because of a religious reason then it's
clearly unconstitutional because [the prison system
being an arm of the state] it is specifically enjoined
in the American Constitution from making ("establish")
any laws for a religious reason--Is this clear enough?

Even if all the inmates of a prison are Jews & Muslims
except for one, depriving that one inmate of his right
to eat pork is still a clear violation of his right. And I
would go farther: Even if all the inmates are Jews and
Muslims, establishing any religion-based rule is still a
violation of the Constitution... whose First Amendment
clearly states:"Congress," (and by extension all of the
nation's laws-creating bodies) "shall make no law
respecting ("concerning") an establishment of religion."

In this amazingly egregious case the prison system
"establishes" that everybody must follow a particular
religion's rules--Could anything be more outrageously

Dear sirs, "the gov" cannot "establish" people's menu
because of some religious prejudice or other. Period.

            Ah, but...

  QUOTES: "the decision was based on a survey of
  prisoners’ food preferences: They just don’t like
  the taste of pork." THEN: "As of last week, the
  prison menu had added an 'economically viable'
  turkey bacon substitute."

Waitaminute! They do not like pork, but they do like
their pork-like turkey? Methinks somebody in the prison
bureaucracy's thinking everybody out there's an idiot.

   "... the Bureau of Prisons ... said the decision
   was based on a survey of prisoners’ food
   preferences: They just don’t like the taste of
   pork. [While the National Pork Producers Council
   isn’t buying it: “I find it hard to believe that a
   survey would have found a majority of any
   population saying, ‘No thanks, I don’t want any
   bacon,'” said Dave Warner, a spokesman for the
   Washington-based trade association, which
   represents the nation’s hog farmers.]"

Bet you  you know any number of Jews who'd rather
convert than turn down th'occasional ham sandwich
(especially if they're Cuban Jews). And as a Cuban
myself... let me assure you that there is no meat on
this entire earth that can beat pit-roasted pork. The
suggestion that there are people out there who'd take
corned beef over roast pork is either pure insanity or one
whoppingly preposterous barefaced lie. Guess which
this is.

As well: Anyone suggesting that this is being done to
save money and not for some religious purpose better
be ready to prove that offering an all-meat menu saves
a lot more money than serving an all-pork one. Have
you eaten at a half-way decent steak house lately?!

Reading between the lines... could all this just be
because as more and more criminals discover the
robbery-sanctioning, crime-justifying and murder-
endorsing, rape-approving nature of the Islamic
"religion" suddenly they discover pork tastes bad?

 "The prison system has long made accommodations
  for Muslims and Jews by providing alternatives to pork
  and halal and kosher foods." [BUT] "Ross declined to
  say whether there has been an increase in Muslim or
  Jewish inmates in recent years and whether that may
  have factored into the survey responses." [Guess why.]

Kerry: Fantasy to think that a better Iran deal
could have been reached

But, Mr. Kerry, that means you think a "no deal" would
have been unacceptable, and therefore you were willing
to accept ANY deal... which is what you did!

    Obama’s secret Iran deals exposed

You may not see this, but the Iranians sure did:

Worse than we could have imagined

17 ridiculous things the president said at the
Iran news conference

Iran - Reaping the storm that Barack sowed…

Blaming failure of a rotten deal on Israel?!

This is a bad deal. It is a bad deal for America, and
it is a bad deal for the entire world. And this very bad
deal has come about because of two factors: 1) Obama
will not use the American military no matter what; and:
2) America's enemies know this & know how to use it
against us.

Neville Chamberlain's "deal" with Hitler must have
once looked as good (to the liberal establishment of
their age) as this one looks to Kerry, Obama and our
present day liberal establishment--Neville also must
have called their doubters war mongers & fools. And
we just don't seem to have learned anything from that
great catastrophe about not trying to make sane deals
with the insane. But The Man of Peace is NOT that man
who takes the gun away from the victim--He is in fact
the most clear cut enabler there is of murder. Time and
time again across history men of otherwise good will have disarmed us against evil ... and time & time again we
have paid the price for their witless contempt of realities.

Could any two Americans have been a worse pick than
Kerry and Obama to negociate ANY kind of a deal with
terrorist religious fanatics? I, for one, seriously doubt it.

Obama's philosophy seems to be that abolishing the
police will teach the neighbors to defend themselves.
But the truth has always been & will always be that
most people will suffer centuries of abuse & murder
waiting for a messiah to come rescue them from their
sufferings before they ever even start thinking that
they might have to do the job themselves. Look it up.

Let's be real here: What is the so-called "occupation"
by Israel of "Palestinian lands?"

1) The Arabs who claim to be Palestinians are not
fooling anyone (except the idiots): They are either
former Jews who were forced to convert to Islam at the
point of the gun, or they are nomads & other Arabian
Arabs who have moved into the traditional lands of the
Jews quite recently.

You want to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict? Have the
former Jews return to Judaism and the Arabs return to
Jordan where they came from and where they belong.

2) The Israelis have been forced to "occupy" their
Muslim neighbors after the Muslims waged war and
unleashed relentless terrorism on them time and time
and time again.

The one certainty here is that when or if the Israelis
withdraw... their "Muslim neighbors" will follow them
and murder them to the last one. If you believe anyone
about this then believe the Palestinians themselves:
They make no bones about it. They can't: It's their

For the Jews it's either "occupation" or death because
no matter what "language of diplomacy" the Palestinians
might use for the benefit of Americans & Europeans
ignorant enough to not know any better: the Palestinians don't want to live in peace in "Palestine" --they want to
go after the Jews and butcher every last one of them. So
anybody who says that the Jews can just "go home" (and
"end the occupation") are complicit in their murder en
masse. And anybody who says he or she doesn't know
this is a bold-faced liar--no ifs, no ands, no buts.

As long as there are Muslims in Israel there will be
Intifadas there. And, as well, when there are enough
Muslims in Europe their Intifadas will begin there too
because whether in Israel or in Europe the Muslims
will never integrate into non-Muslim communities (they
can only do so by utterly ceasing to be Muslims, or by
temporarily pretending they have done so--and then
this point might be moot). Therefore, because of this,
Muslims will always struggle to survive at the fringes
of non-Muslim societies... they have not yet taken
over. And they will be angry, their religion will make
certain they remain angry AND do something about it.
DHS Secretary Won't Describe ISIS As 'Islamic' Terrorists ...

   Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says that
   in order to keep ISIS from radicalizing Americans
   inside the United States, it is "critical” not to
   use the word “Islamic” when describing attacks or
   other actions tied to the terrorist group.

Imagine yourself a Muslim youth: Would you really not
take these terrorists to be Islamic just because the
government refuses to call them Islamic? Might you
also believe Roman Catholics dragging huge wooden
crosses up & down the street not to be Christians if
tomorrow the government also declined to call them
Christians? God! The people who come up with these
idiotic notions are the enablers of terrorism and the
authors of Western Civilization's current and future
defeats. And we, my friend, our ignorance and our
incomprehensible inaction against them, are the ones
who put them and who keep them in their position to
do us all the harm they're certainly/surely doing us.

What is the best way to promote to the young the
notion of Islamic terrorism? It is to instigate/advance
the perverted notion that "Islam is Good," because once
young people are convinced of that perverted notion
it will then be that much easier for the Jihadists to
convince them that their ideology of hate and murder
is "the real Islam" --AS IT UNDENIABLY IS. Therefore:
this is a truth which is impossible to counter in any way
shape or form: For those who have been convinced that
"Islam is Good," its central ideology of rape, murder,
human slavery, torture, merciless brutality, butchery &
death becomes that "good" they have been brought to
believe is Islam [and the flip-over is no flip at all]. As
"there is no evil so vile men will not do once they are
convinced they are doing good." Who doesn't know this!


The BDS movement is the new Anti-Semitism

And its sole purpose is to establish that Israel’s use
of force in its self-defense is inherently immoral and
illegal: "It is ... to make Israel into an international
pariah unable to wage wars of self-defense without
risking war crimes tribunals, economic boycotts and
international humiliation."

Actions speak louder than words: No matter how they
might paint-over their vile censures of Israel, it is the
same ancient Jew-hatred and old anti-Semitism which
culminated in the Holocaust. And the funny thing about
this is that the people who are really behind it all, the
Arab enemies of Israel, make no bones whatever of
their monstrous intention to carry out yet a second and
Final Holocaust on the Jews! So: Greater the disgrace
and infamy then of those who merely claim or somehow
really do believe that they are but working for the so-
called improvement of the Palestinians! Vain excuse!

George Bernard Shaw was a good and a wise man. But
when in the middle of the famine which Stalin forced
on the Ukraine Shaw was invited by the Soviets to tour
there ... he came back praising The Great Socialist
Experiment [there] so dear to his heart; even crying
out about the true nobility of Stalin--And when asked
about reports trickling past the Soviet Secret Police
about famine there, Shaw assured the world it was all
anti-Soviet lies and propaganda... hailing without the
slightest qualification the "joy" of the Soviet masses
to at last find themselves in "the Workers' Paradise,"
content, fat, happy, and fulfilled. And Bernard Shaw
walked amongst the corpses of 12 million Ukrainians
mercilessly starved to death by Stalin without any need whatever for their having to have been thus murdered!

Thus too today do otherwise good and wise people, like
Bernard Shaw then, walk among the pointless/needless
horrors [no one but Arab aggressors have unleashed] and
blame the Jews at whom such horrors were aimed just for
the Jews having defended themselves so successfully!

The South African divestment movement succeeded
because it was an attack on Evil--The BDS movement
will fail invariably because it is an attack by Evil:

Evil always appears like an unstoppable tsunami of
darkess at first sight, but always folds finally like
all of the other broken waves lapping the sunny shore.

--S D Rodrian


Jimmy Carter: Rebuild Gaza Why? To raise the spirit
of people who will use that to cause more misery,
destruction and death? No, you pathetic enabler of
: Rebuild Detroit instead, and bring some
humanity to people for a change!

“We were hoping the first anniversary of the war would
be met [with] reconstruction and not a new war,” [said
Khaled, a Gaza resident whose home in a four-story
apartment building was destroyed
]. "We are not
psychologically prepared for a new war and we still
have not recovered from the effects of the war and our
homes are still totally devastated."

This is what Jimmy Carter and others of his ilk want
to change: to get the Gazans back into the "frame of
mind" they'll require to push for/accept another war
of utterly homicidal/suicidal "attempted murder" on
Israel (and maybe ensure greater success for their
attempted butchery this time): That is what Jimmy
Carter and other clear enablers of terrorism like him
apparently refuse to understand or it just doesn't quite
disturb their conscience--And, in the end, does it really
matter which of the two explanations it is that stains
their dark lack of human morality?


Cancer is killing Jimmy Carter, shouldn't I take down
my criticism of him now? Not by a long shot: Long
after Jimmy Carter's body "lies a-mouldering in the
grave" there will be no end to the number of those who
like him think themselves far too virtuous to approve
of ANY the smallest amount of violence no matter how
monstrous an amount of violence it may prevent. And
he will forever continue to personify those people like
few others:

Hitler never intended to start WWII when he invaded
Poland, and was convinced that he would only be having
a nice little private war with Poland--Hitler was sure
that Britain and France would never go to war (because
he thought their leaders were like Obama and Kerry).

This is why Obama and Kerry are such a threat to world
peace: because, like Hitler, the leaders of America's
enemies today are just as sure as was Hitler that they
can pretty much get away with whatever evil they like
without fear America will seek to stop them. [As we
know or should, addicts can seldom stop themselves...
least of all those addicted to power and dictatorship.]
And, unfortunately, eventually all such acts of evil build
up to moments when they can be ignored no more.

We can now see with our own eyes how it came about
that the lands of the Muslims today are utter human
wastelands and sewers lacking all civilization, and who
it was did all this, and why.
 Therefore look & learn!...

Fears mount over Palmyra as IS expands territory in Syria

Forget Palmyra (it'gone, baby): What you have to do
is start making plans --NOW-- to send the contents of
the Louvre to China when the Islamists take over Paris.
(If you don't, I'll be ready with my usual: "Told you so!"

Unlike the Winners of the [ 700 years! ] struggle to
chase the Muslims out of Spain, today's Westerners are
all Wieners--& they're about to be eaten up by those
same old eternally unchanging Muslims. S D Rodrian

“You go from one brutal rule and end up with another
brutal rule,” [Syrian Dr. Bara Sarraj] said by phone. In
the article, "Palmyra, ISIS' Latest Conquest, Has Dark
History Of State Torture And Abuse
" ...

As long as the barbarians are fighting each other the
Western World ought not to take sides just to make it
easier for one brute to triumph quickly. The notion that
we can pick the gentlest barbarian is just plain nuts...
for the fact is that we must either fight ALL OF THEM or
we must fight none of them--since The West has grown
too "civilized" for the kind of work that victory requires.

Like old Byzantium, we shall stand trembling behind our
crumbling walls... until that final judgment which history
exacts on all civilizations. Then something else.

It is both cowardly and low of those in the media
(like Greta Van Susteren) to blame Pamela Geller
for "provoking" the Muslim attack on that cartoon
contest in Texas
. As Geller wrote in an op-ed for Time
the “jihadis” would have targeted another event
had they not been at her cartoon contest: "They’re
saying: ‘She got what she deserved!’ They don’t
remember, or care to remember, that as the jihadis
were killing the Muhammad cartoonists in Paris, their
friend and accomplice was murdering Jews in a nearby
kosher supermarket. Were the Jews asking for it? Did
they “bait” the jihadis? Were they “provoking” them?
Are the Jews responsible for the Nazis? Are the
Christians in the Middle East responsible for being
persecuted by Muslims

I agree with Geller that the cowardly media attack on
her encourages militants
: It's no different than when
some bully is beating up a smaller child, and instead of
standing up for the poor kid, the other brats cowardly
join in berating the victim so the bully doesn't target
them. This is the reprehensible comportment of
morally bankrupt "little" people like Van Susteren and
all those others who, like those cowardly little children
above, like to imagine themselves morally superior,
when all they really are is cowardly little children...

On Wednesday Ms. Geller posted on her blog, which is
called Atlas Shrugs: "The Islamic State wants me dead
for violating Sharia blasphemy laws. What remains to
be seen is whether the free world will finally wake up
and stand for the freedom of speech, or instead kowtow
to this evil and continue to denounce me...

   What’s really frightening and astonishing about
   this threat is that the media in denouncing me
   is essentially allying with and even cheering on
   the Islamic State. I expect this from jihadists.
   I never expected it from my fellow Americans in
   the mainstream media.”

"Geller, whose organization drew ire for anti-Islam ads
featuring Hitler
on San Francisco buses and a burning
World Trade Center in New York City subways..."

... drew ire from people who don't wish to remember
history accurately and would prefer to make up myths
& follow them to their doom, to promote the lie that a
meeting between Hitler and “one of the leaders of the
Muslim world, Hajj Amin al-Husseini”
never happened
--when we all well know that the only way to keep
ourselves from tripping over the same stumbling block
over & over & over again is to remember with absolute
accuracy exactly where the blunder tripping us lies.

Am I an Islamophobe? Absolutely! I have as much a
fear of Islam as a Jew on his way to a concentration
camp might fear the Nazis. And, frankly, I think we
are both clearly more than justified in our fears.
Anybody tells you he/she is completely unafraid of
Islam is whistling past the graveyard, because
everything one reads in the papers nowadays centers
around Muslims threatening death on you and your
family; and, worse, actually carrying out those grave
threats... sometimes with deplorable/dismal/inhuman
results. Yes there are millions of Muslims out there
living peaceful quiet lives, earning an honest living
by working in ordinary jobs, looking after their dear
families, taking out the trash & watering their lawns
... but you can also say the exact same thing about
Nazi Germans (as well as the Nazi populations of all
the other countries around Germany): SO what?!
Should you defend Nazism then against those who say
it should be banned? Think again. And for the sake of
your family: think long and hard. Study history!

   "Simpson, described as quiet and devout, had
   been on the radar of law enforcement because of
   his social media presence, but authorities did
   not have an indication that he was plotting an
   attack, said one federal official familiar with
   the investigation." Surprise!!!

Frankly you could cut & paste the above statement into
the blood-curdling "fairy stories" of every Muslim
that perpetrates an unimaginably pointless/hellish act
of carnage against the innocent on this planet [only to
satisfy some vile meaningless grotesque superstition],
changing only the name of the perpetrator--Just leave
my own "Surprise!!!" comment on it all  at their every
inevitable conclusion. [Fairy tales because they read
like something straight out of one of those homicidal
supernatural stories you find in The Brothers Grimm.]

   "A lawyer who previously represented a man
   who a federal official says was one of the
   gunmen who opened fire outside a Prophet
   Muhammad cartoon contest says the man was
   a devout Muslim and respectful of the legal

Well, thank God for that! I mean, just think of what
might have happened if he hadn't been!

"Pamela Gellar has made a career out of demonizing
Islam and Muslims," Edgar Hopida, the communications
director for the Islamic Society of North America told
: "She wants us to be second-class citizens."

Actually, all she wants is that we Americans should
not be deprived by tyrants of our ability to exercise
our freedom of speech & freedom of expression (you
know: what the Founding Fathers also wanted for us)...
common human rights which have defined this nation
as well as all modern civilized nations now for centuries:
The real question is whether ours will be the generation
which cowardly admits defeat and cries out for the
tyrant's usual mercy (of HIS choice): Read the papers.

The fact that it is religious fanatics who are so willing
to commit murder in order to deprive us of our
freedoms is both inevitable (because it is only such
criminals who would go to such an outrageous extreme
to secure their tyranny)... and, in fact, THE most
important reason why we should unhesitatingly defy
their insolent challenge & fight for our rights: For,
however bravely standing up for our rights may be
portrayed in that struggle, to decline the opportunity
to strike down such a naked question of our rights is
tantamount to conceding that no such rights exist

"What Muslims can do is invite people to learn more
about the Prophet Muhammad's life and mission," Hopida

& you can start right here: The Root of Terrorism


Phoenix Mosque Sees Anti-Islam Protesters Parading
'Muhammad Cartoon Contest'

"Todd Green, a religion professor at Luther College in
Iowa who studies Islamophobia, said that the brutal
acts committed by Islamic State and other militant
groups have colored many Americans' impressions of

Indeed: The way Muslims behave does seem to "have
colored many Americans' impressions of Muslims." [Ah!
for the days when it was so simple to push the BIG LIE
that "Islam is the religion of peace!"] ... What must be
done now apparently is to create the false impression
in the minds of Americans (& others who have recently
awaken & smelled the coffee) that Muslims are not the way
they are. Then Americans will love them again, no doubt.

"... they're not saying they want to rid America of
radical Islam, they are saying they want to rid
America of Islam," said Imraan Siddiqi [of the Arizona
chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations].

Thereby: what they're saying is that if Islam itself
got rid of its acceptance/promotion of minorities-
abusing & plundering (dispossessing them of their
traditional ethnic & religious identity, robbing them
of all they own & forcibly converting them to Islam
on pain of being pushed to the edge of starvation or
being slaughtered like beasts)... if Islam got rid of
its rape & slavery-promoting, terroristic/militaristic
world-conquering Main Mission [the Jihad], of its
brutal, mindless, barbarous & vicious torturing and
murdering for even the slightest offence ... if Islam
got rid of its Paramount Claim that robbing, raping,
and butchering their fellow human beings is their
religious duty because (well, because God told them
so) perverted/twisted character & nature... THEN the
resulting Muslim sons of such a wondrous Reformation
would surely be as welcome here in the land of freedom
and of human rights as are any other of their peaceful
& civilized neighbors--because then we wouldn't have
to live forever looking over our shoulders... ever on the
lookout for a Muslim who may suddenly become pious
enough to study his "religion" in depth and thus decide
(from that) to finally faithfully follow its true nature

But, of course, it's going to be hard to get Muslims
to tear up and burn so much of the Koran: Really.

Hundreds gather in Arizona for armed anti-Muslim

"Usama Shami, president of the Islamic center, said
he was not surprised by the event: “This is not new.
Hatred, bigotry, racism — that’s old. It’s the same
thing. No different from Nazis or neo-Nazis. They
don’t believe society should be multicultural or
multiethnic. They think everyone should believe like
them, I guess.”

You've got your protesters mixed up: Glance at the
land of the Muslims and then talk about the lack of
belief in multicultural or multiethnic societies: Note
where it is people are fleeing from & to. Count the
ever-dwindling numbers of non-Muslims left there and
the growing numbers of Muslims given sanctuary here:
You live in the greatest multicultural and multiethnic
society on earth--the anti-Islam protesters are merely
trying to keep it that way: You should be joining them.

"26-year-old Ya Ali Yoseph said he hoped people
would gain understanding about Islam and its
practices, saying of the cartoon drawing that took
place: “Of course it’s offensive. We have 124,000
prophets in Islam. Muhammed was the last prophet.
We don’t draw pictures of our prophets. Jesus was a
prophet. We don’t draw pictures of Jesus…"

The key word here is "we." You do whatever "you" want
to do & let us do what "we" want to do: You don't draw
cartoons of murderers, we do. We kneel before statues
of Mary--How would you feel if "we" threatened to kill
"you" for not kneeling before statues of Mary? And how
would you feel if everybody started saying you were a
Nazi and a Christianophobe whenever you objected to our
demands that you kneel before statues of Mary? Because
all that non-Muslims are protesting are the unreasonable
demands of Islam, not Muslims themselves.

Betcha you'd suddenly become one Hell of an advocate
of freedom of speech & freedom of expression, and of
your "right" to protest our calls for your murder because
of "your" disrespecting statues of "our" Virgin Mary.

If the God that told you that rape & robbery are good
is the same God that told you that drawing a cartoon
of Mohammed is evil, then that is definitely one god to
whom NO ONE should be paying any attention. Trust me.

"In the Koran there is a quote that says: Allah made
you different groups, different tribes, different
races, so you can go and learn from each other, so we
can come closer to each other. This is a test, to see
how you treat people of different color, different

Yeah, too bad Muslims themselves didn't pay heed to
this when they were depopulating the Levant of all the
 "different groups, different tribes, different races"
that existed there before the Islamic Genocide (which
continues everywhere to this day), and is estimated
to have cost the lives of -hundreds of millions- of
human beings wherever the Muslim has set foot in
this world since the advent of Islam's cult of death.

Here's a news-flash for you: NO ONE objects to the
niceties in the Koran--Love them! What people are
protesting is the Koran's calls to butchering and its
unrelenting bloodlust in its quest to conquer all the
world & raze -to utter oblivion- all civilization before
that of the caravan bandits & highwaymen ... Islam's
call for rape, for the promotion/legitimization of human
slavery, for robbery/theft sanctioned by God. Is this
really all that objectionable?!? And, by whom? Look at
yourself in the mirror, and then answer me that.

Instead of objecting to non-Muslims' protests against
Islam's evils & demanding that everyone only praise
Islam's niceties, why don't you too help improve Islam
by calling for the elimination of its evils yourself? No
one is asking that you stop praising Islam's niceties.

In the news item: "Curt Schilling Tweets Meme Comparing
Muslims To Nazis
" yet another Western Media outlet stuns
with its utter ignorance of history and/or its journalistic
incompetence, suggesting in its text that the reason Curt
Schilling was suspended by ESPN is because he posted a
lie about Islam!

Here are just six URLS these reporters could have easily/
briefly skimmed (if they were unfit, as are most Westerners, to actually study a few history texts):

The Greatest Murder Machine in History

1,400 Years of Christian/Islamic Struggle: An Analysis
By Richard C. Csaplar, Jr.

Killings for Islam

Tears of Jihad

Post: The Historical Reality of the Muslim Conquests

History of the Jihad against the Hindus of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

  Theoretically.. every last citizen of every Muslim
  country on earth can qualify for political asylum.

All these migrants rushing into Europe are fleeing the
wars that Islam has unleashed in their world: They are
swamping Europe to escape the devastation of those
wars--which their own "convictions" have inevitably
produced and must forever produce even unto the very
last day they hold to all such self-damning convictions.

Unfortunately they are bringing with them the seeds of
the future selfsame wars of those religion convictions...
wars which they and/or their descendants will unleash
on Europe. [What, you thought that not abandoning the
reason for those Muslim Wars was going to abolish them?]

None of those migrant Muslim populations will EVER
be "European" in any sense: They will never embrace
democracy or accept that religions other than Islam are
its equal and should be honored and respected. They
will never embrace freedom for women. They will never
espouse for gays anything but murder. They will never
embrace brotherhood with non-Muslims, least of all for
Jews. They will never abandon the Islamic ideal of world-
conquest (conversion or death). They will never live in
peace with their neighbors, Muslims or not... because
the central ideal of Islam is turning the entire world into
whatever cult, sect, shade or manner of Islam they might
happen to have been born into... Shia, Sunni, Ahmadiyyas,
Sufis, Baha’is, Druze, Alawis, and God-only-knows how
many others... ALL of which are convinced to their death
that God has created man [themselves] to conquer the
entire world for their own particular sect ... whichever!
[Muslims are about the only religious cult which still preaches
that the highest ritual God demands of us, and therefore
rewards above all others, is human sacrifice & murder.]

Therefore none of the Muslim migrant populations pushing
into Europe will EVER really become European. The only thing
which can result from admitting them into Europe is to
eventually/inescapably turn Europe into a sort of greater/
vaster/bloodier Syrian or Central African Republic conflict.

There's a terrible tragedy going to happen in that place: the
Germans who are welcoming all those Muslim migrants really
do believe them to be like some sort of Swiss or something;
and it's all going to end up in a quite predictably bloody mess
when they finally discover what they truly are. But, of course,
this is not something which is politically correct to say. And
the adorably liberal Europeans will not admit its truth until
it is far too late and they are "inexplicably" being butchered
in their homes... by their neighbors! [But they were all so
generously welcomed by them in their hour of need!] Yes.
That's always a comforting thought, of course. (For now.)

There is an old Cuban saying which applies here: "El que
por su gusto muere, la muerte le sabe a gloria." Or: "Death
tastes like Glory to those who die the death they have chosen
for themselves." And this is why I feel more a sort of detached
fascination than pity or even sympathy for this terrible self-
inflicted fate which the Europeans seem to have unquestionably
chosen for themselves. It's so interesting, almost entertaining!

I do agree that the Middle East migrant crisis was
primarily caused by European and well-intended but
idiotic ignoramuses like G.W. Bush, Barack Obama, and
others like them. Dear sirs all: Islamic countries are
either unimaginably harsh dictatorships (as many there
once were there & will be) or they are volatile places
of chaos & bloodshed (as many there are there now),
but they are never (never have been & never will be)
stable Western style secular democracies--Turkey tried
to be one after WWI, but, as expected, Erdogan is now
slowly turning it into the typical Islamic tyranny
which must inevitably result once the secular
dictators are overthrown in any Islamic country, again
as a direct result of hopelessly misguided/ignorant
Western expectations that democracy would make Turkey
into a stable Western style secular democracy)...

The Muslim populations now running into Europe really
do believe that it is not Islam which is at the root
of the evil that sweeps their old homes but only a few
evil men, therefore wanting nothing more than to
create a new Muslim Europe free of such evil men...
completely and totally believing that destroying
democracy in Europe with its permissive and "sinful"
liberal human rights (instituting a "pure" Sharia free
of secular Islamic tyrants) will finally give them the
peace and prosperity, ethical/moral stability sold to
them by the Islamic propagandists who damned them in
the first place back home--Without once realizing the
utter foolishness of their self-made past and future
catastrophe. And they will inexorably push (even unto
the death) for this monstrous folly: No amount of
education or indoctrination will tear this folly from
them. And Islam punishes with instant/immediate death
any the least thought of "conversion" away from it

The Europeans, even without American help, had the
military might to create "safe zones" in the Middle
East, protecting them with their militaries, while
supplying them with their modern transportation
systems & technologies... so that these refugees from
the wars there might find refuge until all such wars
settled down--but it would have cost a little money
and required a little imagination, and taken a bit of
knowledge & wisdom. Fine. None such was forthcoming.
Now everyone will have to pay more: much/much more.
Always the great inevitable price of all such ignorant
Dempsey Reassures Israel It Will Keep Military Edge

Hey, Israelis: NEVER EVER trust your life to someone
whose JOB it is to assure you that you should trust
your life to him! [People change jobs soon as a better
one comes along...] Obama's job will soon be up too.

It's starting to be about time that Hezbollah's Hassan
started thinking [they] should beg Israel to
make them some sort of client ... because the time
isn't that far away that ISIS will be knocking on its
door(s) in the middle of th'night--Otherwise Nasrallah
and the rest of Hezbollah had better start deciding
now which they like better... being burned alive or
just crucified: Those barbarian brother Muslims of
theirs can be awfully primitive, you know. And THEY
know it better than anyone. Let's see what happens.

Modern Militaries' Problem In Urban Warfare

The solution to this problem is obviously the mass
production of small drone "smart munitions" that can
get to their targets with explosives powerful enough
to destroy them but still sufficiently concentrated
not to produce widespread additional "collateral"
damage. This must invariably detail either remote
human pilots or, preferably (because of costs, et al)
AI technologies which will allow the drone itself to
zero in on a specific "nature" of the target (much as
a hound does when it sniffs out a specific human
scent... which in this case could be explosives
residues or other weapons-specific scents and/or
other "military characteristics"). In the next years
and decades these little bots will develop astonishing
abilities to work with each other and to carry out
individual missions
, eventually actually becoming the replacement technology of choice for the field soldier.

It may be argued that the accuracy of modern-day
artillery is the equal of such "small AI drone
munitions," but drone weapons is a direction which
is impossible for modern militaries to avoid (so it's
pointless to try to outlaw them: both Hezbollah and
Hamas have already executed drone attacks against
Israel... and such attacks are invariably going to
increase in number and sophistication). So it's best
for Israel and the U.S. to not fall behind in this
upcoming important battlefield technological evolution.

Saudi king vows to punish those behind suicide attack

How? They're dead. Well, here's a way: The reason they
are committing suicide is because they think they will
go up to "Paradise" to rape young virgins--so block
their travel visas. And you can do this... by carefuly
gathering up their remains and sewing them into pig
carcasses. [ Jews and Muslims can certainly hire
Christian funeral workers to do this. ] Then burying
the bag somewhere where nobody ever finds it again.

It may not deter every last suicide bomber, but if it
deters even just one... it will be well worth a try.
Otherwise you can simply enjoy the spectacle of all
those suicide bombers, and not mind the casualties.


Netanyahu DID Give A Plan of Action.

Obama needs to provide real answers to Netanyahu’s arguments.

Why Is There a BDS Movement Only For The Jews?

'Arab League to submit timetable for an end to Israel's
  What a colossal/idiotic waste of time!

It is not any so-called 'Israel's occupation' that is
the problem: The reason that 'Israel's occupation'
(so-called) is required & inevitable is that the Jews
of Israel want to escape being butchered by their
Muslim neighbors: No matter what Muslims (and those
in the West who woudn't at all mind if all the Jews
were murdered to the last one, and/or even some of
the most religious/suicidal Jews) say... the Israeli
military is not in the West Bank because it wants to
conquer the Palestinians but because the Palestinian
Muslims have been brainwashed by the toxic cult of
Islam into believing that it is their religious duty to
slaughter the Jews (and then every other non-Muslim
they can get their hands on--that's you & me, my
brother): Get the Palestinians to evict this maniacal
insanity out of their heads and the reason for the
so-called "Israel's occupation" will be utterly and
completely evicted from their world once & for all.

Outside of the few crazies in every group, even the
most extremist Israelis seek neither the genocide nor
ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians: The most right-
wing and/or religious fundamentalist Israelis go no
further than the reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty
over the traditional Hebrew lands of history--And they
will only get this if the Palestinians continue their
stubborn & self-defeating fixation on uncompromising
religious cleansing of all-but-Muslims in "Palestine."

The practice of one group of Muslims declaring another
group of Muslims heretics and "not true followers of
the Prophet" or condemning them as "perverters of the
true Islam" continues to this day, and has now morphed
into a truly whacky co-conspiracy with the mainstream
Western Media
... in a vain attempt to portray the most
virulently inhuman Islamic practices of ISIS that way!
Never ceases to amaze me--NOT the eternal attempts of
one group of Muslims to delegitimize another group of
Muslims [which has been ongoing since the Sunni/Shia
split 1400 years ago] BUT the folly of our mainstream
Western Media to be played now by Muslims by the way
the wind happens to be blowing (at this time: against ISIS
because of its so very public too too faithfulness to the
perverted inhumanities of Mohammed--which SEE) into
participating in this evil despicable ancient interreligious
conflict amongst Muslims... that should stay with them.

The Machinery of Muslim Propaganga NEVER sleeps!

Listen to this monstrous pile of Islamic propaganda
recently pushed on an unsuspecting American public
by one Mohammed Zaher Sahloul, past president of
the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago
in no less a publication than The Washington Post:

 "The image of Muhammad in the minds of Muslims is
  of a pious, simple man who understood people’s
  limitations. He was {ahem} gentle, humble, loving, witty
  and accommodating. He asked his followers to respect
  every life—even the lives of animals and plants. {!!!}
  He said that the life of one person is more sacred
  than the holiest place on earth. He forgave his
  enemies, even those who killed and desecrated the
  dead body of his uncle. He savored the company of
  slaves and the disenfranchised. He denounced racism
  and championed social justice. He told men to honor
  women and not to hurt them." {I'm not trying to be
funny, this is a verbatim quote--Look it up yourself.}

I guess he must be thinking of some other Mohammad
(you know, NOT the one with the bomb turban, or the
dog one snarling viciously at us, or the pig one screwing
the world... we are now all too familiar with):

And certainly not the Mohammad who personally ordered
the slaughter to the entire Medina Jewish community
down to the last baby (but who, when even his most
bloodthirsty henchmen objected to the usual Islamic
slaughter Mohammed personally instituted {and which is
faithfully observed to this day by ISIS, the Saudis, and
all other Muslims who don't really care to feign humanity
for the sake of the Civilized World--that's idiots like you--},
agreed to allowed the children who had not yet sprouted
pubic hairs to live... as slaves or converts to his cult of
butchery & death. {Yes, nice guy, Mohammed, Mister
Sahloul! Why, it's almost as if you were talking to illiterate
multitudes with no access whatever to history books...}

One must suppose it is some total/complete coincidence
that EVERYWHERE the Media looks it finds Muslims
Jews, Christians, Atheists, and all others
(including, of course, other Muslims who don't follow
the right sort of Islam, for, as long as you're butchering
people, why be picky?). But then, as Obama might say, Christians also loved to butcher others like this... what,
a thousand years ago?... I guess Obama must have
missed the memo. You know, the one that reads: "Yes,
that is precisely the point about Islam being so bad
--that its core principles & values are those of a dead
world we imagined we'd buried a 1,000 years ago!"

A world where human life was worthless, a world of
interminable conquest by force of arms in which there
was no questioning that Might Is Right, a world of
butchery everywhere one looked, of human slavery
both of body and mind {Saudi Arabia finally abolished
legal human slavery but months ago
}, a world of rape
and torture even unto death, or stoning, of chopping off
hands for small infractions and lobbing off fingertips as
moral & civic lessons {if -for whatever reason- ANYONE
accuses you of blasphemy in Pakistan today you might
as well cut your own throat, since judges there cannot
hear a legal defense against such a charge BECAUSE IT
IS BLASPHEMY to hear it of course
}. And it is not just
savage, brutal, barbaric societies like ISIS, Al-Qaida,
Pakistan, Sudan, Libya, soon Turkey, and Saudi Arabia
that practice these malignancies of the soul, no: These
inhumanities are enshrined in Sharia (the "Islamic Law"
so many "moderate, mainstream" Muslims long to
put into general practice {and have already done so
here & there} not only in sewers like North Africa,
Pakistan, and the Middle East but also in Europe and
the United States {starting "innocuously" by instituting
it as "legal & valid" for their inner Muslim communities
"only"}. So get ready for the coming of the New Dark
Ages... as the Muslim populations increase where U R."

The shamelessness of Islam's apologists knows no bounds:

"In fact, as Beevor explores, echoes of [ISIS's] creed can
be found in a militant group that's decidedly non-Islamic
the Lord's Resistance Army, an outfit formed two-decades
ago by the notorious Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony."

I'm sorry, but: Is there any innovation in ISIS from
Mohammed's practices?  Islamic Terrorism   If there is
then someone should tell the ISIS foot soldiers about
this sacrilege of theirs. Strange, don't you think, that
1400-year-old Islamic terrorism should be but an echo
of a two-decades old central African guerrilla movement!

On the other hand: Do you know of anything remotely
in common between the practices of Joseph Kony and
those of Jesus?

I think that should tell you everything you need to know
about just how truly monstrously shameless the apologists
of Islam can be. [Knowing the West's free-flow-of-ideas
has been so warped out of shape in their favor that even
the biggest media outlets nowadays think nothing of force-
feeding the Western public portrayals of Mohammed the
butcher as even more Jesus-like than Jesus!] So beware!

Rabbi David Rosen: Don't Blame Muslims For The Paris
Terror Attacks

        I don't blame Muslims, I blame Islam.

I specify the distinction to avoid the accusation that
those who point out that Islam is the problem are
racists & so that thereby those Muslims who reject the
bloodlust in their religion will not be blamed for it.

It would be nice if the greater part of Muslims openly
rejected Islam's bloodlust, but I suppose it is nice
that all Muslims don't engage in terrorism. However,
I will never cease pointing out the old dictum about
how The Only Thing That Evil Needs To Succeed Is
For Good Men To Do Nothing. (Perhaps that is the First
Lesson which should be taught in every Muslim school

And, yes: It is true that many if not most Muslims are
honest decent people. But it's just as true that even the
most decent/honest Muslim harbors beliefs which are
a mortal danger to democracy and to all our human
rights--Should we ignore those clear & present dangers
simply because honest/decent Muslims do not wish to
have a frank and open discussion about them? I think
not. It is Man's imperative to bring the truth into the
light of day... so that it may stamp out the darkness
wherever it hides, and no matter who may be hiding it.

Listen to how the chickenhearted Western Media hints
at the truth of what I'm telling you straight out: "Some experts argue that the fundamentalist brand of Islam practiced by both [Saudis & ISIS] has theological links..."

It is utterly ridiculous to try to promote the false
notion that "social, economic and political forces
within Muslim societies and in relations between the
west and the Muslim world contribute to Islamic
terrorism" when Muslims of every ilk, both criminals
and otherwise honest citizens, both rich and poor,
both politically active & those not a whit interested
in politics become Islamic terrorists. The one thing
all Islamic terrorists have in common is that they
all are to a one pious Muslims: The secular Islamic
terrorist simply does not exist, and no manner of
liberal Western tripe will ever make one of'em real.

Calling for a democratic Islam is like calling for a
racially-inclusive Nazism: Just as either racism is or
it isn't, either democracy is or it isn't ... for
something can never be its opposite. And Islam was
born of everything that is the opposite of democracy.

"In reality, the vast majority of Muslims reject
violence." The problem is that the vast majority of
Muslims are born into historically ignorant and
impoverished Islamic societies with most paths to
education politically and economically restricted
(some of the most committed Islamic terrorists tend to
be amongst the most highly educated Muslims):
Therefore, for the most part, the vast majority of
Muslims neither understand nor are even cognizant of
the true depraved nature of Islam. Inevitably, some of
them become devout enough to look into their religion,
and that's when a majority peaceful Muslim suddenly
turns into a vicious blood-thirsty terrorist according
to Islam's true dictums, becoming convinced that his
path to Paradise entails his suicide in the process of
murdering the non-Muslims around him. There is no
getting around this fact without getting rid of Islam
itself, like it or not. Offend whomever it may offend.

Is it really reasonable to expect or to demand that
Muslims remain forever ignorant of their religion,
that they never open the Koran, that they listen only
to government-sanctioned imams especially trained to
sprout only 21th Century Western propaganda about the
core values of Islam being identical to those of
Christianity & about how Mohammed was more Jesus-like
even than Jesus?!?  Islamic Terrorism

This is why calling for a democratic Islam is like
calling for a racially-inclusive Nazism: Just as
either racism is or it isn't, either democracy is or
it isn't ... for something never can be its opposite.

There are no reasons whatsoever outside Islam itself
to justify Islamic terrorists' practice of the Islamic
bloodlust, none. Thereby, the next time you hear a
facilitator of Islamic terrorism, whether a deliberate
or a deluded one, promoting the self-evident lie that
Islamic terrorism has a cause other than Islam you
will know them for the traffickers of lies they are.

As long as these fools keep insisting that Islam is
OK, that it's perfectly acceptable to become a Muslim,
because it's "only the most radical extremist deviant"
forms of Islam that are bad... young men are going to
keep being turned into monstrous militant terrorists.

Stop the process in the bud: It is Islam itself that's
the problem, and not just only some fundamentalist
version or other of it.

S D Rodrian

Far-right anti-immigrant sentiment hits German streets

  “I see these Pegida people now and I think, did
   they learn nothing from our history?” [he said]
  “Germany now must be a place of acceptance
   and tolerance.”

Meaning: We must now tolerate murderers, rapists,
torturers... those who kidnap & enslave the helpless,
who punish the sick & the infirm with brutality and
inhumanity; and we must accept people whose religion
is world-conquest... therefore unending war & the ruin
and destruction of civilization & the rights of man?

Well, I for one, do not agree: We either fight/oppose
unstintingly with all our strength those who, without
regard to what they may call themselves, practice evil
or we must become their victims: To forbid a thorough
investigation of people's beliefs & practices is sheer
insanity for any society, the suicide of civilization.

Whether they call themselves religious, or are members
of ethnic minorities, or are the refugees of foreign
conflicts, people must be judged (not by who they are
but) by what they practice--And you can't know what
they are practicing unless & until you do a thorough
and complete investigation of their practices.

   Just as not all fraternities practice the same
   principles, not all religions practice the same

And it is neither immoral nor unprincipled to examine
the beliefs and principles of any or all of them. What
is both foolish and suicidal is to NOT investigate
groups like the Nazis just because we ought not to
investigate groups like the Girl Scouts: The fact that
the Girl Scouts are a group does not make all groups
LIKE the Girl Scouts.


Evil's sole path to victory is barred by the truths
we learn of it. Therefore the way to victory for Evil
always involves paving over all our discussions [of it]
until numb silence leaves us mute helpless victims
to its deafening plan

S D Rodrian

Pope Francis On Charlie Hebdo: 'You Cannot Insult
The Faith Of Others'

Well, maybe not in the Vatican dictatorship, but in a
modern-day democracy like that of the United States it
is pretty well understood that when a government bans
speech or personal expression which insults someone,
anyone, for whatever reason, it has assumed the power
to ban just about any speech or personal expression it
likes, whenever it likes, for whatever reason it wants
--therefore the absolute general severe permission
of {all} speech and personal expression {of the press}
embodied in the First Amendment of the Constitution:

  "Congress shall make no law respecting an
   establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free
   exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
   speech, or of the press; or the right of the people
   peaceably to assemble, and to petition the
   Government for a redress of grievances."

There IS personal expression/speech which is unlawful
and should be so... but these are NEVER those which
merely offend the easily offended (or the predictably
inclined to be offended): Speech which threatens to
harm others, or which promotes harming others ought
to be banned
, and those who engage in such threats
and the promotion of violence should be prosecuted.
But this has nothing to do with freedom of speech,
freedom of expression, or freedom of the press: Such
threats, advocacy of harming others, and support for
murderers & terrorists are just plain old-fashioned
crimes (under any definition you'd care to put forth).
They are material help to/in the commission of crimes.

And, my dear Pope, to try to confuse one thing with
the other is an unconscionable attack on the freedoms
which are at the very core of human liberty and the
preservation of those human rights, democracy, and the
protection of law which have been so dearly won over
many centuries of struggle against the self-evidently
undying trends/pulls in our humanity towards tyranny.

  Any opinion which goes against yours is ALWAYS
  offensive (to you). So stop paying so much attention
  to those who are offended by the opinions of others
 --They're idiots & they're trying to make you one too:

... several legal scholars argued that perhaps we should
rethink the permissibility of releasing such offensive
material as the “Innocence of Muslims,” bound as it was
to trigger a violent reaction...

Translation: When those offended are willing to commit
a crime against those who offended them, then the law
should step in and ban all things which might cause
[them] offense:

The result would be wholesale censorship by whoever
has the power to do so. It shifts the onus from trying
to get the intolerant to reason ... to getting those
who are tolerant to accept the reasonableness of
intolerance. Is this really what we want?

Maybe it's just me, but it seems to me that we should
be moving more in the direction of becoming more
tolerant, and away from being as intolerant as we now
are. But maybe I am a solitary voice in this respect.
For, the idea that I should be forced to tolerate you
while you are free to not tolerate me seems to me the
basis only for some inevitable explosive conclusion
down the road... one a lot worse than any present
disagreements we are now having over the merits
of seeking the fairness in our ongoing relationships.

S D Rodrian

What Is Behind Europe's Rising Islamophobia?

   "What is feared today is not the loss of any
   particular country to foreign conquest, but the
   loss of an imagined entity that binds us together.
   The Occident is a central piece of our mental maps
   and our cultural inventory. In a very visceral sense,
   Europeans are seized by fears of decline and
   by memories of cultural blossoming. Those fears
   culminate in the belief that our cathedrals will
   eventually turn into mosques, that their bells will
   fall silent and will be replaced by the cries of
   the muezzin." Alexander Görlach

Oh, and, of course, this has never happened in all of
recorded history, right?... May I remind you that the
place where Christianity originated and flourished for
centuries is now in the process of being completely
emptied of its last Christians
--We are the generation
which will witness the last remaining Christians there
either murdered or entirely run out of the Middle East
to the last one (with the glaring exception of Israel,
unimaginably ironically the one country there most
despised by the Christians of Europe): The Christians
of Egypt and Turkey are under dire pressure and will
soon either emigrate or be forced to convert to Islam.

No doubt long ago, when the Levant was mostly the
secure land of Christianity ... and Islam was still a
small cult of inhuman criminal highwaymen murdering,
raping and robbing caravans on the outskirts of their
societies... the Christians of those once great (and
now razed) civilizations also found it as improbable
or downright impossible to imagine that their Churches
could one day be turned into mosques, their church
bells silenced
--Now go visit the once "greatest church
in Christianity" (Istanbul's Hagia Sophia)... indeed
converted into a mosque by the Muslims, and later into
a museum by the secular Turkish regime which today's
Turks are slowly turning back into an Islamic tyranny.

After the Charlie Hebdo attack:

Of course, now that journalists have been cast into
the front trenches you will see their newspapers'
headlines screaming: "Follow us! Liberty! Freedom!
Equality! Solidarity! Unity!" like whistling past the
graveyard, plus a thousand other self-embarrassing
cries of false courage (where once they might have
been content to promote political correctness and the
most craven self-censorship, as they were not the
principal targets of Islamic terror themselves), and
sitting around their news desks shamelessly passing
themselves off as THE experts on Islam, mouthing Saudi
propaganda about it being "the religion of peace, of
tolerance, of love, and all things sweet and gentle."

This in face of the fact that all Islamic terrorists
not only claim their acts of terror are commanded by
the Koran [8.12] but specifically cite the Prophet's
order to carry this out: "God Almighty has ordered us
to terrorize his enemies," reads an al-Qaida training
manual from Afghanistan): "And in compliance with
God's order and his Prophet's order..." VISIT:

How might it have sounded had the victims of NAZI
Germany said their attackers didn't understand Nazism,
that they were "perverting" Nazism, that true Nazism is
about the politics of love, of tolerance, of humanity...?!?

  "This has nothing to do with religion." Scream the
   politically-correct leftist liberal media.

  "This is not a war against religion but a war against
   terrorism." The politically-correct leftist liberal
   politicians assure us.

Who out there could possibly not know that these are
the utterances of complete morons

  "The war in Syria is one of democracy-seeking
   freedom-loving peoples against tyranny."

Oh sure, of course: It is an incomprehensibly complete
coincidence that all of Assad's supporters are Shia and
all those trying to topple him are Sunni.

Or perhaps the self-evident and obvious IS the truth,
after all... and those who are trying so desperately to
deny it are self-deluded liars

Hopefully, now (will?) the West finally understand
exactly how dangerous & self-defeating all this insane
and utterly inane political correct nonsense really is?

If the so-called liberal Left fears the rise of the right-
wing parties what they should do is NOT to ban
people's freedom to express their views (whatever)
but, on the contrary, to strengthen freedom of speech,
freedom of expression, and freedom of the press...
this to insure that they themselves will always have
the ability to voice their side of things no matter which
party may come to power. Trying to clamp down on
opponents does nothing but justify those opponents
camping down on them once they come to power
themselves. Why people don't see this simple truth
I will never know!

The proper response to the Charlie Hebdo attack is
not to rush blindly following after our suddenly militaristic
"journalist generals" out into the battlefield opening
before us... at their momentary call (whatever).

The proper response to the Charlie Hebdo attack is
the strengthening of the very thing it was aimed to
destroy, namely freedom of expression & freedom of
speech... in the form of an Europe-wide set of laws
which, like those of the American First Amendment,
forever after enshrine unqualified into law those
sacred and irrevocable human rights. --S D Rodrian

Marches & demonstrations for tolerance are once again
raging across Europe in reply to the handful of PEGIDA
demonstrations. Nice... But it would be a stint nicer
still if there were just a few marches for tolerance
in the Muslim world. You know, instead of the usual
ones there calling for butchery, vengeance (and the
usual murder of Jews, of course). Even one or two.

This time of the year it's certainly heart-warming
to see Europe's welcoming of immigrants personified
by the sight out in its streets of greater & greater
numbers of soldiers wielding machineguns replacing
the traditional and now certainly passé Santas. I am
not against immigrants (being one myself). But I am
against immigrants from the 13th Century* who then
do everything within their power to drag their host
nations back into the bitterly brutal dark ages they
have themselves just escaped! This IS a crime.
                              * Before the European Renaissance.

Islam is incompatible with democracy & always will be
no matter what any/all the enablers of the creeping
destruction of democracy at its hands may tell you.

If the Germans need immigrants as they say: there are
no end to immigrants in Mexico & South America, in
central Africa, in Asia and elsewhere--Immigrants who
are not only NOT against cultural assimilation into
Germany but desperate to assimilate. For Germany &
other European nations to continue to import peoples
who will not only NEVER assimilate culturally but will
ALWAYS be looking for ways to subvert and even topple
& destroy all the values, principles, and human rights
Europeans have grown to hold dear & precious is both
suicidal and totally/completely unnecessary (stupid).

Anti-Islam Rally in German City Dresden Canceled
Over Threat

Well, now that Islam has succeeded in banning "the
right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to
petition the Government" in Germany. I wonder which
other hard-won democratic rights Islam will succeed in
banishing from Europe... and elsewhere?

"Though the motive is still unclear, Sweden’s justice
minister, Morgan Johansson, said that it was hard to
ascribe [the Mosque arson] to anything other than
hatred toward Muslims as a group, and Islam as a

In Europe, and elsewhere in the West for that matter:
when Muslims are targeted it is always assumed that it
is because they are Muslims (whether it later turns out
to have been the case or not). And yet when Muslims
target others, even when they themselves claim that it
was entirely because of their religion, this is almost
always the last thing assumed--And oftentimes never
acknowledged at all, no matter what evidence turns up
to support it (as with the case of Maj. Nidal Hasan
in the United States ... and elsewhere that Islamic
militants have committed unconscionably horrific
murders without any justification whatever outside the
appalling Quranic requirements of Islam THEY cite for
their actions). In most cases the authorities simply label
them as "lone wolf lunatics" who suddenly went insane
one day without any possible explanation whatsoever!

How do we hope ever to put an end to a disease killing
people right & left when we refuse to acknowledge that
it even exists at all?!?

Why fighting Islamic Terrorism will have to wait until
after Barack Obama's presidency is over. From Thomas Friedman's How ISIS Drives Muslims From Islam:

A former Muslim addressed President Obama...

“Dear Mr. President, I must tell you that you are
wrong about ISIL. You said ISIL speaks for no
religion. I am a former Muslim. My dad is an imam.
I have spent more than 20 years studying Islam.
... I can tell you with confidence that ISIL speaks
for Islam. ... ISIL’s 10,000 members are all Muslims.
... They come from different countries and have one
common denominator: Islam. They are following
Islam’s Prophet Muhammad in every detail. ... They
have called for a caliphate, which is a central
doctrine in Sunni Islam.”

He continued: “I ask you, Mr. President, to stop being
politically correct — to call things by their names.
ISIL, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabab in Somalia,
the Taliban, and their sister brand names, are all
made in Islam. Unless the Muslim world deals with
Islam and separates religion from state, we will never
end this cycle. ... If Islam is not the problem, then
why is it there are millions of Christians in the
Middle East and yet none of them has ever blown up
himself to become a martyr, even though they live
under the same economic and political circumstances
and even worse? ... Mr. President, if you really want
to fight terrorism, then fight it at the roots. How
many Saudi sheikhs are preaching hatred? How
many Islamic channels are indoctrinating people and
teaching them violence from the Quran and the hadith?
... How many Islamic schools are producing generations
of teachers and students who believe in jihad and
martyrdom and fighting the infidels?”

Japanese-born politician tells Czechs to walk pigs near mosques

QUOTE: "As part of his recommendations, Okamura, 42,
suggested that Czechs 'breed dogs and piglets as pets
and walk them near their neighborhoods and mosques.'"

I cannot know what Okamura meant by this, of course,
but certainly here in the U.S. many people keep dogs
AND pigs as pets. And I believe they probably feel
that it is well within their rights to walk their pets
wherever they feel like walking them without having to
feel intimidated by the prejudices of their neighbors
against their pets... be they religious or just plain
regular everyday crazy personal prejudices.

QUOTE: Okamura goes on to state: "Keep in mind the
fundamental truth that they have no tolerance for us
and they are here as guests. So I have no moral
obligation to be tolerant and generous to them."

And, this, on the whole, seems to me to be not so
much racist as judicial (self-evidently NOT so much
proactive as proportionate or reciprocal). In purely
Christian philosophy, on the other hand, Luke's [31:6]
advise is exactly the opposite of Okamura's judicial
opinion: Luke's advise is that if Muslims mistreat
us we in turn treat them even better still (than we
might have normally done). And Jesus himself tells us
[Matthew 7:12] the same thing; namely, that if you
wish to get Muslims to treat you well then you should
first go out of your way to treat them well yourself!
You know: preempt their chopping off your head with a
little gift of some kind (a fruit cake, say), or maybe
wash one of the fellows' feet, like Pope Francis: Yes!
That'll show them.

... In no time at all they shall become civilized and
you'll see them wandering around the Louvre admiring
all the pieces in there the Quran says should be burnt
to ashes & chopped into rubble for the glory of Allah.

   Those people who insist that we should guard
   the Louvre against the religious prejudices of
   Muslims are obviously racists.

An Israeli argument for the E.U. to recognize Palestine

   "More than 700 Israelis, including prominent
   artists and a Nobel laureate, have signed a
   petition appealing to various European parliaments
   to follow Sweden's lead [arguing for the E.U. to
   recognize Palestine].

   In part, the petition reads: 'We the undersigned,
   Citizens of Israel [are under the delusion] that
   the prospects for Israel’s security and existence
   depend on the existence of a Palestinian state side
   by side with Israel. Israel should recognize the
   state of Palestine and Palestine should recognize
   the state of Israel, based on the June 4 1967

Of course, the fact of the matter is that while Israel
may indeed recognize a State of Palestine and live at
peace with those who people it, the Palestinians will
never recognize a State of Israel--And no matter what
lies the Palestinian leaders may feed the world.

What is more likely to occur from an imposition of
such a "Palestinian state" by the World is that the
Palestinians will be encouraged to greater acts of
aggression & hostilities & unconscionable bloodshed
... with resulting greater and bloodier outcomes.

This is what the current leadership of Israel, through
personal experience & painfully acquired knowledge, is
trying desperately to avoid... and over & above the
unimaginable grief given to it by a contemptuous and
uncaring outside World--For in the end it doesn't
really matter to the World what results in the Middle
East, of course: What the world is after is the
galling & notorious Quick Fix. No matter whom it
hurts. Just so some pointless modern day Neville
Chamberlain can wave another meaningless piece of
soiled toilet paper above his head for a miserably
brief moment.


"Freedom of speech must come with responsibilities,
 and this means..."

... that there must be no freedom of speech, of course.

 For "freedom of speech" doesn't mean one must only
 say things which no one will find offensive. No!
 Freedom of speech means one can say whatever one
 wants/needs to say regardless of who might feel
 insulted by what is being said--Were this not the
 case, then the very idea of "freedom of speech"
 needing protection would be utterly pointless, and
 ridiculous in fact: The very fact that we acknowledge
 that "freedom of speech" requires protection is proof
 sufficient of whom it needs protection from--namely,
 from those who find the speech personally insulting.

The only speech which should not be tolerated is that
which thwarts or denies freedom of speech itself.
Failure to counter hate speech with reason should
never justify suspension of freedom of speech itself:
The problem lies in confusing "actions" with "speech."
It is more often the case where allowing hate speech
leads to action against hate... than that hate speech
itself convinced anyone of the soundness of hate.

Freedom of speech (specifically, the protection of
even the worst kinds of "hate speech") can often be a
very good warning against what people's moods are [not
what they might be turned into by the hate speech
itself]. Averting an unsuspected catastrophe.

Moreover, here's the real rub: Those who restrict
"freedom of speech" restrict the speech they hate, not
hate speech. Yes: unfortunately, it is the wicked who
foremostly advocate against "hate speech" (as they
define it)... unfortunately all too quickly joined by
fools to whom, without thinking it through, banning
"hate speech" sounds like a jolly good proposition.

Are there instances where freedom of expression/
freedom of speech ought to be curtailed/infringed?
Absolutely: Yes! We all know the celebrated & accepted
reasonable/logical instances (like shouting "Fire!" in a
crowded theatre, et al); but there are also many more
egregious cases, certainly like that of former Umm
el-Fahm mayor Raed Salah
in Israel, a Hamas front
-man who is in the business of advocating not dialogue
& the discourse of differing ideas but violence and the
most reprehensible forms of dehumanizing racism.

But know this: When good people advocate restricting
freedom of speech they are acknowledging that there is
no good answer to Evil's arguments. And that is deadly.

In his treatise, Dr Andre Oboler seems like a man who
obviously "knows" which speech is evil, and who just as
obviously thinks he's going to be in the committee that
determines which speech is evil--Good luck, littleman!
Sometimes you're not free to call terrorists "savages."
(But, of course, Jihadis are not savages--read here ).
It must be that blowing up babies & their mothers isn't
an act of barbarism anymore or considered "savage"
in today's "more civilized" tolerant & liberal societies.

Sorry, Dr Oboler, but denying the Holocaust is legal
in the U.S. And I just don't see America being the
leading voice in the world denying the Holocaust. note 2
And it is impossible to avoid the fact that every
justification we can offer for censoring others is
also a justification we grant others to censor us

And, for those who might imagine that the NAZIS were
proponents of freedom of speech, let me assure them
that the Nazis were the principal opponents of speech
opposing theirs (which is NOT the same thing): If you
cringe at speech advocating the bludgeoning of babies,
will listening to such speech make you more eager to bludgeon babies? [In any case, is the discrimination between Good and Evil really such a bad thing?]

There should come a point at which freedom of speech
is separated from real damages inflicted on a person:
There should be no law against the freedom to insult
(or lie about) a person, but there should be penalties
for & consequences to those "real" damages inflicted.
And I say "real" because while I would not consider
embarrassment to be actionable, I would if it directly
led to a loss of moneys, properties, health, or life.

However, note that more often than not the person
directly causing those "real" losses has no connection
whatsoever to the person accused of originally
insulting or libeling the victim: If a bank turns down
your loan because of someone's lie, then it ought to
be the bank's responsibility to explain why it took
the lie as truth--The bank owes you. If the liar owes
anything to the bank then let the bank recover from
the liar. Although I suspect a court would hold that
the bank had a responsibility to determine the truth
on its own, without giving any credence to the liar.

But, to suggest (as Dr Oboler does in his text) that
curtailing/restricting freedom of speech is a "human
right" turns reason on its head: It makes a virtue out
of a sin, and an absolute wrong into a dubious right!

S D Rodrian

"... it is absolutely a problem to hold radical views
which legitimize blowing up innocent people or
decapitate others because they hold different beliefs

You do see the problem with this, don't you: Are we
going to have to go around asking people what they're
thinking so we can then punish the "wrong sort of
thinking" ... when they confess it to us? How are we
even to prove that they were really thinking it--that
they were really guilty?!? Maybe they merely lied to
us (for whatever reason): sometimes people are just
capricious and/or contentious contrarians). SDR

I wonder how long Turkish President Erdogan is going
to get away with blackmailing the United States
trying to push it into a direct confrontation with Assad...
by refusing to help in America's war with ISIS unless
America first establishes a no-fly zone over Syria (ISIS
does not have any planes); especially now that American
military lives are being put on the line. [I suppose as long
as Omana allows it--and that might be a long, long time.

Let us be realistic here: Yes, President Assad is a very naughty boy, but he represents ZERO threat to Western
interests: Zero threat to the West (even including a very
minimal threat to Israel). So for Turkey to demand that
the West tackle Assad BEFORE they will join the fight
against ISIS (which represents incalculable innumerable
REAL threats to the West) is both unreasonable & illogical.

Want to destroy ISIS? Dismantle Turkey and give
the lands the Turks have stolen from the Kurds back
to them. Until the world does that, Islamic Terrorism
will continue unabated across most of the Middle East.

Exactly as they did to the Armenians, at this precise
moment in time the Turks are once again in the process
of orchestrating yet another genocide
(this time that
of the Syrian Kurds). And exactly as the world did
during the Armenian Genocide by the Turks, at this
precise moment in time, instead of trying to stop this
monstrous massacre of the innocents, the world is once
again standing by the side with their arms crossed...
occasionally dropping a bomb on an donkey cart while
disreputably chiding each other for not doing enough!

It is barbaric, it is atrocious, it is shameful, and a
disgrace on all the self-appointed "so-called civilized"
nations of the earth. And, like the Armenian Genocide,
this too shall be long remembered by history to the
everlasting disgrace of every self-damned world leader
now trembling at the knees with fear of actually doing
the least thing about it. So don't think you're going to
get away with saying it's all just Turkey's fault alone:

you have all signed your contemptible names to this
despicable episode with all the black force of history.

S D Rodrian

Rabbi Jill Jacobs writes: You, American taxpayer, are
helping to fund Israeli settlements

I'm also helping to fund Hamas's & Hezbollah's rockets &
other weapons, Islamic butchery everywhere Islam exists,
Egypt's & every other Muslim dictatorship's oppressive wars
of survival against it, the Kurds' war against Turkey AND
Turkey's war against the Kurds, the ancient war of the Shia
against the Sunnis AND the Sunni war against the Shia (of
course), Asia's & Africa's & Latin America's wars on freedom
& democracy, and now do tell me, O Wise Rabbi: Which is
the least of all evils I am funding? [Now allow me to buy a
Jew a bathtub so that he may bathe in peace in Jerusalem.]

Hamas spokesperson: We deported foreign journalists
for filming missile launches

MEMRI report: Hamas claims journalists who filmed
missile launching sites “were collaborating with the

... when they should have been collaborating with
Hamas, of course, (you know:) like all the other
international media 'journalists' in Gaza, of course...

“We managed to reach them," the Hamas spokesperson
went on to say, "and tell them that what they were
doing was anything but professional journalism and
that it was immoral...”

... that it was "immoral & unprofessional" for news
reporters to actually report what they see with their
own eyes ... instead of being "professional Hamas
propagandists." Yes, of course. Most, most naturally.
Now see if the global media actually 'reports' this...


Why does the UN shelter Palestinian civilians in areas from which Hamas is firing?

Where did the twisted idea of letting Qatar mediate a truce in the Middle East ever come from?

Obviously, from some twisted mind. Qatar, of all the miserable places on this planet!? [And, Turkey, with its murderous history of subjugating the Arabs?!] Surely "someone" has a dark sense of humor indeed!


Solution To The Tunnels of Hamas in Gaza?...

The simplest solution is always best, and the simplest
solution to the tunnels of Hamas (which is already
being implemented in part by the Israelis) involves
natural gas [add a dye and, yes, keep the smell].

A powerful gas hose with a large inflatable donut
attached to block off the tunnel shaft is introduced
at any discovered opening. A device for remote
ignition of the gas is left "inside" the body of the
tunnel. And then you start pumping in the mixture.

The instant you see the dye cloud coming out of any
other tunnel entrance(s) you ignite the gas: As anyone
who has seen a house ripped apart by a gas explosion
knows, it's going to be thoroughly effective. And the
process can be repeated as many times as it takes...
The deadliest method might be to pump in just the dye
cloud first, and seal with precision munitions all the
entrances. And then pump in the natural gas or propane
(plus oxygen) until the ideal psi is achieved: I don't
believe any tunnel no matter its length could survive.

Counter-measures by Hamas would be very hard to come
by: Gas-masks are pointless. And a "safe room" would
be nothing more than a burial alive for terrorists
foolish enough to believe they could survive in them
and come out later to attack the engineers working to
destroy the tunnels. Experimentation might be required
to find out exactly what psi gas volume is required to
collapse these shafts, and whether additional oxygen
might be needed. But the greatest difficulty will be
simply discovering the hidden tunnels themselves.

This entire process should be well-publicized by the
Israelis well ahead of time so that the terrorists
understand that they must immediately vacate all the
tunnels: Kerry, Ki-moon, and the other Hamas enablers,
drama queens & hypocrites out there would be awfully
upset if any terrorists are harmed, of course. So, you
know: God forbid.


   Europe's order to mute Google angers US

This is an insane ruling: If I wish to find out "who
you are," and the information I am given is "who you
would like me to think you are" then Google has
ceased to be a search engine (for me to carry out my
research) and become merely a free outlet for "your"
lies & ads! What's the use of Google then?!?


Robinson: Israel is losing the moral high ground

Which happens in every one of these wars: Hamas fires at Israel from behind Palestinian civilians. To save its own civilians Israel's only option is to fire back, piling up the corpses until the "righteous" world declares Hamas's pile of corpses "the moral high ground," and we all descend back down into pointless "moral equivalence."

Really creeps me out to be a member of the same species.

Anything less than the complete destruction of Hamas will always be a defeat for Israel... and guarantee the next round in this preventable disease' "flat line" of bumps.


Conversations Floating In The Summer Breeze:

[... Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said the
operation was going according to plan, with Israel
targeting various Hamas interests: "The military's
successes so far have been very significant," he said.
"We will continue until they understand that this
escalation is not beneficial to them and that we will
not tolerate rocket fire toward our towns and
citizens." ] NEWS REPORT

I am astonished by Israel's self-restraint in the face
of this no-holds-barred war against it! I think were I
the Prime Minister of Israel I'd send a few neutron
bombs all around the lands of Israel and kill every God-
damned Arab as far as Superman can throw a rock.

          "That would be genocide!"

You know that?!? Then how come you don' know
that what the Arabs have wanted & worked on
relentlessly since 1948 for the Jews of Israel is
itself also genocide? I smell the odious stink here
of that new-minted "partisanship" which also goes
by the ancient name of "anti-Semitism."

[As Israel pressed forward, the U.N. Security Council
met in New York to discuss the situation. Addressing
the meeting, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
condemned the rocket fire out of Gaza, while also
calling Israel's offensive "intolerable."] NEWS REPORT

  TRANSLATION: It is intolerable to the U.N. that
  Israel should attack those who have attacked Israel
  (according to th'Great & Noble U.N. Jews should accept
  being shot at or butchered by Hamas and do no more
  than bury their dead and ... maybe complain a little).

Hamas' main (perhaps only) effective weapon seems
to be the world's usual/habitual/routine/expected and
sad condemnation apparently of Israel's increasingly
effective capability for defending itself from Hamas'
murderous attempts to indiscriminately kill Jews.

Kids, enjoy it, because that's the world you live in.

The world not only expects the Israelis to shoot the
guns out of the hands of the Palestinians who come
shooting at them, but also condemns the Israelis when
the Palestinians hurt their hands or fingers if the
Israelis ARE successful and DO shot the guns from the
Palestinians' hands! This is anti-Semitism at its most
brutal, dude.

The only way to ensure peace in the Arab-Israeli
Conflict once & for all is to reduce the Arab military
capabilities down to Zero
. No other means are
possible. All other means are nonsense, utterly and
hopelessly pointless. No other means will ensure it.

You can have a gun to the head of the Arab and he will
open the Koran and read there that, "when your enemy
hath a gun at your head, sign a false peace agreement
with him--then, as soon as he takes the gun away from
your head & starts to walk away... stab him in the
back!" Therefore, by that means & by that means alone
will the Muslim sign a peace agreement with you.

Sure, the Israelis want peace. And they will always be
willing to sign a peace agreement with the Arabs &
live up to it forever and ever, but--What the Hell
kind of a peace agreement can you sign with somebody
who is convinced GOD commands him to murder you?!?!

      Forgetaboutit, my friend.

You want assurances from a Muslim that the "peace
agreement" he signs with you is genuine, heartfelt,
honest & sincere, and that he really, really intends
to honor it? Tell him to spit (on the Koran) on it: He
won't spit on the Koran--he has no intention honoring
that agreement. So use it as the toilet paper it is.


The only way Muslims can escape Islam's unholy
bloodlust is for them to escape Islam itself

The Gazans complain to the media about being bombed
--what can the media do outside of more incitement?
Why don't the Gazans simply ask Hamas to stop firing
missiles at Israel: If Hamas doesn't fire missiles at
Israel then Israel will not fire back. And the dying
will instantly stop. It's a very simple solution,
really. So I wonder why the Gazans don't just get up
and do that instead of all the dramatics they're doing
for the sake of the international media. [sarcasm]

Have I no pity for the Gazans? Who can pity a people
who revel in their unquenchable bloodthirst, whose
desire for murder and butchery of their fellow human
beings is such that they are even willing & eager to
see their own children massacred as long as they may
be able to murder their neighbor's. These people, if
you can even call them that, have no mercy from God.

Watching the current Hamas attack on Israel I can't
help but be astonished at just how lucky the damned
Gazans are
--Can you imagine what they would be
experiencing now if Hamas were lobbing missiles at a
Muslim country!? Ask the Iraqi Kurds to tell you of
their experiences with Saddam Hussein. Read about
the Sunni-Shia strife. Or, take an aerial view of
Syria (the destruction there was not caused because
they were aiming at structures but because the
structures got in the way of their aiming at people).

The poor Israelis keep saying they want to impress on
Hamas the damage they're causing them! O Lord, protect
these innocents! I say to the Israelis: Look at what
the Libyans did to Muammar Gaddafi--Do that to the
Hamas militants and maybe then it's possible they
might be impressed. That's the kind of enemy you're
fighting. Good luck! May God protect you & your children.

Too easily we forget that the veneer of civilization
is but a self-deception, a trick we play on ourselves!
Not unlike the Nazi death camp SS guards who, after a
long day of the most unimaginably brutal degradations,
torture, and murder of their fellow human beings...
would come home to their loving families to pretend
they were kind, warm, gentle loving souls. That's who
we really are, you know: quite unimaginable savages
who like to pretend we are "human" but by the sheer
magic of calling ourselves that.

Perhaps if more people understood this truth there
would be less war, fewer temptations for us to revert
back to that most primitive animal nature which still
constitutes the most of us.

I myself never cease to marvel at how the Israelis
have managed to hold on to that thin, thin dream for
such a long time in the face of so much temptation
being pushed upon them by the Palestinian hordes

It didn't take that long for the Brits and Americans
to visit upon the Germans & Japanese exactly the same
barbarities they were pushing upon the Allies, carpet-
bombing the German & Japanese civilians without pity
or remorse.

But it cannot go on forever, I fear. Sooner or later,
the Israelis too will tire of hanging on to their own
imagined civilized nature and revert back to the true
beast within us: We are all, all of us, the same
animals. Then, too late, too late the Arabs will truly
be sorry for all of the chances they have missed to
match the Jews' present display of humanity, of

If the Palestinians were being killed by Syrians (or
anybody other than Israeli Jews) the world wouldn't
give a damn. I'm certain of it. In fact they'd cheer:
"Good! Kill'em! They're cockroaches." The only reason
we see the world's hearts bleeding so for the handful
of Palestinians Hamas has managed to murder by
sticking'em in harm's way is without a doubt because
they were felled by Jewish bullets
. Iran and Iraq
managed to butcher over a million souls between them
and I never heard a word about the true immensity of
their crime until historians coldly summed it all up
long after it was all over & done with... I remember
once in a while reading mentions of it (by the same
Western media which now sticks every wounded
Palestinian in our faces as one more "innocent" victim
of the Jews)... as if they were describing something
happening in some distant planet, some interesting
pointless conflict between alien species of insects.

Then, the zonked-out moralists of the world insist
that Israel's restraint (due to its civilized nature)
is victory enough over the Palestinians' genocidal
bloodlust. But the real difference comes down to
Israel's successful reliance on its scientific and
technological superiority... to stay their hand (an
advantage, by the way, which although the Palestinians
might not presently be able to match, they may yet
acquire, by theft, subterfuge, or by simply being
given it by others at some future date). And this
means that at some point perhaps in the not so distant
future wiser Israelis may see the unavoidable need to
eliminate their enemies once & for all before their
enemies eliminate them once & for all. It is
unquestionably the end result all this is headed for,
sooner or later, for I do not see who or what can
possibly derail this doom.

The Gaza Palestinians are in love with war. It is a
lust beyond all known perversions: They display the
corpses of their babies to the world in hypocritical
"shows" of heartbreaking grief when in reality they
themselves not only chose to offer them as their
sacrifice in the bloody altar of Hamas's bloodlust
(for the sake of the possible murder of any Jew) but,
when asked, again & again they assert their continued
almost sexual passion for the annihilation they have
wrapped themselves in
. They all revel in butchery and
mayhem, in death & destruction, without the slightest
care how many of their children are killed or maimed.
In fact they long & work for piling up their corpses
as a monument to the most evil insanity you'd ever
want to witness! Even their Muslim brothers are
appalled at their callous heartless and cold-blooded
hypocrisy for the Western cameras. They out-do all the
most depraved Devil-worshipping of fact or legend.
"The gory scenes of Palestinian casualties highlighted
by the global media should have been presented in
the context of Hamas responsibility for deliberately
orchestrating this nightmare." [Isi Leibler]
Hey, Gazans, show you dead babies to Hamas--they're
the only ones who can really do anything about their
getting killed (the Western Press can only promote the
sickest form of voyeurism for the mere sake of ratings


Putin Vows To Strengthen Russia's Capabilities To Counter NATO

France Moves to Defy Allies on Sale of Warship to Russia

Principles may be principles, alliances may be alliances, but "Le Cash is Le Cash!"

Britain: O, for shame, thou France! 'ere, the proper term's "The lolly be the lolly."

Despite Sanctions Call, UK OKs Russia Arms Exports

America: "You bet yo ass, baby!"

Russia to continue to supply rocket engines to US despite sanctions

No wonder Putin's hordes are getting ready to march into Ukraine.


UN launches inquiry into possible Israeli human rights violations in Gaza

Hey, UN, investigate thyself first:

Ban Ki-moon expresses 'outrage' as rockets found in Gaza school go missing

If UNRWA handed rockets over to Hamas, is that a war crime?


The 2-states solution will not work until after
the Palestinians are willing not only to support
the Jewish State but also are willing to defend it
themselves if need be.


From Turkey to North Africa the West has chosen to
ally itself with the most un-democratic Islamists they
could find, instead of trying to support the few
secular enlightened Muslims available, and now we
are all paying for this folly. Will the Great Wise Men
of the West learn their lesson from this and now take
the right path? O sure, as their collective motto is:
"If a policy proves to be wrong, simply double down on
it again & again & again--That's how wrong policies
succeed!" And now you too know how & why today's
diplomats have bankrupted the whole world.


Was Iraq's collapse into civil war really so hard to see?


Yes, George Bush was stupid as shit & ignorant
as all-get-out, but he was on the side of the angels compared to Obama


The only way Obama would strike Iran would be
hogtied & hoisted up on an erection of the GOP.


Yes, George Bush was stupid as shit & ignorant
as all-get-out, but he was on the side of the angels compared to Obama


Thus speaketh The Presbyterian Church: We may not
be qualified to say anything about Muslims & Arabs
butchering and murdering as they please--old men,
women & children--but we definitely condemn Israel
for setting up roadblocks to prevent Palestinians from
butchering/murdering Jews--old men, women & children!


Personally, I'm glad that Desmond Tutu seems to
believe that the United States and Israel are the only
countries in the world that have so many things for
which they should apologize (unlike ... Russia, China,
North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela ... Syria, Iran, and the
other hundred-plus dismal dictatorships which curse
this earth). I'm glad because I happen live in these
United States, and if this country is one of the worst
countries on earth... then life on earth (outside these
United States) must truly be Paradise then, and all
those "better" nations out there must now enjoy the
blessings of a life of unimaginable ease & leisure...
freedom & abundance & prosperity, of true democracy
& self-determination, wisdom, education, kindness,
gentleness, benevolence, health, wealth, good-
neighborliness & the brotherhood of man! Thank you
for the good word, O Desmond Tutu! Thanks b2u!

Ariel Sharon & The Gaza Withdrawal

Originally I was of the opinion that Israel's Gaza
withdrawal would prove to be a mistake. However, over
time I have come to see it as a kind of necessary
practical warning for what would happen were Israel to
withdraw from the West Bank.

I don't know whether Ariel Sharon viewed it this way
too, or whether he just made a policy mistake
(confusing political maneuverings with military
strategy): Israel's withdrawal from Gaza was a sound
military maneuver, but not such a sound political one
... as not every sound achievement in one field
translates that perfectly into the other one. [And
Ariel Sharon could be as flawed a political architect
as he was an undisputedly great military strategist.]

Nowadays ... I believe that eventually (since people
are essentially monkeys, and take aeons to see even
what's right in front of their eyes), I believe people
will eventually look at what the result of Israel's
withdrawal from Gaza has proven to be, and understand
from this vividly practical lesson what the result of
Israel's withdrawal from the West Bank (or, in the
common parlance: "the two-state solution") would be
not only for Israelis, but for the Palestinians (who
would unquestionably then go from a simple constrain
in their "movements" (in order to prevent them
murdering Israeli civilians) into a murderous if not
perpetual state of hot war).


      The Birth of The New Dark Ages.

Once the West was as intolerant of Islam as Muslims
are of Christianity in every Islamic nation even now.

But today the West is becoming more & more tolerant
of Muslims in their midst, welcoming them by the
millions ... without giving the slightest thought to
the fact that those Muslims in their midst remain as
intolerant (of any & all non-Muslim religions) as
they ever were back home.

The result is inevitable: At some point European
Muslims will demand (and by their sheer numbers) force
the West to become more & more intolerant
... until the
West itself will become even more intolerant than ever
it was in all its history.

It won't happen all at once, of course. But it will
happen eventually: And so the very fact that the West
is becoming more religiously tolerant is the very
thing which will eventually turn it as religiously
intolerant as the rest of the Islamic nations are now.


           The truth can never be
           sacrilegious: The truth IS God.

                         -- S D Rodrian


... If your understanding of who/what God is
contradicts the facts (the Truth) then it is your
understanding of God that's wrong: God in His
True Nature is NEVER a contradiction/denial of
the Truth (proven facts). That's why I say that
God is the universe.

The God to believe in is not "the Jinn who
happens to be on your side" but the Universe
itself: The Proven Facts, The Truth, Reality
by any other name--Then and only then... if
what you do is always for the benefit of the
universe (of which you are obviously a part)
your deeds & actions will always be dictated
by & always will be for the Good of Man
and all the World time without end.

S D Rodrian


   Freedom of religion ought not be in any
   way/shape/form different than freedom
   from religion.

By itself, "freedom of religion" could be interpreted
to mean the freedom of any one religion to dominate
the nation.

Freedom from religion, on the other hand, at its core,
guarantees the freedom of any one person to not be
dominated by any religion whatever--leaving his
choice [whether he will even have a religion] entirely
his own (or hers, or theirs).

         The Americans got it right:


In 1947, the U.S. Supreme Court decision Everson v.
Board of Education incorporated the Establishment
Clause (i.e., made "the 1st amendment" apply against
the states). In the majority decision, Justice Hugo
Black wrote,

   The "establishment of religion" clause of the
   First Amendment means at least this: Neither a
   state nor the Federal Government can set up a
   church. Neither can pass laws which aid one
   religion, aid all religions, or prefer one religion
   to another... in the words of Jefferson, the
   [First Amendment] clause against establishment
   of religion by law was intended to erect 'a wall
   of separation between church and State' ... That
   wall must be kept high and impregnable. We
   could not approve the slightest breach."


In effect: "Freedom of religion ought not be in any
way/shape/form different than freedom from religion."

S D Rodrian


It's truly mind-boggling that Jews, who are the
co-founders of European culture (and one of its
greatest champions), are being chased out of
... while Muslims, who are the avowed
enemies of Europe & everything it stands for (and
revel in making no bones about it even in Europe
are being welcomed! This is a recipe for
disaster, just the type of disaster that Europeans
like to needlessly inflict on themselves every now
& again. I wonder how many people are going to
suffer tears of blood because of this insanity?


Chinese fighter jets 'patrol' over disputed island chain

There's an old saying: "Sow and ye shall reap." What
China is doing now, Mister Obama, is taking advantage
of the fact that you've proven to everybody that you
ain't got no balls--And, can you really blame China?
Opportunities like finding an American President they
can order to bend over AND HE WILL don't come by
that often.

Obama's response? To send Joe Biden to China just
so he could come back with a pained yellow ass

Well, Mr. President, because you chose not to bomb
Syria and you chose not to bomb Iran now you're
gonna have to bomb China [or crawl away like a beaten
. And that's going to be the most dangerous
proposition of all. Go now & spank all the idiots who
gave you all that noble bad advice (about how the
United States of American should always take the high
road of diplomacy over military actions) and tell them that they're all stupid morons, Mister President...
unless you're your own worst adviser, of course.

S D Rodrian

  Next up in Obama's roll-call of allies stabbed in
  the back by his hysterical running away from
  confrontation with America's enemies
: Japan,
  South Korea, The Phillipines, Taiwan...

      and now the Ukraine. Well,

The Solution To The Ukranian Take-Over by Russia
Is To Push Back Intelligently.

Dear President Obama: Putin knows you're a wuss. The
Chinese know you're a wuss. The Iranians know you're
a wuss. Who doesn't know you're a wuss? The Syrians,
the Venezuelans know you're a wuss. The French know
you're a wuss, for Heaven's sake. Even the Republicans
know you're a wuss--Stop kidding yourself... look in the
mirror and admit: "You're a wuss all right, all right!"

Were you not a wuss you're immediately see that
the solution to the Ukrainian Dilemma is (not to go
to war with Russia, but) to assert, protect and defend
U.S. interests where they are threatened by Russian
take-overs: Egypt and Iran are just two of them. Get
over your lily-livered high-mindedness and restore
America's old alliance with the Egyptian military. And
then bomb Iran's nuclear facilities: That, and nothing
less than that will instruct Putin (not to mention the
Chinese) on the real "costs" of military intervention.

The fault, my dear Brutus, lies not in Obama but in
: What did we really expect was going to
happen when we elected a college professor to be the
head of the military that keeps us safe from all the
abysmal criminals that people the nations about us?!?
Didn't we realize his first instinct was to believe
that he could lecture them into decency & reason?


"The Ukrainian rebels have suggested that Russia
should send peacekeepers, but Moscow says that
could only be done with UN authorization.

Personally, I don't see what the problem is. I mean, it's
not as if Russia couldn't just send in its "peacekeepers"
and claim the UN had authorized them: How is anyone
going to tell those lies from all the other Russian lies?!?

For a long time now The Wise Old Men of the West
have been telling us that America had to remain
engaged in the world because it was the only power
able to ensure the World's stability and peace. Now,
for the first time ever we have an American president
who believes (and acts on his beliefs) that it is not
America's responsibility to maintain the world
stability & peace but the world's. And thereby we
shall all have a front-row seat to the life-and-death
drama of whether this wise old truism was true or not.

Either peace & stability will break out spontaneously
all over the world, now that America's gone into
hiding, or we shall have a few nuclear wars here &
there. No doubt it shall all be a matter of great
dramatic interest to a lot of people: Was it cheaper
to keep holding on to the tail of the tiger, or to
finally let go? We'll all have the great pleasure of
seeing for ourselves, won't we


   What should Netanyahu do?

How in the world could he possibly have trusted the
lives of the Israeli Jews to the hands of people who
have time & time & time again used those hands of
theirs to strange & butcher Jews?!? How many times
must a man be given the same painful practical lesson
before it cracks through his thick skull? I'm not a Jew
myself and even I know what a whopping moron it'd
take for any Jew to go along with this insanity.

   Anyone who trusts his life to others is a fool.
   Anyone who trusts the lives of his family to
   others is a mental deficient. And anyone who
   trusts the lives of his family and those of his
   entire people to others should be imprisoned
   on the spot
--And one should not have to wait
   out the sad inevitable tragedy's final act.

What he should have done long, long ago is: Publicly
acknowledge that the disputes between Iran and the
U.S. & Europe are all merely economic ones (which
might be resolved by diplomacy)... while the conflict
between Iran and Israel is strictly one of survival
(and might only be possible to resolve when one side
or the other wins the war inevitable).

Netanyahu should state categorically right now that
he recognizes that if Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz
the U.S. & Europe might be able to develop alternate
commercial routes. But that if Iran destroys Israel,
then that's all she rode for Israel, and all the Jews
of Israel will be dead, dead, dead.

Therefore any negotiations between Iran and the U.S.
& Europe really bear NO import whatsoever upon the
conflict between Iran and Israel
, period. These are
two separate and distinct entities as separate and
distinct as a human cell is from a pot brush.

Let the Americans & Europeans negotiate their Iranian
commerce permissions in the Middle East with Iran.
And Israel will negotiate its existential rights with
the Iranians themselves.

The very idea that those with the one set of interests
can also negotiate the so separate & distinct
interests of the other group is both a burden for the
Americans & Europeans, and downright suicidal for the

If Netanyahu does not understand this, & does not act
as he ought to, he shall go down in history as Israel's
biggest fool & criminal of all time.

S D Rodrian


I am truly quite baffled just why it is that the West
(especially the U.S.) is so eager to reach a deal [ANY
DEAL] with Iran
. Unless this is all a sham (a costume
drama by whoppingly hypocritical actors who already
know all these "negotiations" are doomed to fail and
are going through the motions just to make Obama &
company look like Jesus Christ on earth or something):
There has to be a factor in all this which is not
readily apparent. But what the Hell that could be is,
frankly, beyond me.

It just might be that the West has resigned itself to
a nuclear Iran
and they are desperately trying to set
up a "de facto détente" with Iran... to achieve a
system somewhat similar to the one which existed
between the West & the Soviet Union. But, if this is
the case, the West is setting itself up to hoist
itself on its own stupid nuclear war
, because Iran is
nothing like the old Soviet Union [which was run by
the infinitely corrupt anything-for-a-buck Communist
Mafia] and a heck of a lot more like "the David Korash
confrontation in Waco, Texas." And, you are NOT going
to negotiate someone who is convinced he is The
Messenger of God down to a "company executive-type."
And no matter what the pay-package you put together.


Who'd've thunk it: France is now the only Western
Power worth a penny in the Middle East!

To be expected, really: The only thing tough about
John Kerry is his horse's face. The political history
of Kerry is that he'd oppose an American soldier
tossing one of his wife's can of tomatoes at al-Qaida
in anger. And this is the West's principal negotiator
of war & peace?!? Pipa, something is wrong in the
world. What the West needs is a much tougher
negotiator, somebody like Neville Chamberlain...

After tough-looking pushover Kerry fell on his
Frankenstein-like face trying to give Iran everything it
could have possibly wanted & then some
, it was the
French (yes!) who objected to the Iranians having their
hands all up in the West's "nalgas" ("buttcheeks").

"The Americans haven't spoken to the Iranians since
1979. And the Americans are telling us how it should
be done
," French analyst Heisbourg said. As for the
Americans, "maybe they just want a deal — it happens
all the time in history: People badly want a deal, and
end up by negotiating against themselves."

“The Iranians are the ones who came crawling to the
negotiations, begging for an easing of sanctions,
otherwise their regime will fall, and what’s
incredible is that it seems that the Americans are
more eager than them to reach an agreement,” an
Israeli official charged.

"We are not blind, and I don't think we're stupid,"
rebutted Kerry. [sic.] Well, at least Kerry can SEE
he's not blind: That's half the fight right there!
Maybe somebody should tell him (that it is only
when el estupido is finally convinced he's stupid
that he stops being one): Don't fight it, Kerry!
Don't fight it! It's for your own good, man.


Obama: Military strike could lead Iran to 'pursue nukes
more vigorously'

How in Hell can they "pursue it more vigorously?!?!!"
They're doing everything within their power to get it

Obama & Kerry are either treasonable or the greatest
cretins in the history of American diplomacy
. Period.

  One thing is certain: A man who states that a
  "military strike could lead Iran to pursue nukes
  more vigorously" is the world's greatest advocate
  AGAINST the military option. And it is the biggest
  idiot on earth who doesn't get this: I'm sure the
  Iranians "got it" a long time ago.

S D Rodrian


According to Obama, who parrots the Arab narrative
(without even giving a second's thought to its any
connection with reality): most of the troubles in the
Middle East if not the world are caused by Jews.

But ask him how Jews are in any way/shape/form
connected with what's going on in Syria, how Jews
shaped/moved ANY of the events in Egypt, what Jew
provoked Iran to take over the American Embassy and
spawn the endless terrorism and butchery of Muslims
& non-Muslims alike since then; do ask Obama to name
the Jews behind the Turkish/Kurdish troubles, the Jews
behind the mountains of murderous insanities in every
Muslim country in Africa from time immemorial to this
very day; do ask Obama to name a single Jew behind the
Pakistan-India wars, or the Pakistan-Bangladesh one,
behind Afghanistan's wars with Russia & with America;
please ask Obama to specify where Jews feature in the
Shiite-Sunni conflict which has gone on since the 7th
Century and will no doubt continue absent a single Jew
playing any role in it until either all Sunnis or all
Shiites are dead; please do ask Obama to tell you what
Israeli army invaded an Arab land before the Arabs
invaded Israel in 1948 first... for Obama has clearly
stated that once Jews stop being an obstacle to it
there will be stability across the land & that peace will
then reign over the world
. [That is the unimaginably
racist, self-evidently insane Arab narrative.]

In fact, do ask Obama what role Jews have ever played
in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict itself which was
not (each and every last one of them) but only one
more defensive move to try to thwart their utter
annihilation down to the last man, woman & child at
the hands of the Arabs: Even today every apartment
building Israel builds is planned with an eye towards
anticipating the next Arab push to butcher whatever
Israeli Jews they can get their hands on ... every
road-block & wall/barrier Israel puts up but only a
means to try to slow down the relentless & eternal
Arab moves to murder any innocent Jewish civilian
they can reach
. Ask him that.

But do not let Obama & others like him get away with
simply repeating the ancient anti-Semitism which,
devoid of any & all reality, yet gave us history's
endless pogroms of the innocents & the Holocaust ...
without very many Christian voices ever coming
together to ask those who were so casually sprouting
it even once to simply name the specific guilty Jews
they were talking about and what specifically they did
to deserve their awesome guilt. Do ask Obama this.
Do not let him get away with murder.

S D Rodrian


>> don't you feel stupid when you lie such a cheap
>> lies,

Of course! That's why I wish to find out where
any possible lies may be, so I can expunge them.

>> as if an ant like you'll make any difference with
>> such a cheap lies you better study islam well before
>> you start lieing about it.

I have not studied the ENTIRE breadth & length
of Islam, but from what I have studied: It is evil
pure & simple. It is the most monstrous cult in
all human history; and it has caused the most
victims in all human history. It should be banned.
But, like smoking (which also should be banned)
it would be very difficult to ban without a great
and monumental effort. And yet, it should still be
banned, no matter how hard it is to ban it because
not banning it will eventually be a lot more costly.
Nazism was hard to get rid of, but well worth the
terrible cost of having rid our planet of it at last.

>> but be sure Allah currently doesn't want you,
>> you can't reach Allah, you can cuss and say lies
>> and filthiesness, but Allah is what you can't reach
>> or understand !

From your lips to God's ear, because if the world
of "the supernatural" really exists (and fairies,
leprechauns, imps, jinns, goblins, ghosts & gods
are real)... then Allah is without s single doubt
The Most Unholy Name of Satan.

Sir, it is you who is ignorant of the true despicable
nature of Islam--for you could not be a Muslim and
a human being at the same time. Find out a little bit
about it. Just the smallest bit. And you can begin

On Mar 26, 12:03 am, wrote:
>> On Mar 25, 8:10 pm, "Mirelle"
>> wrote:
> wrote:
> Lies, and vilification, of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
> Mirelle
>> What?! No. No. What I wrote is this:

What God Said To Mohammed:

[Historical note, in passing: Instead of
writing His Message To Mankind into
the heart and soul of every man, woman,
and child ... God found an illiterate,
degenerate, unethical, and amoral brute
out in the middle of the Arabian peninsula
and gave to that most improbable clod
the message He wanted passed on to
mankind. And so, apparently, as recorded
in the Quran and elsewhere in Muslim lore]

... Thus said God unto Mohammed:

"Go and maim, butcher, and murder, steal
and rob everything from everyone you kill.
Knock off the heads of anyone who contradicts
you, questions you, insults you, looks at you
the wrong way--be it man, woman, child. Rape
all the girls (and the boys too), no matter how
old or young! Make war on the whole world
that you may profit from its mounds of gold!
Destroy all civilizations! Torture, exterminate
entire peoples! Extinguish the light of human
knowledge from the world! Suffocate all hopes
of individual freedom! And, of course, pass on
the message that I am the only God, and you
are my messanger. Ah ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!" *

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.

* [this is just a summary of the "holy" Quran]
   And, of course, Mohammed the brute did
   all this very faithfully indeed [as recorded
   by Muslims themselves, who are still doing
   the same to this day].



As you can see for yourself, EVERYTHING
I wrote was the truth. If you have spotted
the least falsehood in anything I wrote (above)
please let me know and I will correct it *
immediately. That is a solemn promise,

S D Rodrian

* I still prefer Moe to your Moo, though.


      Those who fear God probably
      have a good reason for it.

                  S D Rodrian


Who was behind these acts of terrorism (you pick
which ones

Well, Western Society's elites' first suspicions
mostly usually fall on militant extremist Samba
dancers [who hate Americans because, despite
being obese, Americans still insist on desecrating
their sacred dance, th'Samba.] And, historical note:
Most of these same Western politically correct elites
are also secretly convinced that militant extremist
Samba dancers were also the ones who were
responsible for the Holocaust & that Nazis probably
had nothing to do with it [remember that it was
"mostly just Jews" who were murdered there too].

   Political Correctness is always admirable
   when used in conversations with toddlers.
  But it is a mindless weapon against common
  sense when used on anyone older than that.

Political Correctness can be monstrously deceiving
because Meaning does not just depend on universal
definitions but also on context and intent--and these
are always every individual's unique interpretations.


If nothing else, the last 1400 years of unrelenting
Muslim barbarities are the clearest proof we have
in the "modern" world that beneath the thin veneer
of human civilization we so foolishly like to claim
as our skin: there still lie miles and miles of that
barbarous brutality & bloodthirsty savageness which
has been our nature since even before the time we
were chimps clinging to our African treetops... and
pondering which of our neighbors we should kill first
before they could kill us. You can see the pretended
"modernity" of these later-day apes in their dulbands
& turbans & outrageously vulgar Magi wraps.


Justifying Judeocide by Martin Sherman

These release of murderers of Jews by the Jewish
state are in fact a categorical statement that "We
Jews were wrong," that "we Jews acknowledge that
these murderers were indeed justified in killing
Jews." [That is what happens when any wrongly-
convicted person is freed by a court of law, after
all: it is an acknowledgement that the conviction
was wrong to begin with.] In my opinion, it had
been much better for the Jewish state to pay billions
in humiliating tribute. In fact, it would have been
better for the Jewish state to surrender portions of
itself, pounds & pounds of flesh as it were, and
suffered the agonizing loss of blood.

Even though Israeli leaders see it as a sacrifice
that they must offer Western leaders
to get the
Palestinians to engage in a "peace process" Israel
considers, in the words of Benjamin Netanyahu:
"a vital strategic interest for Israel" ...

Every time Israel releases Palestinian terrorists
and convicted murderers she sends out and
reinforces the false impression that these are
not criminals justly convicted and justly serving
their legal sentences but merely political hostages.
And this does nothing but reinforce the world's
self-righteous insistence that Israel, just like
"any other Mafia family," must release all the
political prisoners she is "so unfairly" holding
hostage. This is self-delegitimization at its worst.

S D Rodrian

Sarah Honig writes: "By downplaying multiple
murder convictions, Amos Oz invalidates verdicts, delegitimizes our courts and damages Israel’s legal
reputation beyond repair
." And I might add: So does
PM Netanyahu when he frees Palestinian murderers
(validating & legitimizing Oz and creeps like him).

Everywhere Muslims are butchering uncounted
tens of thousands, enslaving millions, stealing
every penny the West donates and giving it to
terrorists and their families, denying democracy
& human rights to their peoples, engaging in
wholesale genocide and war, persecuting and
ethnic cleansing Christian and all minorities they
can... and the self-righteous morons of the West
are outraged only over how many bathrooms Jews
are installing in their own homes! If that doesn't
tell you just how insane Western Civilization has
become nothing will.

S D Rodrian

Better that the whole world condemn Israel for all its
settlements outside the green line and demand it
abandons them than that it condemn it for Haifa &
Jerusalem and demands that it abandons them too.

On The Nature of Islam:

     "Any property you steal from the
     people you murder God has given
     to you legally forever."

That, in essence, is the meaning/message
of the Koran (and, by extension, of Islam):
What the Hell kind of "religion" is this?!?!

Well, Islam was designed from the start not as
a religion to bring mankind closer to God but
as a vile scheme by Mohammed to ease the
conscience of murderers, rapists, and just plain
robbers and thieves:

And, if you wish to understand Islam,
understand this: Mohammed was a thief
and a cutthroat. His gang were all of them
thieves and cutthroats. Therefore any
philosophy/religion emanating from such
criminals must, of necessity, be one
promoting and rationalizing robbery and
murder for profit. And there you have, in
a nut shell, all anyone needs  to understand
the nature of Islam. And why.

The Koran was never intended as an
expression of God's love for mankind.
Instead it was always intended as a
straightforward claim (from a criminal
gang leader to his gang members) that
"God sanctions robbery and murder."

This is the core message of the Koran,
that "God sanctions murder & robbery"
(and just about every other imaginable
crime--rape, torture, human slavery, child
molestation, you name it--it has all been
practiced by Muslims "in the name of
Islam's Allah") as long as you do it "in his
name," naturally--which is a very attractive
proposition to thieves and murderers, of
couse, because "God never takes a cut."

This is why it is the duty of every pious
human soul to denounce this vile, hateful,
evil slander of the God of all humanity.

And if you don't believe me, because it's
just so incredible, simply study the entirety
of the history of Islam and the Muslims:
therein you will come up with nothing BUT
robbing, cheating & lying, and unending
murder for profit, rape, and vileness.

  The rewards for Muslims in "Paradise" are
  carnal sins--all of them. (The rewards
  for Christians in Paradise are the joy &
  privilege that come from basking in the
  Splendor of The Lord's Glory--because
  only those who would enjoy THAT belong
  in paradise.) This Islamic "rewarding" of
  earthly crimes with perverse/perverted
  material booty informs anyone who still
  needs to be told just exactly what sort
  of person it was that Mohammed was
  designing his "religion" to attract.

Now you know why so many incarcerated
criminals choose to convert to Islam.

Anyone who believes a Muslim  is a fool
and an idiot. Anyone who trusts a Muslim
with his life is putting his life in unimaginable
peril: The Koran commands Muslims to lie
to non-Muslims, and to stab them in the back
the first chance they get. [Surprise!]

And: no Muslim, not a single one of them
(and certainly not those who were simply
born in a Muslim society and don't have the
slightest notion of the true nature of the
"religion" they "practice"), will ever condemn
the Koran for such criminal advice. None.
And not even when they are confronted with
these shameful facts, perhaps for the first time
ever in their lives. That is the nature of an
Islam which makes criminals even of those
who thought themselves honest/decent men
all their lives.

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.

On Nov 2, 9:04 am, BruceS wrote:

> So the Koran and the Bible are
> both full of savagery and lies, and
> neither should be taken literally.
> The only people who take either
> one literally are lunatics who
> should be kept away from sharp
> objects. Is that about it?

Yep. The distinction is fundamental,
though: I've seen interviews of priests
and rabbis on TV where they "explain"
that a lot of the Bible is history. Some of
it is "the word of god," yes, but there's
also a lot of middle east mythology in it
(like the story of Adam & Eve" and "Noah
and the flood" etc.). You NEVER hear
Muslims admitting that a lot of the Koran
is crap, like that.

Muslims who criticize ANY part of the Koran
for whatever reason are under an instant
and automatic sentence of death. And since
a lot of the Koran involves dehumanizing
non-Muslims, and promotes their murder,
torture, and terrorizing. This is a problem.

A definite problem. Especially for us non-
Muslims, my friend.

S D Rodrian


    It is axiomatic that promoters of lies
    will always do all they can to cut short
    the discussion. Therefore keeping the
    discussion going will always be the
    eternal struggle
of those who champion
    the truth. --S D Rodrian

When an election can be manipulated by the
powers that be democracy is not the ballot box
--How can it be the ballot box when the organs
that informs the constituency are all in the
hands of the powers that be?!

All dictators know the first step to ensuring
their dictatorship is the intimidation of
independent news organization & the jailing
of their most incorruptible journalists.

Therefore the most telling sign that a country
has or lacks true democracy is the healthy state
of its free press.

 Why is democracy a good idea? Because
 democracy means power is in the hands
 of all the people, and the only alternative
 to that is that power will be in the hands
 of the fewer & fewer: And the result of
 power being in the hands of the few is
 that only they will receive any measure
 of justice (which leaves only injustice for
 the many). This is and has always been
 the case in this world: Without exception
 everywhere there is a lack of democracy
 there is also a lack of justice for the
 people. And the reason for this is self-
 evident: those with the power to bestow
 justice will always bestow it on themselves.

 This is why it is so crucial for the people
 that they wield the power to define justice.
 Sharia takes that power from the people,
 and this is why Sharia was/is/and will
 always be an evil and an everlasting curse
 on mankind.

Today I see so many Arabs foolishly running
back & forth in the "Arab street" clamoring
for "Justice in an Islamic world" like so many
headless chickens... and I am left wondering
how many of them must die before those
who remain finally realize the eternal futility
to which Islam has condemned them.

Everywhere the Muslim lives amidst indignity
& robbery, abuse, injustices & unspeakable
criminality... as a balance to which his society
demands the "ethics & morality" of the Islamic
way of life (in the form of denying the female
form & savagely brutalizing even the slightest
offense against Sharia law). And this is the
monstrosity Muslims who manage to escape
from it then seek to promulgate wherever they
end up
... as "the greatest society" that men
can form--implacably demanding that it should
replace all the achievements of righteousness
and fairness, of democracy & the rule of law, of
civil rights [& just plain humanity] which human
civilization has struggled for and sacrificed for
in sweat, blood & tears these past 1400 years
(just to go back to a grim, cruel, savage dark past
mankind had imagined it had forever vanquished).

Now, it is true that no democracy is perfect,
because no matter how men try to make
it perfect, there will always be a few who
will do everything in their power to favor
themselves at the expense of everybody
else. But this only means that, for the people,
the struggle to perfect democracy is eternal,
not that they should abandon it. Though
one thing is certain: If the power to bestow
justice is not in the hands of the people [no
democracy] then it will always be the people
who reap the scourge of injustice.

Sharia can NEVER be improved. Never.
The immutable laws of Sharia themselves
clearly state that anyone who tries to fix
Sharia ( in any way ) falls under an
automatic, immediate, and irrevocable
sentence of death. Now contrast that to
this: Every single person who has ever
done anything to improve democracy is
now & will forever be acclaimed by the
whole world as one of the great heroes
of humanity.

And now you understand why democracy
can only get better. And why Sharia must
either pass from this earth or that portion
of mankind suffering under it will NEVER
see their lot improve.


  Christian (and other non-Muslim) killers,
  criminals & mass-murderers...

Yes, it is undeniably true that there has been
far too vast a number of mindless murderers
(from Hitler & Stalin on down) who having
been brought up in Christian, & other non-
Muslim societies, commit unimaginably cruel,
savagely brutal atrocities too.

But none of them (not a single one, outside the
brain-damaged) commit their crimes inspired by
or in the name of Christianity [say]. Both Hitler
and Stalin (and all the rest of them) committed
their crimes in spite of their Christian upbringing:

  Both Hitler and Stalin mercilessly persecuted
  and executed Christians of good conscience
  (as well as Catholic & Eastern Orthodox clergy
  along with all their other victims) in the name
  of their insane lust for personal power [et al].

On the other hand, you cannot open a newspaper,
watch a television report of all the unimaginably
monstrous Muslim wickedness & mayhem without
being told that all their unconscionable depravities
were, in fact, inspired by and (quite shamelessly)
openly committed "in the name of Islam" itself
[even if sometimes Western politicos purposefully
"neglect" their being described as such to try to
discourage off the minds of Western audiences
proof of this reality].

And THAT is a fundamental distinction: In fact,
THE most telling and critical observation here.


Those who deny reality enable our delusions.


The tyranny of the Left is always far more
vicious and destructive than the tyranny of
the Right because the tyranny of the Right
will always be mediated by the fact that it
knows it is engaged in evil... while the Left,
convinced it is virtuous and "can do no wrong,"
has no way to question what evil it may do.

S D Rodrian

Colleges Have Free Speech On The Run / George Will


The Shia-Sunni Divide comes into focus in Syria.

What we are seeing now is the beginning of
the next great confrontation between the Shia
and the Sunni "universes." And I fear that
[primarily because of Iranian stupidity and
stubborn pride] most of the Western World is
lining up behind the Sunnis:

Except for the Russians (who will in any case
only back the Shia with a few consignments
of military supplies), and in spite of Sunni al-
Qaida's mindless & self-defeating war against
the West--as well as against most of the Sunni
world, by the way)... we will all soon be
witnesses to one more horrific massacre of souls
for the sake of sheer, naked superstition.

What the Iranians just don't seem to understand
is that (for reasons which elude me as well,
frankly--as well as oil)... the Sunni world IS the
tail that wags the West. Once the Great Shia-
Sunni War starts, most of the West (including
the United States) will become the arsenal [and
even the Army/Navy/Air Force] of the Sunnis.
And then too bad for Iran, for Syria, and too bad
for the West as well (for getting themselves
mixed up in this vile and pointless insanity).

It is ALWAYS extremely undesirable for the
West to intervene in any strictly Arab/Muslim
internal conflict: NONE of these conflicts
are really about democracy-loving peoples
fighting tyrants. [One would be hard-pressed
to come up with more democracy-hating
people than Muslims!] AND most of these
conflicts are just the latest examples of
the eternal Shia/Sunni civil war that has
been ongoing in the Muslim world for
1400 years now: Should we help the Shia
win? They are the West's most implacable
enemies right now. Should we help the
Sunnis win? Their main goal is to vanquish
the Shia so that they can then become the
West's most implacable enemies. No! Even
one drop of Western blood or a single penny
wasted in these wretched, heinous conflicts
is & always will be an unforgivable tragedy,
an unimaginable act of folly.     RETURN


Muslims Demand Islamic School Holidays
in New York City...

I say give Muslims the holidays they want;
and honor their faith by letting them chop
off the heads of a few non-Muslims as
commanded in the Koran. Maybe lop off
a few infidel hands as well. Encourage
Muslim children to rape their victims'
women (and boys), and to steal all the
non-Muslims they slaughtered once owned
--again, as explicitly commanded in the
Koran "by Allah Himself." Otherwise, let's
not insult Muslims by pretending that
their "religion" is anything bearing any
resemblance to any of the genuine religions
of the civilized modern world:

   I don't believe there's any religion today
   except Islam in which killing someone is
   the one thing which can guarantee the
   killer goes directly to the bosom of God
   no questions asked, although I could be
   wrong--The ancient Aztecs also butchered
   those not of their religion (cutting the
   hearts out of their living victims) as part
   of their faith. Although the Aztecs didn't
   rape their victims' women (or boys) or
   steal their properties as an act of religious
   faith like Muslims. In fact, if I remember
   correctly, the corpses of the victims of
   the Aztecs were then used to feed the
   less fortunate in Aztec society--certainly
   a lot less wasteful a practice than the
   Muslims' (who merely leave their victims'
   corpses to be eaten by wild animals).
   But Aztec butchery is not a modern
   religious practice anywhere in the world,
   of course, while Islamic butchery, on
   the other hand, still is... everywhere not
   protected by Western cops & armies.


   In any case, Islamic suicide bombers and
   other Muslim mass murderers all commit
   their butchery as a religious duty--unlike,
   say, an American soldier who may jump
   on a grenade to save his buddies (he is not
   expecting any religious reward whatever
   for his ultimate sacrifice): Before going out
   to commit mass murder, Muslim suicide
   bombers have been known to wrap their
   penes in satin so these may be protected
   in the explosions they cause and can thus
   "arrive in Paradise" ready to be used on
   their allotment of 72 virgins undamaged!

 What putrid minds! What perverted souls!

Part of this planet earth lives under the real
"God of Light" (of "enlightenment," of wisdom,
of Moses, Jesus, of Isaac, & Israel)... and part
lives under the god of Perdition (of Hell, of
the infernal regions of the Dark). And it's all
too often too easy for Lucifer (who, as you
can see, cynically styles himself "The God of
Light") to confuse people. But let's understand
this: One god drags you to Perdition against
your will, and one God would like to see you
choose the Right Path of your own free will
(because free will is His greatest creation).
This is why the Muslims' cult is called "Submit"
(the English translation of the word "Islam").

Do you still doubt who Allah is? Then take
this question into consideration: "Can one
sin in Heaven?" Say you manage to reach
Heaven, God is walking by, and you spit on
Him. What do you think would happen? If
you believe you would have sinned and
must be sent to Hell then you are evidently
NOT a Muslim, because Muslims believe
one cannot sin in Paradise (Heaven). And
now you understand how Muslims may
rape 72 virgins in "Paradise" with complete
impunity. Coincidentally, Christians, on
the other hand, believe that one cannot sin
in Hell (in fact, Christians believe that the
more evil one does in Hell the more one is
rewarded by "the god of hell")... and that
the most sinful of all the inhabitants of Hell,
in fact, those who go the extra mile and
like to torture their fellow captives: become
Satan's little helpers (otherwise known as
his demons). And now you too understand
who Allah is, no matter what he may be
called up here on earth by his Muslims
for "By its fruit shall you know the tree."

Ya know, a lot of people (under-educated
Americans mostly) are under the mistaken
impression that Islamic terrorism and mass
butchery is a post-World War II phenomenon
invented by Osama bin Laden or somebody
(whom they all also believe is the ONLY bad
Muslim who ever lived). But, actually, even
including the Armenian and Kashmiri and
African Islamic genocides (and so many,
many others)... today's Islamic genocides
can't even begin to compare with the truly
spectacular ones which history has been
recording since the time of Mohammed:


In spite of what you might imagine, we are
actually living in a time in history when there
is rather a nice absence of Islamic genocide
and mass murder (there was one particularly
infamous Muslim ruler in India hundreds of
years ago who used to "celebrate" his birthday
every year by slaughtering ONE HUNDRED
THOUSAND Hindus. Yes... every single year
--I mean, if such a thing were to happen
even once today it'd probably make all the
papers (although Islam itself would probably
not be condemned for it by President Obama
and others like him... even though that
infamous Islamic ruler I mentioned before
performed his "little" celebratory genocides
strictly as an Islamic duty fully sanctioned
and encouraged by his Islamic imams and
religious scholars). This was also the case
with the Armenian Genocide, of course,
where peasant Turks (some of whom can
be seen testifying to this fact on filmed
documentaries) were encouraged to kill
fleeing Armenian refugees, to rape their
women, and sons, and to steal all their
properties/possessions by Turkish imams
quite correctly interpreting the Koran. Of
course, not all Nazis were evil (millions
of Germans voted FOR Hitler... there must
have been very nice people among them
just like so many people today say there
are very nice Muslims here & there); and
yet for some unexplainable reason which
forever eludes me, unlike Islam (where
the evil Muslims do in the name of Islam
is NEVER blamed on Islam itself, despite
the everywhere-available & unequivocally
evil Koran), Nazism IS blamed for the evil
that Nazis did...!! A most puzzling thing!

  I certainly can't explain it. Can you?

Yep: Throw in a bit of comparative religion
studies too--It could all be very instructive
indeed. [Why don't we see Muslims chopping
non-Muslims' heads all over Manhattan? (For
instance.) That is a very good question, which
could also be addressed in class during show-
and-tell: Does anybody know the answer?
Could I see some raised hands?... Mister
Bloomberg in front? The cops in the back?]

We could also explain to pupils why it is
that the one group which consistently seems
to need no coercion or compulsion to become
Muslims today seems to be, yep: incarcerated
criminals, of all people... Gee, I wonder why.

And do please let me know if any of the core
beliefs of Islam I am stipulating here are...
misrepresented in any way, and are NOT what
Muslims believe (as I have taken them directly
from the Koran itself and from the practice of
Muslims in general): Therefore, if you know
for a fact that most Muslims believe that their
Koran is full of shit, I would certainly want to
know that. Otherwise you are stipulating that
I have indeed stated the core beliefs of Islam
truthfully and without any inaccuracy here.

    Now... many Christians (including myself)
    acknowledge that the Bible is quite pixilated
    and seriously full of silly bunk--Although I'll
    grant you there ARE a number of Christians,
    mainly here in the United States, who take
    the Bible literally--but, of course, everybody
    knows that these poor souls are mostly incest-
    polluted baboons, home-schooled maybe
    [albeit, this reminds me reading that there is
    an unusually high rate of genetic diseases
    caused by inbreeding among far too many
    Arabs due to a tendency in them to marry
    1st cousins.] Oh, well... This really isn't the
    venue for that biology lesson. Class dismissed.


S D Rodrian

bv wrote:

You do not know about Islam !.....
If you want to know about Islam,
please visit the following websites:

Yes, nice sites. However, I see that you
could not refute anything I said; and for
your brave acknowledgement that I
spoke the truth about Islam: I thank you.

I do know about Islam. Too much, in fact.
And I certainly don't have to visit Islamic
propaganda sites to pick up lies. (I listen
to enough speeches by politicians as it is.)

One can start ferreting out a little of THE
TRUTH about the horrors of Islam here:

And that's just a little bit of the truth.

The whole horrific and gory truth about
Islam can be found in the careful reading
of history and/or the world's present-day

I advice you to do it, to save yourself
and your family: Please do study Islam
(just not from Islamist propagandists).
The Koran orders Muslims to lie, lie, lie.
In fact, it advises Muslims to hide the
Koran from non-Muslims because they
(non-Muslims) might eventually come to
grasp that it's really a master plan for
their conquest or obliteration... in spite
of all the tonnes & tonnes of propaganda
telling them it's some sort of "religion."

I guess the Koran never foresaw the net.

Let the sad tragic true story of all the once
glittering civilizations of the ancient world
which have been swallowed up by Islam and
spat up into the present-day devastation
that is the Muslim World today serve as a
terrible warning to you & your children...

S D Rodrian

wrote: Mosques and Islam 'not going away'

That's quite true: They had to be stopped
once by all the military might that Europe
could muster. What I see happening in
Europe now, I'm sorry to say, is what must
have happened in the once Christian 'fertile
crescent' civilizations of the Middle East:
Places that were perhaps too powerful for
Islam to confront head-on were gradually
strangled by Muslim immigration until one
day the peoples of the Middle East woke up
to discovered that they had been taken over
by the vapid sewer [Islam]... body & soul.

I don't see the will in Europe (or America)
today for standing up against this gradual
strangulation by Islam. Therefore I must
regretfully conclude that it's only a matter
of time before all of Western Civilization
is consumed by sharia and goes the way of
the ancient Christian civilizations that once
thrived in what is now the unending Islamic
slum of the Middle East.

The only good thing in all this is that
I am an old man, and I will not have to
watch the incalculable treasures of my
Western Civilization [of art, philosophy,
poetry, music, science, of democracy...
and that free exercise of will that has
produced such unparalleled human
achievements] all, all being burned to
oblivion for their imagined affront to
some stupid desert god (by the frenzied
shamans of a sadistic cult) in bonfires
of their incomprehensible superstition.

S D Rodrian

'Will Muslims impose Shariah?'

You don't have to wonder like a dope about
this: Muslims have imposed Sharia everywhere
they are the majority population (except
where there are violent conflicts trying to
prevent it, as in the Southern Sudan).
[Exceptions like Egypt and Turkey are/were
military dictatorships which are under great
pressure from Islamists to impose Sharia.]

Just take the time to look at what's happening
in Thailand and Indonesia, where Islam is
a recent import: Read of the injustices, crimes,
and wrongs which Muslims are imposing on
non-Muslims as their numbers have taken
over the population. Soon those two countries
will look like Iran and Iraq. And that is the
way it has always been everywhere Islam
has become the majority religion, and that
is the way Islam will be everywhere it
becomes the majority religion. If that
happens here it will either be Sharia or
the Constitution, because the civil rights
which are such a second nature to us
that they seem to be as much ours as
the right to breathe... and all the other
"constitutional guarantees" we have come
to enjoy in this country are absolutely
incompatible with Sharia and unheard
of anywhere where Sharia is the law of the
land. Look it up: The answer is obvious.

S D Rodrian

jc wrote:
> You've apparently never read the Bible,
> have you?
> Where do you want me to start? Killing?
> Rape? Murder of infidels?
> -jc

I'm afraid it is you who has self-evidently
never read the Bible: In the Bible God
commands the Hebrews to perform some
heinous actions indeed; but God never
commands them to be heinous forever.
The Koran, on the other hand, commands
Muslims to be butchers, murderers, rapists,
and thieves then, now, and forever. That's
the whole problem right there, you see.
[Or probably not.] But... that's why the
peoples of the Bible have "gotten over it"
and why the Muslims have been heinous
criminals ever since Mohammed taught them
to be as heinous a bunch of criminals as
himself, with no end in sight.

S D Rodrian

ljsprojects ( wrote:

> These WebTV people are a good example
> of the thieving, exhausting, evil Catholicism.
> Don't believe anything they say, they are evil
> and sow terror and hate.
> They must be Zionists. --T.Schmidt

In fact: Don't believe anything people say:
Not a one! Believe only what you see: You
see Quaker terrorism? You see the murders
caused by Baptist suicide bombers? You see
the butchery of the Buddhist assassins...?
Ah! Then in seeing nothing you see everything.

The thieving, evil, & exhausting,

S D Rodrian


Why I Am A Zionist.

Zionism is nothing more & nothing less than the
Jewish People's aspirations for self-determination.
[As such, every human being of good conscience
on this earth, Jewish or not, must support AND
encourage Zionism.] And since history has proven
beyond a doubt that nowhere on earth can that
self-determination be expressed but in Israel, the
Jewish People's singular patrimony... any denial
of the Jews' right to the land of Israel IS a de facto
denial of their manifest right to self-determination.

S D Rodrian

The Jews have no choice--I know there are many
who quip that Jews can go to the U.S. or some
other country, but time & time again history has
proven these to be suicidal suggestions for Jews:

God bless the Jewish People! Tried & true, let
them, in their own land of milk & honey (by the
good Grace of God & their own efforts) thrive
in peace and security, success, prosperity &
happiness, down the ages and ages of Man.

No. I am not a Jew. But I do share something
with the Jews: We are all human beings: One
certainty which some Muslims & a few others
now monstrously deny--to their own shameful
everlasting disgrace, discredit, and dishonor.

As a Zionist, someone who at least advocates Israel
as The State of The Jewish People, I cannot see how
that project can be moved forward by incorporating
the substantial Muslim population of Judea/Samaria.
On the contrary, such a move would undoubtedly,
inevitably produce a miserably failed state
, ripped
apart by its own self-divided citizens (if Palestinians
are granted real citizenship... otherwise the result
can only be a miserable apartheid state--failure).

For this reason, the solution which seems the best
possible one to me is any which dances around the
present status quo: Whether it dances slighting one
way or slightly the other, the status quo's greatest
price now & for the foreseeable future is the ongoing
pernicious attacks by an outside world which keeps
shouting at Israel to let go of the poor tiger's tail.
[I think Israel can live with that painfully obvious
lack of concern by the world about Jewish safety.]

In some ideal future final resolution, either Israel's
military superiority will so exponentially surpass
that of her neighbors that it will become moot just
who sets up states/nations about her. Perhaps a truly
impenetrable barrier will finally be developed. Or
perhaps, in not so ideal a solution, the Palestinians
will finally acquire WMDs and force Israel to at last
kill the tiger once & for all. If that ever comes about:
the world, of course, will no doubt blame Israel for
not letting itself be slaughtered by the tiger ... but,
that's always been the way of the world, hasn't it!
Ya can't live by other people's opinions: They'll kill'ya!



Sorry, guys, but I am of the opinion that people, not
borders, make a nation
. So, for me, self-determination
trumps borders every time: If the Russian-speaking
peoples living within countries other than Russia want
to join with the rest of the Russians... it should be
their unquestioned "human' right to do so--borders be
damned. If the Tibetans do not wish to be part of
China then they should be free to establish their own
Tibetan nation. So to with the Kurds, who are captives
now of all their non-Kurdish neighbors. So too with
the Palestinians, and so too with the Jews, and so too
with the post-Reconquista Spanish & every European
nation which is now being torn apart by the influx of
strangers who want nothing whatever to do with the
peoples of the European nations they are flooding ...
and so too with all the nationalities now held against
their will inside... Russia, China, Pakistan, India, in
Africa & elsewhere in the world: A nation is a people
(be they millions or a handful) all of whom identify
with one another, and therefore all of whom devote
their every undivided effort to safeguard, preserve,
promote, and strengthen the nation's shared way of
life. Or what's a Monaco for then!

I but hope that this can all come about by reason,
law, and the good will of men with the wisdom &
understanding to see that this is the ONLY WAY.

I believe in self-determination: If the "Russian" part
of Ukraine wants to join Russia it would be immoral
for anybody else to have a veto over their wishes.
What is truly moronic of Putin is the way he's going
about trying to expedite this: What he is doing with
all his idiotic military threats and his injection of
violent armed thugs & subversives into Ukraine is
not just scaring the Ukrainians, but also scaring NATO
and Europe, and the United States, and the rest of
the world... and that is not only unnecessary but
downright self-defeating for the country of Russia.
Mr. Putin has succeeded like no one else before him
at instilling in the Europeans the need for military
and political unity
. And given the United States more
standing and relevance in European eyes than anyone
before him ever has in the so-called post-Cold War era.

          Putin sez:
"Who're you're gonna believe, your eyes or me!"

I've been reading all the muckety-muck being poured
out by so-called experts & other interested parties
about what's going on in Ukraine, and since no one
seems to be dealing with the real cause of it I will
point it out here and now: Very little of it has
anything to do with the "geopolitical" or "ethnic" or
any other of the adult reasons that've been bandied
about (mostly by the Russians) primarily as a
smoke-screen which the Western "wise men" (like the
idiots they are) are then blindly trying to brush and
broom down--The problem is identical to what the world
faced with Napoleon, Hitler, & others like them: Putin
is a little squirt who has probably been looked down
on all his little life... and so he has probably spent all
his time trying to be "bigger" than everybody else,
being better than everybody else at everything, being
more vicious than everybody else, more powerful than
everybody else, more patriotic, braver than everybody
else... that's why you see him embarrassingly showing
off his blubbery old breasts out in the boondocks,
pretending he's the world's manliest man. It's an old
story that any guy who has ever witnessed a bar brawl
knows all too well: It's NEVER the big slob who starts
them but always the little squirt. And, guys...

Obviously, Putin has made a safe bet that he can
crash Ukraine before Obama's term is over and the
next president can rescue Ukraine from him.

If you don't slap this little squirt down NOW you're
going to have to fight the big war he's Hell-bent on
bringing to the world later, exactly like Hitler,
exactly like Napoleon: Putin cannot help himself, it's
a psychological drive he cannot control--if he could
we would have seen signs of it all along his career
& there just aren't many. What you see instead is a
sorry history of mousy risk-taking followed by bigger
and bigger risk-taking. Putin the little punk is the
classic kiss-up/kick-down little dog in the pack. And
he can't stop himself (something which, like
Napoleon's and Hitler's inner circles, Putin's inner
circle must be very familiar with by now). Now it
remains for the rest of the world to recognize this
character flaw & to act on it before it is too late.

S D Rodrian

   The pro-Russians bristled at any suggestion that
   their seizure of government buildings was wrong.
   "Pro-Western protesters in Kiev have held
   government buildings and the city’s main square
   since last fall," they said. “Why did America
   support those acts, but is in opposition to ours?”
   said Maksim, the young former paratrooper who
   organized Yuri’s snipers by the bridge. “These are
   the contradictions of the West.”

No they are not, comrade: Had the German people
occupied Hitler's buildings you would have favored
that, but no doubt would have opposed Soviet peoples
occupying Stalin's buidings--Yet it's the same action:
taking buildings. So it's not about taking buildings,
but about whose buildings one takes:

The Ukrainians are fighting for democracy, for
extending political power to the greatest number of
people. The pro-Russians are fighting to hand over
their part of Ukraine, themselves, and their children
over to dictatorship, to the profligate Russian Mafia
headed by Csar Putin.

Now, maybe they think the Russian Mafia will make them
all rich capos & dons, and maybe they're just idiots.
Either way, the pro-Russians are fighting to hand
their part of Ukraine, themseves, and their chidren
over to the chains of dictatorship for the sake of the
dictators. And that's a sad thing indeed to be doing.

General Petraeus now wants some evangelicals
in Florida to curtail their Constitutional right to
freedom of expression here in America (as the
Taliban and other Islamists are demanding)
because it might damage the war effort!

Well, if "winning the war" requires that we
tear up our Constitution (and that America's
Constitutional rights to freedom of expression
be curtailed)... then I say it's far, far better
that the war itself be curtailed & the troops
finally brought home:

What are we doing still in Afghanistan?!?

There are no American troops in Pakistan
and yet not only are most of our enemies
there, but America is involved in striking at
them where they are (and rather effectively):
That is a rather persuasive argument for no
troops being required to fight our enemies
in Afghanistan itself--And if you look closely
at what American troops are fighting for &
dying for in Afghanistan... you will realize
that they are there protecting one of the
most corrupt regimes on this planet, and
a regime which were it not because of all
the foreign troops there now would now
be either our enemy itself, or an ally of our
Taliban & al-Qaida enemies... exactly as
they will be immediately after our troops
pull out anyway, no matter when they pull
out. So the sooner they pull out the better.

And for those who, perhaps having lost
a beloved family member in this war, now
may believe that the best way for them
not to have "died in vain" is for this war
to continue... let me just say that it is
never the nature of the war in which they
die that makes their ultimate sacrifice
worthwhile but the fact that they nobly
answered their country's call: One of
the critical factors that makes a nation
great is indeed its citizenry's willingness
to give even their lives for her without
question. What greater call can there be
for a citizen of the United States than
to fight to make his country great? Not
everyone has the courage or principles
to answer the call--those who do form
the thin line that defines the nation.
And, without regard to which battle they
fought in... every ultimate sacrifice by
an American serviceman has undeniably
made this country the great nation it is.

It is the American Constitution & Bill of
Rights that distinguishes the American
nation from all the other (lesser) nations
in this world. Fighting for the preservation
of those "rights & priviledges" is what
makes any fight Americans may engage
in ultimately worthwhile. Fighting for
anything other than that diminishes the
reason an American soldier fights down
to the same base motives as those of his
most unworthy adversary. And so I say
to you, General Petraeus, that if the price
of victory is the undoing of our American
rights, then we have already lost the war
long before its first shot was ever fired.

S D Rodrian

On Aug 22, 2:52 pm,
(Ray Fischer) wrote:
> It's amusing how Christians claim to be
> better because they ignore
> most of their Holy Book.
> If a man commits adultery with
> another man's wife - with the
> wife of his neighbor - both the adulterer
> and the adulteress
> must be put to death.
> Lev 20:9
> Ray Fischer

Yes! It is true, Ray: Christians ARE better
because they now ignore barbarities of
2000+ years ago even if ancient barbarians
who wrote the bible told everyone it was
"the word of God." And Muslims are worse
BECAUSE they are still, to this very day,
the same mind-numbing barbarians as
the mind-numbing barbarians who wrote
the Koran. You are a perceptive Muslim!


Florida pastor arrested before he could burn 2,998 Qurans

Why exactly was he arrested? Because, I was sure
that a man's allowed to shout, "Fire!" outside a crowded
theatre. Maybe that's why the story doesn't say... Well,
maybe he was trying to do it in a place that doesn't have
"freedom of expression" guaranteed anymore.

What are the consequences for America
if those evangelicals burn the Koran?

This is no different than the Mohammed
cartoon controversy (except, of course,
that it's part/parcel of American culture
to heap venom upon evangelicals but
not on cartoonists, for some reason):
Some guy wants to express himself by
burning korans or drawing an Arab with
a bomb (who ever heard of such a thing?)
and right away we all get in a darn tizzy
because it will offend those who defend
the right of Arabs to carry and deploy

Terry Jones's idea of exchanging his
not burning Korans for the NY mosque
being moved is an intriguing one: Now
that we have finally found a means of
curbing the obnoxious behavior of
Muslims at a rather cheap price, why
not take immediate advantage of it:
Burn a koran every time a Muslim burns
an American Flag (which are as "sacred"
to Americans as korans are to Muslims).
Tho'instead of burning korans because,
like Terry Jones [wasn't he with Monty
Python?] "it offends my superstition!"
a koran burner could instead say: "for
those who burnt that American flag in
Gaza, this flaming koran's for you."]

This would place the onus of burning
korans where it really belongs: on those
who burn American flags. So, if Muslims
wish to see korans burning, all they have
to do is continue to burn American flags.
And then it is Muslims and no one else
who are burning korans: Problem solved
completely mutually satisfactorily! And
we'll all be friends/buddies forever:

But seriously, remember what Voltaire
(one of the principal inspirations of the
people who founded this country), what
Voltaire said: "I do not agree with what
you have to say, but I'll defend to the
death your right to say it." (This is a
conviction which is enshrined in our
Constitution.) And if a Frenchie can lay
his life on the line like that for freedom
of expression... don't you think that a
people like us (who have freedom of
expression guaranteed in our Constitution)
can go the extra mile and abide a few
books being burned (no matter who
may wish to take offense at it)?

That is what the Constitution "freedom of
speech/freedom of expression" enshrines,
Voltaire's principle that the entire American
nation will defend to the death every man's
right to freely express himself even when
not a single other American may agree with
what that man has expressed. This is our
national covenant, our most sacred pledge
to each other.

Constitutional protection of freedom of
speech and freedom of expression are
not needed for the idiot shouting: "Don't
kill babies! Don't kill babies!" It is needed
and required for the busybody shouting:
"Don't have babies! Don't have babies!"
who might otherwise be killed (perhaps
by a mob of enraged pregnant women).

And, for those [liberals!!!] who are now
contemplating trying to enact even more
laws against "hate speech" ... I say: Sure!
Why not? Anything to make it easier for
an American tyrant to muffle dissent. And,
could I be appointed the Ultimate Arbiter
of exactly which speech/form of expression
is hateful? [Pretty please!] I find a LOT of
stuff hateful... and would love the POWER
to finally get rid of some of it.

S D Rodrian

On Aug 27, 2:39 pm, "Sanders Kaufman"
wrote: "SD" wrote in message
>> You're going to have to explain how
> No, he will not.
> Noone has to explain your bigotry to you.
> Furthermore, since bigotry is based in
> extreme ignorance, it's pointless to try.

Well, you're still going to have to explain
(even if only to yourself) how simply stating
the indisputable facts is bigotry. If a man
states that 2 plus 2 equals 4 you will ALWAYS
and forever be required to explain how that
makes him a bigot, were you to call him a
bigot for merely stating an indisputable fact
as you have done to me here.

And, you will also have to explain the ignorance
of a chap like Sir Winston Churchill for writing:

How dreadful are the curses which
Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!
Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is
as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia
in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic

The effects are apparent in many countries.
Improvident habits, slovenly systems of
agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce,
and insecurity of property exist wherever
the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its
grace and refinement; the next of its dignity
and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan
law every woman must belong to some man
as his absolute property, either as a child, a
wife, or a concubine, must delay the final
extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam
has ceased to be a great power among men.

Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities,
but the influence of the religion paralyses the
social development of those who follow it.

No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.
Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is
a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already
spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless
warriors at every step; and were it not that
Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of
science, the science against which it had vainly
struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might
fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.

  -- Sir Winston Churchill (The River War, first
  edition, Vol. II, pages 248-50 [London:
  Longmans, Green & Co., 1899]).

Or perhaps you might but look with your own eyes
upon the catastrophe (world wide) that Islam has
brought down upon the lives of the Muslims and
all their neighbors. And then you might come to
understand that Churchill, as both statesman and
historian, was obviously trying to be civil/diplomatic
in his studied assessment of the dreadful cult of
death, conquest, and destruction that is Islam.

You have to understand that one of the principal
reasons Islam is not wracked by internal revolts
against its disastrous brutality, cruelty, and
homicidal destructiveness is because most Muslims
worldwide are kept from considering how bad they
have it by the most sinister mind-control system
ever devised to keep people from thinking for
themselves: Most Muslims really believe that their
atrociously horrendous existence is ordained by
God from above and is the direct fault of their
neighboring non-Muslims here below!

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.


On Aug 18, 11:07 am, zookumar yelubandi
> SD wrote [see my post below]:
> This propagandameister ... well,
> meister implies mastery...
> let's say peddler ... rails against the
> chosen religion of 25% of the
> world's population.

Well, history records that Islam is not now
nor has it ever been a "religion" strictly
spread on its merits, but has always been
spread by the sword, fear, and intimidation.
And, in fact, Muslims are rather proud of this
gruesome fact. There's no controversy there.

Christians, on the other hand, call their bible
the Gospels ("the good word") and are more
than glad to have everyone read it. Muslims
call their cult Islam ("Submit!" as in "or else!").
And now you know why the Koran itself advises
Muslims to hide the Koran from non-Muslims.

> Either he is mentally-challenged

I am often made crazy by insane things
(like Islam). I'll give you that one.

> or a yokel who
> stares the mathematics confronting his
> position with a fool's disdain.

I stole that disdain from him, basically,
because... he was obviously a fool (it would
have been very difficult to steal it from a
wiseguy). Don't you agree?

> Even if *all* his accusations had some
> basis in reality (which
> is not the case,

Your case might have been stronger had,
instead of merely insulting me, you would
have countered the facts I stated in my
post with some substantial lies or other
(preferably funny lies, as I like to laugh).

> indeed, all are gross caricatures
> of Moslems and

Muslims are caricatures of human beings:
I'm glad your subconscious acknowledges
that indisputable fact.

> Islam); they pale in comparison to the
> warring, the murdering, the
> raping, the pillaging, the crimes of
> humanity,

Ah! Your defense of Islam is "since every-
body else does it, why call Islam on it!"
Thank you for subconscious/unconsciously
acknowledging Islam is as rotten/scummy
as I pointed out it is. Your cooperation is
greatly appreciated (probably not by Muslims).

> the crimes of usury,
> and general-all-around mendacity
> exhibited by a subgroup from within his
> *own* ethnicity, the Ashkenazis. The
> Jewish ethnicity of the Ashkenazis
> is contentious, to say the least; with
> many *nonmainstream* sources
> claiming predominant East and Central
> European origins (the warring,
> barbaric Khazars) and many *mainstream*
> sources claiming South European
> and North African origins. With their
> track record of mainstream
> history revisionism and ongoing
> journalistic mendacity, I find
> mainstream sources less compelling.
> In any event, whether predominantly
> Khazarian, or predominantly South
> European, the Ashkenazi ethnicity is
> best understood as that ethnicity that
> has given us the bankster class,
> or at least, a significant portion of it.
> This bankster class, of
> course, has funded and directed the
> great wars of modern history; the
> great tyrants; the great ethnic
> cleansings; the great lootings of the
> treasury; the great scams and Ponzi
> schemes; the great false flag
> events; etc. Makes the argument for
> barbarian origins a virtual slam
> dunk, IMO.

And here I thought for sure you were going
to say something mildly anti-Semitic! Well,
you certainly had me fooled. [sarcasm]

> Getting back to this SD Rodrian

Could there possibly be another one?!?!

> ... ask him about his origins.

I don't boast about my origins but as long as
you'd like to examine them you're in luck, I
recently had my DNA tested and here are the
results (you can now call me on them):

Algeria 1  -  1  62  N/A
Australia 5  -  5  132  3.8%
Austria 5  -  6  542  1.1%
    1  Styria
Bahamas 1  -  1  85  N/A
Belarus 2  -  2  593  0.3%
Belgium 17  -  17  458  3.7%
Bermuda 1  -  1  4  N/A
Bolivia 1  -  1  10  N/A
Brazil  3  -  3  43  N/A
Bulgaria 1  -  1  132  0.8%
Canada 4  -  6  224  2.7%
    1  French
    1  MDKO: Canada
Croatia 1  -  1  195  0.5%
Cuba  2  -  3  74  N/A
    1  MDKO: Cuba
Czech  9  -  10  610  1.6%
    1  Czechoslovakia
Denmark 18  -  18  746  2.4%
Ecuador 1  -  1  17  N/A
England 859  -  861  21,321 4.0%
    1  MDKO: Canada
    1  Saxony
Ethiopia 1  -  1  28  N/A
Finland 3  -  3  1,525 0.2%
France 135  -  136  2,976 4.6%
    1  Alsace
Germany 292  -  301  10,826 2.8%
    1  Ashkenazi
    1  Bavaria
    1  Beindersheim, Pfaltz
    1  Hesse
    1  Lower Saxony
    1  Prussia
    1  Rhineland-Palatinate
    1  Saarland
    1  Wurttenburg
Greece  2  -  2  637  0.3%
Guyana 1  -  1  11  N/A
Hungary 6  -  6  1,023 0.6%
Iceland  4  -  4  144  2.8%
India  1  -  1  1,236 0.1%
Iran  1  -  1  231  0.4%
Iraq  1  -  1  79  N/A
Ireland 798  -  800  12,433 6.4%
    1  Galway
    1  Great Britain
Italy  40  -  49  3,078 1.6%
    2  Lombardy
    1  Marche
    1  Northern
    1  Piemonte
    4  Sicily
Jamaica  1  -  1  43  N/A
Lithuania 1  -  3  888  0.3%
    2  Ashkenazi
Luxembrg 1  -  1  49  N/A
Mexico  10  -  12  666  1.8%
    2  MDKO: Mexico
Nethrlnds 43  -  44  1,502 2.9%
    1  Holland
N Zealnd 2  -  2  45  N/A
No Irelnd 28  -  28  648  4.3%
Norway 33  -  33  1,195 2.8%
Poland  13  -  17  3,233 0.5%
    1  Ashkenazi
    1  Pomeranian Voivodeship
    2  Prussia
Portugal 13  -  15  700  2.1%
    1  Azores
    1  Sephardic
Puert Rico 3  -  3  181  1.7%
Russ Fed 8  -  13  2,724 0.5%
    3  Ashkenazi
    2  Native Siberian
Scotland 535  -  537  9,981 5.4%
    1  Orkney Islands
    1  Shetland
Slovakia 2  -  2  460  0.4%
Slovenia 1  -  1  131  0.8%
Spain  119  -  128  3,047 4.2%
    1  Basque
    4  Canary Islands
    3  MDKO: Mexico
    1  MDKO: Puerto Rico
Sweden 42  -  43  1,468 2.9%
    1  Scandinavia
Switzrlnd 61  -  66  1,587 4.2%
    1  Aargau
    1  Bern
    1  Möhlin
    1  St. Gallen
    1  Zurich
Ukraine  3  -  8  1,366 0.6%
    5  Ashkenazi
UnKngdm360  -  409  9,471 4.3%
    42  Great Britain
    7  Shetland Islands
US   6  -  6  898  0.7%
Wales  80  -  80  1,799 4.4%
Yemen  1  -  1  86  N/A

Except for one German great-grandfather
(who, as you can see wasn't much Ashkenazi)
I'm pretty much a Western European mongrel.

> Being the shameless propagandist that
> he is, my best intuition tells me
> that he is a myrmidon of the bankster
> class. To be sure, righteous Jews
> and righteous Ashkenazis form the vast
> majority of their respective
> groupings; and many Ashkenazis are,
> indeed, righteous practicing Jews.

I do have some Ashkenazi matches, but this
might be that the Ashkenazis in the sampling
match me (as there are so few of them): A
couple of Ashkenazis here & there merely
mean "they" probably had a lot of European
DNA and not that the Europeans had lots of
Ashkenazi DNA.] Your racial theory doesn't
hold. Sorry! Also: No Chinese, Japanese, or
Martians, for some reason... I enjoy your
anti-Semitism almost as much as you do,
just for different reasons.

> Having said that, the bankster class is thick
> with mendacious Ashkenazis
> and phony Jews (e.g. the Zionists aka
> False Flag Jews). SD Rodrian is a Zionist.
> He is no righteous Jew. And he is no
> righteous Ashkenazi. He is what he is
> ... a propaganda peddler. Uncle Zook

Well, I know what I am (see DNA sampling
above). And you know what you are (as we
now all know)... And you didn't even have to
have your DNA sampled!

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.

The Christians and The Jews...

One of the old predictions concerning the Messiah
is that he would raise a mighty power among the
gentiles and that this mighty power would found
Israel and make her invulnerable to her enemies.
Well, it was not so much ben-Gurion and a handful
of dusty Jewish irregulars who founded Israel but
Harry Truman, who in spite of the anti-Semitism of
his own cabinet, Pentagon, and State Department
(the American Ambassador to the U.N. made a
speech there against recognizing Israel just before
Truman cast America's vote to recognize the state
of Israel!), and the impressive opposition in the
U.N. by the petro-Arabs and their allies... Harry
Truman decided, almost exclusively due to his own
Christian beliefs, that God wanted him to push the
creation of the state of Israel: Which he proceeded
to do, and then made the U.S. the first country to
officially recognize the new state of Israel. Can't
imagine the anti-Semitic Nixon doing that (and yet
it was this same Nixon who proceeded to "save"
Israel during the six-day war!). Are there not
miracles in the world for those with eyes to see
them? Christians or Jews...

The relation between the Christians and the Jews
is a two-way historical inevitability: There can be
no Christians without there first having been Jews,
and there might not be (rabbinical) Jews today
without Christian intervention. [The notion that the
Nazis were "Christians" is as obnoxiously idiotic
as the idea of Hitler pondering the invasion of
Poland with... "Ja, now, what would Jesus do...?"]

S D Rodrian

On the New York Mosque Controversy...

The history of Islam tells you plainly
enough that the reason for this mosque
is just to "plant the flag" at the site
of a victory: No one would, watching
how hurtful this is to so many people,
no one would continue to insist on
building this mosque over the graves
of Islam's victims. No one except
perhaps Muslims because Muslims are
from childhood taught to be insensitive
to the suffering of their fellow human
beings--In fact, most Islamic nations'
curriculums specialize in dehumanizing

"Polls show that nearly half of Americans
have unfavorable views of Islam, and the
fear of this faith in America is undeniable.
But is it as simple as xenophobia and
racism? I do not believe so."

Yes. I also don't believe so: Xenophobia
and racism did not elect a black president
nor reach out to help millions of non-
Americans all over the world at a time
when America itself is suffering some of
its worse economic troubles in history.

The real reason lies in Islam itself. In what
it does to Muslims, and especially what it
does to non-Muslims themselves: And all
anyone has to do is read the sad history
of Islam's millions upon millions of victims
across the centuries and right down to our
own time:

Islam relies on the sheer ignorance and
innocent naivete of its victims AND of
Muslims themselves. And the modern world,
unlike the medieval world of Mohammed,
is beginning to understand/learn the true
nature of this evil cult whose aim is the
complete conquest of this world by any
means it has to take... even by the most
vicious, unimaginable inhumanities.

Today the whole world can finally stare
at the depraved bloodthirstiness of the
Koran with their own eyes and grasp at
last that its calls to murder are at aimed
at none but you and me and our families.
And, frankly, my dear, if that isn't enough
to "have unfavorable views of Islam," and
to fear, fear this "faith" like the plague,
I don't know what is.

S D Rodrian

amelia45 wrote:

powellsanmiguel: "People should feel
something about groups that are trying to
kill them. I wouldn't call it bias, more like
fear and dread. And saying that all
Moslems are not trying to kill us doesn't
make me feel much better."

"You are probably correct. But the reason
there is a thing called justice in the world
is because we are supposed to hate and
fear those who have harmed us or will
harm us, not the nebulous "they". The
ones who actually harmed us includes
a few hundred, or a few thousand or
tens of thousands, but it does not include
the 1 billion+ Muslims of the world."

You are probably correct. I would certainly
NOT blame or fear ALL 1 billion + Muslims in
the world... only those who actually commit
butchery in the name of Islam... well, and
those who dance in the street at the butchery,
of course, as well as those who contribute
money & other resources to the butchers,
those who give the butchers pats on their
backs, who welcome them, protect them,
clothe & feed them, hide them, those who
rationalize the butchery, those who spread
the lie that Muslims are actually the victims
in the butchery, or the more creepy lie that
the butchery isn't happening at all, and,
of course, those that stand by in silence
and neither condemn the butchery nor do
anything about it--Oh, wait, that does
include ALL 1 billion + Muslims.

Never mind,

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.

Religious liberty should prevail
near Ground Zero? Try:

That's not where any question has
to be asked about religious liberty
needing to prevail: Where religious
liberty REALLY needs to prevail is
in Saudi Arabia and all the other
Islamic nations in which it is ILLEGAL
to practice Christianity or where
Christians are murdered in the street
every day
with complete impunity
day after day after day (Egypt).

Qatari Ghanim al-Naimi said the right
to build mosques anywhere in the world
should be guaranteed.

How about the right to build churches
anywhere om the world--should that also
be guaranteed? Then how about talking
to the Saudis and others who have made
it illegal to build a church ANYWHERE
in their countries...

Try, just try to bring your Bible into
Saudi Arabia, a country for which
Americans shed their blood: You'll be
lucky if you get out of it without
some serious prison time (unless
you're Jimmy Carter or some other
such really fat ass and don't mind
that only fat asses like yourself are
the sole Christians able to escape
the Sharia law brutalizing all human
rights there).

Trust me on this: There's no need to
debate whether anyone needs religious
liberty ANYWHERE in New York City.

Just don't build a monument to Islam
on the graves of Islam's victims: Is
that too much to ask for the murdered
of 9/11? Do you also have to insult
the memory of the murdered by having
"an objection to their graves being
desecrated" declared religious bigotry?

S D Rodrian

NY cab driver SEZ he was stabbed by a guy
after he told him he was Muslim...

Wow! One mentally unbalanced guy stabs
a Muslim because of Islam and it's PAGE
ONE: But, seriously,

When's the last time anyone read on ANY
page hereabouts anything concerning the
ongoing Muslim genocides? Because, baby,
everywhere there are Muslims on this earth
they are engaged in butchering scores of
non-Muslims, or murdering other Muslims
not members of their own sect. So, where
is the ongoing PAGE ONE scores & scores
on that one?

When's the last time anyone heard the
unending onslaught of Muslims killing
Muslims in Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewhere
[BECAUSE the murdered were not
members of the murderers' particular
Islamic cult] called what it is: inspired
by Islam rather than "civil strife" as if
it were a dispute over workers' comp?!

S D Rodrian

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield wrote: "Please stop
the Nazi comparisons"

If we can not compare something to something
else, how are we going to measure anything?!?

How are we ever going to compare the Islamic
Genocide which has been going on for 1,400
years and has claimed the lives of hundreds
of millions of innocents if we do not compare
it to the worse Genocide in our immediate
experience? To which other genocide are we
supposed to compare the Islamic Genocide?
It is the most monstrous and unimaginably
immense Genocide in all human history, and
a comparison to the Genocide of the Nazis is
about the only thing which can really put its
terrible immensity in perspective. What else
can one compare it to... a duck run over by
a truck?!?

Instead of trying to thwart our understanding
of exactly how monstrous the Islamic Genocide
is (by such cheap tricks as trying to prevent its
comparison to the Nazi Genocide)... we should
instead be expending our efforts trying to explain
how otherwise perfectly "normal" human beings
can engage in such unimaginable murder and
brutality... and in trying to find ways to prevent
genocide in the future.

And begin right here: Everywhere on this earth
Muslim youth are taught practically from the day
they are born that every word in the Koran is
the indisputable sacred word of God, that the
commandments of God were conveyed by the
angel Gabriel to Mohammed and set down into
the Koran without one single error in its
transmission: every word. Islamic "scholars"
have even produced "proofs" that the Koran is
a mathematically perfect algorithm whose every
part "proves" the "truth" of every other part!!!

Under these circumstances what do you suppose
will happen when "good, pious" Muslim youths
who wish to get closer to their "religion" come
across passages in the Koran such as these:

[Qur'an 8.1] "They ask you about the benefits
of capturing the spoils of war. Tell them: ‘The
benefits belong to Allah and to His Messenger.'
So fulfill your duty to Allah and the Prophet."
[Qur'an 8.5] "Your Lord sent you from your
homes to fight for the true cause." [Qur'an 8.7]
"Allah wished to confirm the truth by His
words: ‘Wipe the infidels out to the last.'"
[Qur'an 8.12] "I shall terrorize the infidels.
So wound their bodies and incapacitate them
because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.
[Qur'an 8.15] "Believers, when you meet the
unbelievers in battle, do not turn your back
on them for any Muslim who retreats will
bring the wrath of Allah on himself and will
abide in Hell." [Qur'an 8.72] "Those who
accepted Islam and left their homes to fight
in Allah's Cause with their possessions and
persons, and those who gave them shelter
and aided them are your allies. You are
only called to protect Muslims who fight."
[Qur'an 8.73] "The infidels aid one another.
Unless you do the same there will be
anarchy in the land. Those who accepted
Islam and left their homes to fight in Allah's
Cause are good Muslims." [Qur'an 8.57] "If
you meet them in battle, inflict on them
such a defeat as would be a lesson for
those who come after them, that they may
be warned." [Qur'an 8.59] "The infidels
should not think that they can get away
from us. Prepare against them whatever
arms and weaponry you can muster so
that you may terrorize them. They are
your enemy and Allah's enemy." [Qur'an
8.71] "He will give you mastery over them."
[Qur'an 8.39] " So, fight them till all
opposition ends and the only religion is

Please explain to me and to everyone else in
this world (most especially of all the victims
of Islamic butchery) how any "good, pious"
Muslim youth can avoid becoming convinced
that God commands him to become a terrorist
of Islam's enemies once he comes across
such passages in a Koran he has all his life
been taught every last word of it (without
a single exception) is the express demands
& orders of God?!? Because I don't know.

But now you know that when some Western
patsy, apologist, or enabler of Islamic genocide
tells you Osama bin Laden is a crazy extremist
who "perverts and misinterprets Islam" (and
that Islam is really all about "love and peace"):
they are lying to you, and they are setting you
up for ruin, enslavement, death, and worse.

S D Rodrian


The Koran is (and was specifically designed
by the criminal mastermind Mohammed, as)
an instructional manual on how to be an
effective long-term criminal: The Koran
advocates thieving of every form, shape,
and kind... laying out lying, betrayal, and
deception as systematic formal strategies
... the intimidation & outright terrorizing
of your victims, including the threat of (or
use of) torture and rape as weapons--And
not just merely the threat of their use
[because, monstrously, Mohammed knew
that without the everyday actual use of
these "weapons" their threat would soon
become empty... and he was just monster
enough to not mind promoting their
frequent use].

In the Koran there are not only everywhere
justifications for murdering people (men,
women, and children) not just merely
because they refuse to join your criminal
organization (Islam the Mafia was designed
by Mohammed as a growing empire)... but
everywhere the Koran puts forth as quite
reasonable the astonishingly unreasonable
notion that God sanctions taking possession
and legal ownership of the properties of
those victims who are murdered during the
discharge of your criminal gang's official
business (or, Jihad).

Under these circumstances it is a downright
MIRACLE whenever ANY Muslim-ruled country,
region, or fiefdom is NOT run as an out-and-out
criminal enterprise: The idea that Islamic-run
countries can ever escape the devastating
tyranny of corruption is downright absurd. And,
as one can imagine, in the presence of such
unmitigated corruption, any real democracy is
utterly impossible. This is why the corruption
in Islamic countries in not only legendary but
eternally implacable.

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.


Muslims are very much like hostages
being held literally (not even remotely
figuratively) at gun-point: Any Muslim
who leaves Islam is under sentence of
death, and even parents and children
are expected to carry out this horrifically
barbaric sentence (and have ... in many,
many documented cases).

Most unfortunate of all, most Muslims
are as psychologically confused about
their status as those kidnap victims who
begin to sympathize with their kidnappers
and actualy work AGAINST their liberation
--Were that not the case there would
surely be very many fewer Muslims in
this world now... threatening to butcher
other Muslims who wish to leave Islam.

What the civilized world ought to do is
take seriously the Mafia-like nature of
Islam and institute measures to safeguard
Muslims who wish to free themselves
from the criminal enterprise that is Islam.
Instead of completely ignoring the problem,
which is exactly what the world does now
with very few exceptions for extremely
prominent people like Salman Rushdie
and other well-known Muslim celebrities.

S D Rodrian

Robert Wright asked: Can Americans
gradually develop greater tolerance
for Muslims as they have for gays?

      I answer:

Of course. The instant the Muslim
genocide of non-Muslims goes down
to, oh, around the level of the genocide
being carried out by gays against non-
gays ... I don't see why non-Muslims
couldn't find a little more tolerance
for Muslims. We're all humans.

And, while I have never been the victim
of a Muslim attack, more than once have
I been the victim of gay attacks: Just a
month ago a gay guy (I assume he was
gay, although truth be told he didn't come
out & state it for a fact) stopped me in the
street and asked me whether I'd like a blow
job! (I have no idea what attracts gay guys
to me, but I'd sure like to find out so I can
fix it, for God's sake!) I declined his offer.

Now. Of course, the gay genocide of non-
gays pretty much hasn't even gotten
started yet... while the Muslim genocide
of non-Muslims dates back to Mohammed
himself, who started it off (what, going
on 14 or 15 centuries now). So it's gonna
be a might hard for Muslims to let go of
this habit of killing non-Muslims of theirs.

But, there's always hope. And pipe dreams.
And, of course, the current strategy of
dodging the Muslim bombs, and keeping
an eye out for their suicide bombers &
whatnot, trying to bring them to court when
they murder us, and just plain learning
to live with grenades being tossed at ya
while you walk back & forth like ducks
at the fairground shooting galleries. I guess
it's the only politically correct thing to do
in our modern civilized world... before it
goes the way of the Roman Empire.

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.

On Sep 7, 1:51 pm, ernobe wrote:
> ["Followup-To:" header set to alt.atheism.]
>> Yep: Throw in a bit of comparative religion
>> studies too--It could all be very instructive
>> indeed. [Why don't we see Muslims chopping
>> non-Muslims' heads all over Manhattan? (For
>> instance.) That is a very good question, which
>> could also be addressed in class during show-
>> and-tell: Does anybody know the answer?
> It is a very good question, but ceases to be
> one the minute you disregard
> going to the Source for information
> concerning the answer. Ones actions
> are dictated by ones beliefs,

Which is WHY the Koran is such an Evil
book: In itself it's merely the malicious
writings of an ancient highwayman guilty
of innumerable crimes, backstabbing mass
murder being but one of them. which see:
all designed to elicit loyalty from his gang
of inhuman cutthroats 14 centuries ago!

The real problem with Islam is that today's
Muslims are mercilessly brainwashed from
a very tender young age into the conviction
that the Koran can NOT be wrong, so that
when they come across its exhortations
to terrorize non-Muslims, to butcher them,
dehumanize them, to consider them as
strangers whom God wants them to rob of
all their possessions, rape their women,
mutilate their bodies, lop their heads off
(et al) & then informs them that murdering
and robbing such strangers [the business
of the cutthroat highwayman who was
Mohammed mayheberoastinginhell] who,
in order to turn his small band of cutthroats
into an army of cutthroats, ordered that if
any victim refused to join the gang of
cutthroat highwaymen [pirates also used
the same method of recruitment] they
are to be slain without pity or mercy...
that all this amazing inhumanity is the
eternal business of all Muslims... then
one explains the unending Islamic
genocide that has consumed (and is
even now consuming) the world since
the time of the miserable highwayman
that was Mohammed mhbrih. How many
innocent lives the Islamic Genocide has
butchered across all the intervening
centuries is hardly possible to even
calculate, for it is truly incalculable,
the most incredibly monstrous crime
in all of history, but what history we
do have suggests it's in the hundreds
AND hundreds of millions of victims!

> so why not
> try to understand what the Quran is
> really saying,

How about a Muslim like yourself trying
to understand? You know, if Jesus were
to show up at my doorsteps today and
tell me his design for humanity is murder,
destruction of human civilization, rape,
sodomy, the enslavement of my fellow
human beings, robbing of their property
and then making that property mine
forever by cutting their throats: I would
tell this Jesus that he is an evil man and
that I will throw my lot with humanity
against his evil. And there would be no
hesitation whatsoever, because no one
has to tell me what evil is: The mind-
numbing mystery is that Muslims read
the monstrosities in the Koran every day
(their Mohammed exhorting them to
obvious and indisputable Evil) and they
do not instantly denounce it for the
damnable loathsome wickedness it is!!
That is why I regard ALL Muslims (and
not just those who are actively in the
business of terrorism) with such contempt.

> instead of turning your
> good question into a bad question by
> disregarding it? If the sight of a virgin
> suggests rape to you, virgins in
> heaven would mean sinning in heaven.

Are you saying you are going against the
Koran, and that one CAN sin in Paradise?
Please do elaborate! Because Mohammed
designed "Paradise" as the eternal reward
for the inhuman monsters he needed to
make of his cutthroats (now called Muslims).
And they must have asked him often enough
how inhuman monsters like themselves
could stay in Paradise. So Mohammed HAD
to design a Paradise where his inhuman
monsters could stay without fear of being
kicked out for their monstrous inhumanity.
And he did!

> But the mention of virgins in the Quran,
> if carefully analyzed, leads one to
> conclude that the Author had something
> different than rape in mind.

You are the one who is going to have to
explain that to the 6 year-old Mohammed
"married," had sex with when she was 9
and divorced soon after because... well,
because why would a pedophile keep an
innocent child like that one for his wife?
That's not why he "acquired" her, is it!

The evil that was Mohammed knew no
bounds: At some point, the power he
wielded must have completely warped
his twisted brain, as clearly the history
of his life by Muslim admirers (!) shows.

> So your
> otherwise good intentions here on earth,
> of seeing a virgin to marry, for example,
> are turned into bad intentions
> because you don't abandon your rape
> thoughts, guided by the light of the
> Holy Quran.

You are blinded by "the light of the koran,"
ernobe: Let your humanity, which MUST
exist somewhere within you as it does
within all men, be your guide: For 72
"virgins" to willingly give their virginity
to some newly made suicide/murderer
is beyond human reason. I seriously doubt
anyone could find 72 whores desperate
enough to accede to such a vile burden!

> As it is said therein, "God
> is the patron of those who believe;
> He shall lead them out of darkness
> into light: but those who believe not,
> their patrons are Tagut; they shall lead
> them from the light into darkness;
> they shall be the companions of fire,
> they shall remain therein forever."
> ( Sale trans., 2:257 )

It's giberish designed to keep the brain-
washed from recognizing that all the
inhuman butchery around you caused
by Islam is what it is... unendingly
disgusting, repellent, hideous wickedness
(which in many, many documented cases
EXPLAINS the very willingness of suicide
murderers to do away with themselves).

Yes, the Koran is bursting with such
feel-good giberish. But if you ignore
the truly hateful evil which indisputably
forms its core, you are forever doomed
to make a butcher of men of yourself.

Try to think for yourself, ernobe, and
free yourself from Islam's mind-control:
Many have done it, and are become
human beings once again. Good luck!

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.


"On May 10th, 1933 the Nazis burned
25,000 books -- including those written
by Jewish poet Heinrich Heine..."

Yes, the Nazis were burning poetry.
Can anyone really equate burning poetry
books with burning Mein Kampf~?!?
Well, the Koran is far more bloodthirsty
than Mein Kampf. And has been far
more devastating by its influence upon
the world. Can anyone hope to deny
this fact when the victims of the Koran's
venom for all the centuries Islam has
existed are in the hundreds of million?
Can anyone hope to deny it when the
victims of Islam just only in today's
world number the 1.5 million Armenians,
millions of Bangladeshis, countless
thousands in Darfur, Kashmire, Sudan,
Central Africa... the list is endless!
Everywhere there are Muslims on this
earth (incluging here in the United States:
remember 9/11?) they are brutalizing,
raping, enslaving, and murdering non-
Muslims and each other alike... all at
the exhortations to be found in the Koran!

To equate the Nazis burning poetry
books, beautiful as the poetry was and
evil as the Nazis were, with burning
the Koran, the most bloodthirsty book
ever written by a homicidal maniac,
is truly laughing over the graves of
the Koran's millions of victims--O wait,
you also want to build a monument to
Islam over the graves of the 9/11
murdered on the orders in the Koran!
So it's par for the course for Muslims.

The Koran is a vicious book filled with
incitement to murder, genocide, world-
domination & enslavement both of the
human spirit and of humanity itself.
Every copy of it should be burned
everywhere it's available by every
decent human being who can get his
hands on it. The only non-Muslims
who foolishly defend it as some sort
of "religious" sacred book are those
who have never bothered to read
through it... and then understand that
its viciousness seriously! If ever they do
read it, and understand its implications
as they watch the carnage perpetrated
by Muslims against humanity, they
shall be stunned: shocked quite beyond
imagining once they realize that all
Muslims consider it "the word of God..."
justifying their unending slaughter
of the innocents.

I understand how, as a Muslim, you
wish to deceive non-Muslims (it's in
the Koran). But I will never understand
how, watching all around them the
unending butchery inspired directly
by the Koran, ANY non-Muslim could
oppose its being burned, every last
copy of it, out of existence!

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.

On Oct 28, 4:56 am, "Singanas@Texasgulfcoast"
> American Muslims today occupy the same
> role as the Japanese Americans
> during W.W. II. > David H
> ~~~~~~

Actually, the Japanese were real/actual victims
of American racism: The Italian-Americans
and the German-Americans were not interned
in camps "for their own protection." NOTE:

The Japanese Shinto religion does not advocate
the murder of those who do not practice Shinto;
nor does it demand that anyone become a
follower of Shinto (who doesn't want to) under
penalty of death. And, like the Japanese,
neither the Italians nor the Germans were
under any religious duty to murder Americans
simply because of who/what they were. In this
sense, they were nothing like Muslims today:

Islam, the Islam that every Muslim MUST
follow under penalty of death, demands that
non-Muslims either be forced to become
Muslims or that they be slaughtered.

CONDEMN OR OPPOSE any of the passages
in the Koran demanding Muslims murder non-
Muslims: NEVER. Such a condemnation would
draw an instant/automatic sentence of death
which is the duty of EVERY (other) Muslim
to administer (and that includes that Muslim's
parents and/or children, friends and/or family
members, and/or any/every casual Muslim
at hand).

This is what most non-Muslims do not
understand/appreciate, as they ask why more
Muslims do not condemn "terrorism" ...
Muslims perpetrate against non-Muslims:

What non-Muslims call "terrorism" (against
non-Muslims) the Koran calls the duty of
every Muslim.

The only "terrorism" condemned by Muslim
authorities (& others) is the terrorism carried
out against them or that which damages
their standing in the West, or their pockets.

But, again, not ONE Muslim will condemn
the passages in the Koran advocating
Terrorism (of non-Muslims) themselves.

That should tell you all you need to know
about Islam... and your Muslim neighbors.

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.

[A couple of Christians Fundamentalists
called for a "Burn The Quran Day" and the
Washington Post chided Christianity itself
for demanding Muslims stop their genocide
but not demanding that the Quran be
respected by all Christians as a holy book!]

Yeah! The darn poor Muslims are expected to
denounce the mass-murder, brutality, human
slavery, robbing, and raping they've been
engaging in unrelentingly for the past 1400
years AND are engaging in all over the world
today... while those evil Christians get a pass
on their flaming book burning! Outrageous!
Quick, some enabler of Islamic genocide:
write a column! [sarcasm 101]

"Among Muslims there are emerging
efforts beyond press releases to engage
Islamist fanatics and Muslims, especially
young Muslims, at risk of radicalization."

Why don't you try engaging all Muslims
world-wide, because

There is nowhere on this planet earth
a place where there are Muslims and
Muslims are not engaged in brutalizing,
abusing, murdering, intimidating and/or
harassing [etc.] non-Muslims (and
even other Muslims where there is a
scarcity of non-Muslims available
because they've butchered all there
once were): From the United States,
Egypt, Africa, Asia, Europe, Indonesia,
Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bali,
you name it. Could this just merely
be a coincidence? Or is it not more
likely two indisputable FACTS tragically
coming together:

ONE: The Koran is a war-mongering
document created by a despicable and
murderous highwayman for the purpose
of inspiring his gang of cutthroats to
their loathsome vocation religiously.


TWO: There are NO MUSLIMS anywhere
in the world willing to or capable (for fear
of being butchered by their fellow-Muslims)
of denouncing the monstrosities which lurk
in the Koran and every now and again inspire
Muslims who venture to take as a religion the
unimaginable atrocities it enshrines: NONE.

This is because Muslims are brainwashed
from the earliest moments into believing
that EVERY WORD of the Koran is as much
the sacred word of God as every other &
any other word of it~!

Ask the Muslims you know to please condemn
NOT the Quran itself and all it says BUT only
those portions of it that command Muslims to
"put terror into the hearts of non-Muslims" and
see if they are brave/decent enough to do it.

The Islamic genocides will go on & on until
such time as the world, and specifically Muslims
themselves place their own humanity above
the inhuman outrages of the Quran and at last
denounce it for the rank evil it undeniably is.

Under these circumstances what do you suppose
will happen when "good, pious" Muslim youths
who wish to get closer to their "religion" come
across passages in the Koran such as these:

[Qur'an 8.1] "They ask you about the benefits
of capturing the spoils of war. Tell them: ‘The
benefits belong to Allah and to His Messenger.'
So fulfill your duty to Allah and the Prophet."
[Qur'an 8.5] "Your Lord sent you from your
homes to fight for the true cause." [Qur'an 8.7]
"Allah wished to confirm the truth by His
words: ‘Wipe the infidels out to the last.'"
[Qur'an 8.12] "I shall terrorize the infidels.
So wound their bodies and incapacitate them
because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.
[Qur'an 8.15] "Believers, when you meet the
unbelievers in battle, do not turn your back
on them for any Muslim who retreats will
bring the wrath of Allah on himself and will
abide in Hell." [Qur'an 8.72] "Those who
accepted Islam and left their homes to fight
in Allah's Cause with their possessions and
persons, and those who gave them shelter
and aided them are your allies. You are
only called to protect Muslims who fight."
[Qur'an 8.73] "The infidels aid one another.
Unless you do the same there will be
anarchy in the land. Those who accepted
Islam and left their homes to fight in Allah's
Cause are good Muslims." [Qur'an 8.57] "If
you meet them in battle, inflict on them
such a defeat as would be a lesson for
those who come after them, that they may
be warned." [Qur'an 8.59] "The infidels
should not think that they can get away
from us. Prepare against them whatever
arms and weaponry you can muster so
that you may terrorize them. They are
your enemy and Allah's enemy." [Qur'an
8.71] "He will give you mastery over them."
[Qur'an 8.39] " So, fight them till all
opposition ends and the only religion is

Please explain to me and to everyone else in
this world (most especially of all the victims
of Islamic butchery) how any "good, pious"
Muslim youth can avoid becoming convinced
that God commands him to become a terrorist
of Islam's enemies once he comes across
such passages in a Koran he has all his life
been taught every last word of it (without
a single exception) is the express demands
& orders of God?!? Because I don't know.

But now you know that when some Western
patsy, apologist, or enabler of Islamic genocide
tells you Osama bin Laden is a crazy extremist
who "perverts and misinterprets Islam" (and
that Islam is really all about "love and peace"):
they are lying to you, and they are setting you
up for ruin, enslavement, death, and worse.

To me it's amazing that so few Muslims
actually become suicide terrorists.

S D Rodrian


I am not all that sure that to the apologists
for Islam it would much matter if Feisal Abdul
Rauf [the really creepy Muslim imam behind
the New York mosque] had funded the 9/11
attacks. Just as it doesn't much matter to
them now that Islam is CLEARLY the ONLY
justification for them.

Why they appear to be so convinced that
"Islam means Peace," or that Islam is as
innocuous a "religion" as Buddhism, when
the truth against this is so impossible to
avoid ... cries out for some psychological
explanation (since there doesn't seem to
be any evidence that Saudi Arabia or some
other such nefarious entity is suborning
most of them).

What is unclear to me is how then Nazism
is indicted as the cause of what a handful
of Nazi extremists did back in the 30s & 40s.
After all, read the Koran and it as clearly
advocates the murder of non-Muslims as
Mein Kampf advocates the murder of Jews
(and even much more explicitly). What
would people think if they had to listen to
a continuous litany about how "only 18 or
28 (tops)" Nazis were really responsible
for the Holocaust, and that "most Nazis"
were really decent, honorable citizens of
the world? Have they not the Constitutional
right to build their beerhalls where they

Certainly history provides us with many
more incidents of much greater Islamic
genocides than it ever does of the infamous
Nazi one (there's one region in India alone
where Muslims butchered as many as, yes:
60,000,000 Hindus. And it's not as if Muslims
themselves are trying to hide all this horror,
either (except for the Turks trying to deny
the Armenian Genocide): There are many
places in Afghanistan and Pakistan named
Hindu-kush-something to this day... or, "the
place where the Hindus were slaughtered").
Entire cities of many millions of souls in
the Indian subcontinent were butchered
without mercy down to the last man, woman,
and child by the Muslims in their heyday of
Islamic conquest. But I imagine that's far
too distant in the past for all those victims
of Islamic genocide to be of much relevance
to the present day liberals & defenders of
religious freedom hollering: Long live the
freedom of Muslims to continue to practice
their "religion!" forever as ever they've done!

I'll just go hide under my bed now.

S D Rodrian

Is freedom a religious or secular idea?

Freedom is an absolutely (impossible to
separate from) secular idea/principle:
How can anyone possibly conceive of the
illogical and utterly ridiculous notion of
human freedom within the concept of a
lifetime observing/worshipping a "being"
(or creature) "higher" than man?!? Under
such obvious conditions of uncontestable
subservience man becomes a mere slave
(of secondary or little importance even
to himself): Only God is important. Man
matters little or not at all. Therefore, if
men must be sacrificed for the sake of
God, what possible objection could a
mere man raise?!? (And so it is in Islam,
where in the Koran the one and only way
anyone is guaranteed a direct & unimpeded
entrance into "Paradise" is to murder as
many human beings as possible while
committing suicide yourself "for God.")

  The redeeming peculiarity of Judaism
  is told in the story of God asking Abraham
  to sacrifice his son--a common practice
  in the Middle East then. [Hundreds of years
  later, as the Romans were threatening to
  destroy Carthage, the "great" Hannibal
  ordered the "sacrifice" of Carthaginian
  children, including his own--the Romans,
  however, were not impressed by this
  pious gesture and eventually wiped
  Carthage off the map]: But at the last
  moment the Hebrew God stops Abraham's
  sacrifice, signaling an end to the practice
  of human sacrifice from that moment on
  --at least for the Jews).

The problem, of course, is fundamental
(and even a humanistic religion like
Judaism escapes it not): There is no god,
of any form/manner or shape; therefore
very human, very mortal men (whether
crazy, wicked, or just plain criminal) are
the ones who "speak" for these "gods."
Ultimately they become the greatest and
most terrible of tyrants (as in modern day
). Someone who knows he has NOT
spoken to any god and yet lies about it
for the sake of personal gains is exactly
the kind of vile/contemptible liar who is
"minister of God," whether pastor or imam.

Only when religion (in any & every shape,
manner, and form) is denied a hand in
the governance of men, can men truly
experience freedom. Because only then
can men rule themselves according to their
needs. And that is an absolute without
any qualifications whatsoever.

Only when these "so-called democratic"
popular protests begin calling for secular
governments will they be truly democratic
revolutions. And I don't see that happening
yet, or even any time soon. Sorry to say.

S D Rodrian
    The Troubles in Egypt...

The notion that these are "pro-democracy"
demonstrators is about as close to The Big Lie
as anything out there can ever be
: All one
needs to do is to scan this crowd for the
briefest amount of time in any direction one
wishes and one will spot poster after poster
of Mubarak with a Star of David across it as
if to say that being a Jew is about the most
filthy thing these fine "defenders of Western
principles" can think of ... with not a single
word of opprobrium from anyone (not even
the Western media, who ought to know better
... at least enough to be teaching the rest of
us about this): What can possibly come from
these "finest paradigms" of hate and racism
but murder & the worst sort of future terrorists?

Does anybody really expect democracy to
come out of this human swamp of racism and
hate?!? Not in a million years! These popular
demonstrations are something more akin to
popular demonstrations in 1930s Nazi Germany
--And what really turns my stomach about all
this is the ignorance and/or illiberality shown
by the prejudiced talking heads of our witless
Western media.

S D Rodrian

Thomas Jefferson is credited with saying:
“The government you elect is the government
you deserve.” I add: "You get the government
you deserve, whether you elect it or not."

I have also said on many & many occasion:

"There has never been, there is not now, and
there is not very likely to be a truly democratic
government in any Muslim-majority nation(.)"

And I dare any Muslim-majority nation to
prove me wrong. Including Egypt, of course.

S D Rodrian

Understand this: Muslims ARE the enemies
of human civilization: The central core aim
of Islam is to turn back modern civilization
1400 years, to when Mohammed lived. This
is by definition the destruction of human
civilization as it has evolved from 632 AD
(when Mohammed died) onwards until today
--and that pretty much encompasses about
99.999% of all that we've come to understand
to be human civilization.

  All else is lies, lies, and more Islamic
  lies & lies. SEE:

Muslims will almost never tell you right out
that they are the enemies of human civilization:
You're just going to have to understand it all
by yourself... and either learn to protect and
defend civilization (from the Muslims who
believe that God hates modern civilization)
yourself, or learn to live in a more barbarous
age alongside your fellow Muslims. [Always
carry a knife.]

S D Rodrian

  "Moving against foreign media ... the
  Egyptian government began an effort to
  remove witnesses to its battle with

Or maybe... trying to remove one more
faction trying to bring it down: The Egyptian
government seems to be going about it
the right way to ensure its survival: Foreign
journalists are absolutely trying to paint this
conflict as one between "the poor, innocent
people longing for democracy" and "the evil
bastard paid creatures of Mubarak." And if
that isn't taking sides and trying to contribute
to the toppling of the Egyptian government...
frankly, I don't know what is.

If the leftist Western media wants to perpetuate
a juicy revolution in Egypt in order to broadcast
a better drama ... at least let them register as
foot-soldiers in the street battles & earn their
well-deserved wounds.

If these demonstrations were taking place in
China, Russia, or Cuba, say... there's more than
a better chance the result would be democracy--
but in any Muslim-majority nation the bet is
that it will end up in some abominable dark-ages
very worst case tyranny like Iran and Gaza.

And I think most Egyptians know this.

S D Rodrian

"Hello? Is this The Road to Democracy?"

  Democracy? What'r you... crazy?
  This is The Road to Hell. What, don't
  you see the demons selling realestate
  there by the side of the road?!? And, I
  do mean: Iran, Hamas, Hisbullah, al-
  Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood, and all
  the other demons of Hell ... who are
  pulling for this "democratic!" revolution
  (including all the Western liberals/lefties
  for their usual moronic reason outside
  all human logic).

If this were The Road to Democracy
you'd see only angels pointing the way.

S D Rodrian

Keep in mind that the same goofs you see
now writing that these are "pro-democracy
demonstrators" also called the demonstrators
that sacked the Shah in Iran that. Democracy
may be in everybody's lips there. but all
these people are in power-struggles to claim
the "better/better share" only, with the results
in nobody's mind there being democracy. That
is the true nature of the Muslim world. And
anybody who does not know that is not worth
listening to. Who there would shout what
they're really after: "Revenge! Murder! Death!
War! Oppresion for the other side now!" ...?!?

S D Rodrian


Five myths about the Muslim Brotherhood

PLEASE BE WARNED: Any notion that the Muslim
Brotherhood is somehow like the Christian Democrats
or something is the work of the usual reviled Western
enablers of Islamic hatred against non-Muslims, or
of Muslim propagandists themselves: The unholy
Koran commands Muslims to lie outright to non-
Muslims, a command which Muslims absolutely obey
religiously--and if you do not know this you will
become one more reviled Islamic enabler of terrorism
against human civilization [i.e. all civilization which
has been achieved since the death of Mohammed
in 615 ad] and which Muslims are commanded by
Sharia to battle and destroy utterly.

RATHER, visit the following URLs for more balanced
insights into the true nature of the Muslim Brotherhood:

Meet the new head of the Muslim Brotherhood
Fighting the new plague in the land of Egypt
The declaration of war that went unnoticed
Dangerously underestimating the Muslim Brotherhood

And make your mind up only after
you have acquired as many of the
facts as are anywhere available.

S D Rodrian

What motivates religious hate?

Well, in the specific case of Islam
it's probably the 14 centuries of an
Islamic Genocide against non-Muslims
which has claimed (not 6 million lives,
as in the recent Nazi Genocide, but)
many 100s of millions of lives across
a breath of land from the United States
to Europe to Africa to the Middle East
to Asia without end in sight... And not
in individual sporadic outbursts of
hatred/vengeance but in a historically
well organized campaign of murder
and terror designed to bring the totality
of the human race into subjugation:

I think that might get anyone's blood
boiling who is in the crosshairs of such
a ruinously bloodthirsty campaign.

S D Rodrian


   On "The Roots of Terror By Akbar Ahmed"

The "continued back-and-forth" between Israel &
the Palestinian terrorists
is bad for both: "It is
clear that if Israel continues to work within the
current paradigm, the violence will only continue."

Except for one little point, of course: The Israeli
government does not target anyone who has not
FIRST murdered or tried to murder Israelis. What
Akbar Ahmed is suggesting is that we do away
with the cops, and let the criminals run free to
murder as they like--And that THAT is what is
going to bring about "peace in the world." I think
this guy is one of the most obnoxiously blatant
so-and-sos I have ever run across, frankly (but,
sadly, pretty much par-for-the-course as far as
Islamic apologists/enablers goes)... one more
justifier of Islamic terrorism. Did you once see
Ahmed run after Haytham al-Mishal to try to
convince him to stop aiming rockets at Israel?...

"US involvement, especially the use of the drone, in
these conflicts with their own social and historical
contexts proved to only exacerbate & expand them."

I believe this is the new philosophy of President
Obama. Yeah... Good luck with this!

S D Rodrian


It should be enough to hear a Muslim say
of the Holy Land that it "has never once
been a Jewish land. Palestine is for the Arab
Islamic nation
," [when for over a thousand
years the West's holy book, the Bible has
documented Abraham's move THERE, Moses's
move THERE, the Jews being enslaved from
THERE to Babylon, and their return THERE
from Babylon ... not to mention Rome's over
2000 years' HISTORY with the Jews THERE]
for everyone to understand who is being
unreasonable in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Root Cause of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

As there have been Jews living in the holy land
continuously since the Romans destroyed
Jerusalem, any claims that Jews are Europeans
who only came to the holy land after WWII are
much too ridiculous to be made by anyone but
Muslims (who always tend to make the most
ridiculous claims as a matter of course).


The reason for this conflict is that Jews don't
want to get killed--Don't ask me why: I'm not
Jewish, so this is something you're going to
have to ask the Jews themselves.

[Jews not wanting to get killed is something
which is incomprehensible
both to Europeans
(who will watch thousands of attempts by the
Palestinians to murder Jews with total peace of
mind, not uttering a single complaint about them
--but who as soon as the Israelis fire back at
the Palestinian terrorists will issue endless
angry warnings that it may cause collateral
damage and cry out chest-beating demands
that the Jews show restrain)... and to Muslims,
certainly, who will fire a thousand rockets into
Israel, with every intention of killing as many
civilians as possible,
but will then wail about
"Israeli aggresion" and even that Israel is
using terrorism(!) if the Jews start hunting
down those who are firing the rockets!

What is "the occupation?" It is simply the
Israeli attempt to prevent the Muslims from
butchering them. [FIRST the Muslims' efforts
to butcher the Jews, THEN the so-called
"occupation" to prevent them from doing it.

Simple as that.] This world-termed "occupation"
is nothing less than the outside world's
unwitting or outright purposefully wicked
attempt to prevent Israel from carrying out
the painful war against the Palestinians for
which they themselves are always clamoring.


Killing Jews (and Christians, Hindus, and all other
non-Muslims) is a religious duty. [Something
which non-Jews will eventually discover much
to their own sorrow.]

[Qur'an 8.39] "fight [all mankind] until all
opposition ends and the only religion is Islam."

[Sahih Muslim 19:4366] It has been narrated by
'Umar b. al-Khattib that he heard the Messenger
of Allah (may peace be upon him) say: I will
expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian
Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim.

But, if this is so, then how can Muslims negotiate
"truces" with the Jews? Well, Muslims have an "out."

[S. 47:35 Hilali-Khan] "be not weak and ask not
for peace (from the enemies of Islâm), while
you are having the upper hand."

"This Islamic teaching destroys any basis for trust
in peace treaties made by Muslims
. They are never
to be considered lasting but only until such time as
the Muslims feel strong enough that it is to their
advantage to break the peace and attack "the
unbelievers" again. For this reason Islam does not
know genuine peace treaties with non-Muslims, i.e.
peace treaties that end war once and for all
, but
only temporary ones that can be dissolved at any
time. Is it any wonder that Muhammad is quoted
as saying that war is deceit!"

  There is no rhyme, logic, or reason for any
  Muslim to hate the Jews enough to want to
  dedicate his life to butchering them. Yet
  from the earliest... Muslims instruct their
  children to hate Jews (in a lot of schools
  funded by American tax-payers, by the way).


Because Muslims are commanded by their god to
kill Jews, there's no use thinking there can ever be
"peace once & for all" between Palestinians and
Israelis (unless Palestinians become Buddhists,
or otherwise abandon their blasphemous slander
that God is a bloodthirsty psychopath). Or, still
better, if the Palestinians go back to being Jews:

  The great irony is that "the Palestinians" today
  inhabit the historic lands of the Jews BECAUSE
  they themselves were Jews not so long ago ...
  Jews who were forced to convert to Islam at
  the point of the sword exactly as were all the
  other peoples of the "fertile crescent." [In fact,
  until extremely recently the non-Palestinian
  Arabs still referred to the Palestinians as "the
  Jews." AND when the DNA of the Jews in Russia
  was tested recently it turns out that the ethnic
  group closest to them genetically in all this
  earth was none other than... the Palestinians!
  --One would be hard-pressed to conclude from
  this that the Middle East Palestinians were once
  wandering Russians who ended up in the Holy
  Land!] No: Let the Palestinians study their own
  history and return to the bosom of Abraham
  --There is very little doubt, in fact no doubt at
  all, that [in spite of all] the other Hebrews who
  have returned & are returning to Israel would
  welcome them back as brothers & sisters too.

Otherwise the ONLY possible solution to this
conflict is for there NEVER to be ANY DOUBT
in the mind of ANY Muslim... that Israel is
quantitatively militarily superior (than even
the entire Muslim world) AND just as willing to
butcher Muslims in cold blood as are Muslims
to butcher Jews): No other solution will ensure
peace in the Middle East for any substantial
length of time
. And any & all efforts (whether
by Muslims, Europeans, or Americans) to
restrain the hand of Israel are both counter-
productive and certain to ensure that this
conflict with go on & on World without end.


Those who deny reality enable our delusions
Know You Why Israel Must Be The Jewish State
Why Israel Must be Recognized As The Jewish State
Iran's Latterday Goering
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By Caroline B Glick:
How Obama Has Already Killed America
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The War America Fights
Europe's Decision To Wage Economic War vs. Israel
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Obama’s Spectacular Failure
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The Anti-Semitism of the State Department
Libya, Jordan and Obama's Narratives
Moral Relativism & Jihad

William Saletan wrote in the WP:

"Hate-Speech Hypocrites: How can
we ban hate speech against Jews
while defending mockery of Muslims?"

Dear Mr. Saletan, You're missing
the point: Printing the truth about
Islam is ALWAYS taken as an insult
by Muslims, because the truth about
Islam is the best mockery there is
of Islam's self-evident lies/fantasies.

While almost every "hate speech"
about Jews is always invariably
a lie or an idiotic insult... I have
never read one so-called mocking
of Islam which was not simply a
straightforward statement of the
true facts. Have you? If you have,
please do point it out.

S D Rodrian

Are the Jews God's Chosen People?

All anybody need do is read the news
to know the Jews are indeed God's
Chosen People: It obviously does not
mean that the Jews are God's most
privileged people, by any means (as
history evidences most horridly). What
it means is that God chose the Jews
for a very special task. And who can
witness the little nation of Israel stand
as almost the sole bulwark in the world
against the overwhelming tide of Islamic
terrorism and still doubt that the Jews
were indeed picked by God for the task
(most important of all) which they are
now carrying out almost solely alone?

Which is not to say I condone Jewish supremist
ideologies in any way, shape, or form (or even
hints at their expression): if there's an even more
objectionable form of racism than that of the so-
called white supremists, Nazis, and their ilk... it
would have to be expressions of racial, or ethnic,
or in some cases even cultural superiority by peoples
who have been the victims of such racism (which is
the case with African Americans, and Jews). Such
expressions are off-hand justifications for the worst
racism of the mainstream racists themselves.

Were it not for the fact that Israel is the
maniatical obsession of the Islamic world
and their Western pawns/stooges... what
evils might not Muslims have carried out
against a totally naive/self-disarmed West!

All one has to do is contemplate in shock
and horror what Islam once did to the self-
disarmed Hindus (the greatest genocide
in all of human history).

Yet Israel stands almost alone in her fight
to stem the tide of Islamic terrorism that
would overwhelm/doom human civilization.

I cry out against the doom that is Islam
even knowing as I do that all species are
"for a while." And that even as the
dinosaurs were obliterated one fine day,
one unsuspected day human civilization
may be halted & reversed until it vanishes
into the dust of prehistory from whence
it arose: That is the mission that is Islam.

A billion human souls are already living
the cultural cataclysm that is Islam, having
descended from the once great heights of
their achieved civilizations to the staggering
slums that today everywhere define the
Islamic world... and have defined it ever
since the advent of Islam--But, after all,
what possible good can come to humanity
from a religion specifically devised to
advance the personal aims/fortunes of
the most murderous/immoral cutthroat
criminal in human history?... [Mohammed]

What other nation on this earth would have
the resolve for this most important task of
all? What other people? [except the Jews]

A world of nations has already surrendered
their doomed peoples to the sword of Islam
and are now Islam's impoverished slaves:
Muslim immigration into Europe is mind-
numbing in its lack of logic, because the
immigrants claim theirs is a journey to
improve their economic lives while at the
same time insisting on imposing upon "their
new countries" the very cultural cause of
their old countries' economic devastation!

Geert Wilders, who is demanding a halt to
immigration from Muslim countries as the
centerpiece of his campaign for the Dutch
prime ministership, has hailed Israel for
fighting Islam's jihad of doom/death/destruction
and warned that “the West is next” if Israel
is unsuccessful: “Israel is the canary in the
coal mine,” Wilders said in a recent telephone
interview with The Jerusalem Post, ahead of
Wednesday’s elections in the Netherlands.
“The jihad against Israel isn’t against Israel
only. It’s against the whole West.” Adding:
“Parents everywhere in the West sleep well
at night because parents in Israel lie awake
at night because their children are fighting
the jihad. You’re fighting our fight,” he said.
“And after Israel, we are next.”

S D Rodrian

... Stomach-turning apologies by Obama,
Clinton & others for that so-called anti-Islam
film really are sick
because it's as if, had we
been talking about a rape here, as if they
were expressing condemnation of the girl's
"provocative whatevers" (and thereby
insinuating that the rapist's crimes were
understandable): These apologists and
enablers of Islamic criminality are truly
disgusting, and for all the world I myself
cannot tell why they so abjectedly apologize
--nor do I believe they even understand
why they should NEVER have done it.

NOTE Bill Clinton's recent comment that he
"loves" the Prophet! What the Hell's this?!
Does he know what "Prophet" he's talking
about? Hey, scumbag: Islamic Terrorism

Muslims Protest Rep. King's Hearings:

If King were holding hearings on the dangers
of National Socialism (Nazism) I am sure most
Nazis would want to short-circuit them before
they even got started: Nazis know full well
that nothing good for them could possibly come
out of any objective focus on Nazism.

And in the same manner Muslims know full well
that there is about as much chance of anything
coming out of any objective focus on Islam that
will make them look good as there is about any
objective focus on Nazism making Hitler come
out looking like the Prophet of Good (because,
let's face it: objectively, there is about as much
good in Islam as there is in National Socialism).

Islam, like the Nazism most 1930s imams embraced
as a kindred philosophy, is all about world conquest
and the complete domination of the human race.


The ONLY place that spouts the good of National
Socialism is a NAZI propaganda outlet, just as
the ONLY place that spouts anything good about
Islam is a Muslim propaganda outlet (and their
amazingly suicidal Western enablers). And the
Muslims who are protesting King's hearings know
this perfectly well.

And please don't confuse the mindless butchery
in Oklahoma City, Waco, or Phoenix with the
jihadic genocide Muslims have unleashed
upon the world: Those murderers Oklahoma
City, Waco, Phoenix, etc., were mentally
damaged persons in some way or other, and
had no purpose or reason for their crimes
outside their demented skulls. Those insane
murders advanced no cause, and had no
reason for taking place other than some mental
aberration in the minds of the sick, sick, sick
perpetrators. (Which isn't always acknowledged
by the law.)

The ongoing butchery that Islam promotes, and
has been promoting in the world since before
the death of Mohammed in the year 615 AD, on
the other hand, is part of a neverending jihad
determined either to turn the world into Muslims
or butcher those who refuse to become Muslims.

It makes no sense to look into the reasons for
Oklahoma City, Waco, or Phoenix outside of a
purely psychological interest. On the other hand,
it makes perfect sense to look into the ongoing
Islamic world-wide jihad against non-Muslims
in the interest of possibly saving either our
culture and civilization, or our very lives.

S D Rodrian

Rep. Peter King's hearings on Islamic radicalization:
Fuel for the bigots" RE: which see

The Islamofacism enablers among us have
gotten into the incredible habit of calling
those who only wish to point out the truth,
the facts: "bigots." [Is it bigotry to say that
people have feet at the end of their legs?]
These suicidal name-callers are hopeless
contemptible morons themselves [sic] whose
self-loathing is putting Western Civilization
and our very lives (because a great many of
us will fight to save our freedom) at risk.

The evil nature of Islam is beyond denial.
And anybody who denies it is self-evidently
& without one single doubt: a liar.

Now, the Koran commands Muslims to lie
to non-Muslims as a religious duty. In fact,
the Koran commands Muslims to keep the
Koran itself from being read by non-Muslims
(because, after all, nobody wants to give
the plan for conquest to those who are
to be conquered). However, this religious
"duty" was promulgated at a time when it
was possible for the Muslims to keep the
Koran from being obtained by non-Muslims.
Today the Koran is freely available to be
read in the Internet--And I advise everybody
to read it (including those Muslims who
genuinely ingenuously may not really
understand the truly evil nature of the
murderous cult they are helping to inflict
upon an innocent world). Begin here:

It is time somebody explains this to the world
in no uncertain language. And I commend all
who are decent enough to do it ... and tough
enough to weather the undeserved opprobrium
heaped upon them for merely speaking out the

S D Rodrian

Just Who IS radicalizing All These Muslims?

One hears a lot of bunk about this Joe or that
bunch of Joes radicalizing your guy--and I can
hardly believe my ears! If we follow this train of
thought to its logical conclusion then we must
say that poor Osama bin Laden was the victim
of radicalization by some bad guy or other and
we should pity him or something. Maybe try to
bring him unto the path of "true Islam." Bosh!

The un-politically correct fact is that all these
radicalized Muslims ALL were and ALL are being
radicalized by one source and only one source
--and that is Islam itself (and more specifically
still: the Koran, which in no uncertain terms
commands Muslims to "instill terror in the hearts
of non-Muslims," as in the infamous verse):

[8:12] I will cast terror into the hearts of those
who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads
and strike off every fingertip of them.

Koran Verse

This is an indisputable call for the murder of non-
Muslims. [Yes, other religions call for the murder
of disbelievers. The problem is that no Christians
or Jews are going around butchering people strictly
as "a religious duty" the way Muslims are doing,
and have been doing for nearly 15 centuries now.]
Why don't they stop? Because ALL Muslims are
taught since childhood that the Koran is the Word
of God, and to disobey even a single one of its
commands must be instantly punished by death
(a sentence which has, in fact, been carried out
a number of well documented times in our day).
This is NOT some theoretical exercise but a most
deadly practical one:

... One document (from al-Qaida training manuals
discovered in Afghanistan) began with an explanation
of the instructor's goals: "God Almighty has ordered
us to terrorize his enemies," it reads. "In compliance
with God's order and his Prophet's order..."

What Muslim can read this and doubt that his duty
is terrorism? I am truly amazed that there are so
FEW actual Islamic terrorists--Probably due to the
fact that most Muslims have never studied or even
once read the Koran: One thing is certain (and can
anybody doubt this?): EVERY Islamic terrorist is a
pious and dutiful student of the Koran (unlike
every Muslim who is NOT a terrorist).

And THAT is the most telling fact of all.

Will it be "discovered" by Rep. King's so prissy
and professional Congressional hearing? Ha!

There is no practical way for anyone to counter the
argument that a Muslim ought not to be a terrorist
outside of forcing him to admit that the Koran is
NOT the Word of God ... but the swindle of some
criminal boss who wanted his gang to be able to
murder for profit without the slightest hesitation.

These people are not being radicalized by their
local (or even their most distant) pals but by Islam
itself, by the Koran ... by the assurances which
every Muslim receives from birth that the thrust of
Islam is the unquestioned absolute "perfection of
truth" which is the Koran: This is why NO MUSLIM
will disavow, denounce, or condemn the passages
in the Koran commanding them to murder their
fellow-Americans who happen to be non-Muslims.
[Surprise!] This is why Muslims know that the
Congressional panel under Rep. King will be hard-
pressed to find one single Muslim who will step
forth and repudiate even the most notoriously
egregious passage in the Koran [if one is ever
asked to do so] and still hope to remain a Muslim.

S D Rodrian

Those who deny reality enable our delusions.
Evil and Stupidity stand at opposite poles of
the human experience... but I have a never-
dying faith in the Golden Mean, in the Wisdom
of Man to straddle and surmount those self-
defeating poles.

  I tell you: No one should speak of procuring
  The Golden Fortress (of Knowledge) out of
  The Valley of Darkness (of Ignorance and
  Superstition). One day that Golden Fortress
  shall shine so brilliantly that it will turn all
  of the Valley of Darkness into the unbroken
  continuity of Paradise--Yes, even here in
  the sad world of men... bursting out of the
  depths of Wisdom: Mankind's own wisdom.

  S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.

Mohammed's Deadly Gimmick
(Other SDR posts)

"Why can't we now find/Google some of these posts
where they were originally posted?" Because they have
been censured, banned, removed there... excised on
the unpredictable whims of predictably spineless editors
--In other words, "No matter what they may tell you:
Free speech will ALWAYS be edited." Meaning that the
struggle for (genuinely) free speech is universal & will
be without an end in sight for as long as there are men
in this world.


Time & time & time again people in the West believe
that the monstrosities of everyday Muslims are
aberrations separate from the mainstream of Islam
in spite of the fact that the Koran very clearly
specifies those monstrosities and that ALL Muslims
hold the Koran to be the guiding principle of their
lives... under penalty of death. (The Koran is
nowadays readily available for anyone to peruse.)

Why this is I do not know. Perhaps it's the ancient
human superstition of acting on one's beliefs (rather
than on the realities in front of one's eyes) in a
vain hope that the world will somehow magically
bend to one's superstitions ("wishful thinking"). I
know that even in the United States the failures
of the so-called "educational" system are legion

You can believe in ghosts all you like, but as there
is no factual basis for the existence of ghosts... the
only way anyone can state that ghosts actually exist
is a lack of familiarity with the facts (in other
words: a failure of education). Once you have a
thorough understanding of what ghosts are supposed
to be, you can no longer think that they can have any
real existence.

It is no different in the matter of evolution: The
superstition that the universe was created by magic
can not be sustained either in the face of the facts
which our studies have established (science, in other
words: "evolution"), or the lack of provable facts to
be had concerning the "creation" (necessarily "by
magic") of non-magical materials.

Those who yet persist in the belief in magic (in this
our all too real a world) must of necessity entangle
themselves in self-contradiction: ("give Republicans
credit for this: They don’t just doubt the theory of
evolution; they’re out to prove it wrong.
") Obviously,
"proof" has only to do with Science, and nothing to do
with Faith: A Faith based on "proofs" is a science (no
matter how you look at it), while a Science based on
"faith" is no science at all whatsoever.

Perhaps the West's belief that the monstrosities of
everyday Muslims are aberrations separate from the
mainstream of Islam is a fatal acknowledgement that
the intimidation of terror works. Or a generalized
cowardice--An abandonment of the rest of the world
to its fate, in the vain hope that our acquiesence
spares us "their" doom.

Or maybe it is a fatalistic conviction that the defeat
of The Good & the triumph of Evil are inevitable. Who
knows. But whatever the reason, it certainly leaves
those of us who would not just "love" to see Good
triumph over Evil, but who are actually personally
interested in helping to bring this about (because it
ain't gonna happen by magic)... hanging.    return 1


Those who deny the Holocaust are contemptible.
Those who deny them the right to deny it (and their
enablers) are merely denying "the contemptible"
the opportunity to reveal themselves.

Embarrassment and shame are things you inflict on
yourself: The Truth ought never to embarrass or
shame us. And a provocation is only as good as those
who are provoked. As a child I too felt the sting of
shame and embarrassment... until I finally realized
that those infantile taunts were merely pathetic
attempts by pathetic persons to raise themselves by
trying to lower others... and that all such taunts are
either to be pitied, or ridiculed--if you are as small
as they (or like as not to sport with the nitwits).

The liar's worst punishment is to have his lie
unmasked. The Holocaust is historically undeniable:
Those who deny it might as well deny mathematics,
biology, and all the sciences... they might as well
deny the existence of things in front of their very
eyes. And prove by that their folly (which is yet
something akin to their unwittingly acknowledging
the Holocaust, strange to tell).

Just what sort of people are Holocaust deniers, then?
Certainly people worthy only of contempt or pity, or
of both: Such persons want to inspire hate in us, and
they have succeeded if they do (as we would have
surely failed ourselves).

S D Rodrian                      return 2


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